February 25th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~A Thank You~

First of all I would like to thank superelectra for the beautiful thoughts and wishes she sent my way. It was really wierd because I read what you sent and I checked my email.. and it was like checking it made me a bit more alert to it's presence. I can feel him.. thank you so much, you made me cry in all my hangover'd glory (Because Nia got drunk last night)

rocaille, I am sorry about last night.. the cats were being pains and then when I was done, the alchohol I realized was making me very sleepy. So I skipped out, sorry we did not get to finish.

lostangelssong, I am sorry I didn't hang around either to watch you get back.. once again cat emergancy. I -did- get your email though so no fear.

And with that being said, I am going to make a followup to the songfic, "Reach up into the Sunrise" because my muses are demanding I be smutty. (*actually is demanding.. they are trying to protest*) It will probably be to the Duran Duran song, "My Antartica" which is a lovely song.

And none of the songs I downloaded last night I -like-.. Blah.. so my count remains at 1519.

*hugs everyone*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Acks.. I posted it to the wrong place~

*********Now is your chance*********
I want to know about you!

1. List something about yourself, a physical feature that you like about yourself! It can be any body part!

I love my hands.. they are small and artistic.. and the wrists are so thin without looking anorexic. I also like my green eyes because green eyes, well I think they are rare, but I have them. I wouldn't trade in my green eyes for anything

2. Best subject in college or highschool?

I was always the best at history. I liked it.. I also liked Biology but only because the dissection part morbidly appealed to me.

3. What bug/s do you hate the most?

I think I don't like spiders.. they always freak me out.

4. Have you ever read 1984?

No, but I've read "Phantom of the Opera" Which is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read.

5. What is your favorite genre/s to read?

I am a regency romance reader. I love that era. 1800 - 1820. I like stories about independant women who fall in love with rakes. I love reading about women that know how to intellectually -one-up- men. Independance is sexy.. *mrowrs*

6. Do you shop when you feel needy?

No, I don't.. but then I really don't like to go shopping unless I absolutely have to.

7. Is Starbucks a place where I might run into you? I love Starbucks!

I think perhaps so. If we had a Starbucks, I'd probably be in and out of there.. I love the smell of coffee shops.. there is something soothing and yet energizing about them

8. Have you been to see a performance by the Blue Man Group? Would you go if you could?

No, I have no clue what they are. *sweatdrops*

9. Are you a person who likes to go with or without shoes? What is your comfort zone where shoes are concerned?

I don't wear shoes everywhere but I don't like to go barefoot. I like socks and I am always wearing them. I heart socks!

10. Would you eat Tofu if I served it to you? Let's say in a stirfry dish.

I make it a point to try something at least once.. just better not -tell- me what is in it. My dad made the mistake of telling me he was frying up some chitlins and told me what they were.. so I tried them but with my mind automatically making up my mind that I would not like them

11. Best job and worst job?

Babysitting was my best job.. worst job would have to be K-mart. *blahs*

12. Tell me about a professor/teacher that you love! (Can be past or present)

Mrs. Howard. I could tell her anything and she would let me write on my novel in class. She was an english teacher and she inspired creativity.

13. Tell me about a professor/teacher that you hate! (Can be past or present)

Mrs. Parker was evil.. oh I wish I could go on about her but I can't.. at least not without getting Nam-esque flashbacks
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Nia is driving today!

Just pray that no one suffers. *EVIL LAUGH*

Which also reminds me... if me and Kuro are so alike that it is scary and I love her..

Does that make it twincest?

Point to ponder for today.

Oh yes Kuro! We have a convert!

chryskitty has SEEN the LIGHT!

She thinks Nooj is TEH S3X
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~New Theme song~

I think I have a new them song..

The song, "Moonlight In Your Blood" by Lillian Axe seems to appeal to my soul.

Once again, thank you Kuro for introducing me to music from that band. *bows*
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~*Creepy Via Infinito music here*~


I just saw Crimson Sphere 8




My heart just went -thud- into my stomach.. where it is now swimming happy little laps of fun and profit

*cries* poor honeys..

Baralai: Don't poor honey us.. we know you're evil and you really enjoyed it. -_-
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Well I tried before to tell her of the feelings I have for her~

I love the advice column over at hyuricdeau. It is so much fun to write and great because there's tons of community participation. ^_^

Oh but I probably should pimp out the new community that one of the members created, xenoqueers, a community devoted to Xenogears/Xenosaga cotent of a yaoi/yuri nature.

I was going to create a community called "Xenosmut" but really this is better! *hee's*
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