February 6th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~She's a lady I'll remember.. lots of mystery and style~

For someone who is so opposed to the whole concept of christianity. (At least for me), I seem to like the songs that have all the biblical allusions. Perfect example is "Jonah" by Breathe. I think that it definitely describes my outlook toward women and love. I should post the lyrics, but I shall not. Because I am too -lazy-. That is a definite factor.

Oh yes pimping of the day, pet_my_yaoi basically a "Shounen High" type template, I play ethan_graie and I am might damn proud of his profile. Kuro plays his twin brother and there is much rejoicing. Can't wait to actually play.. all there has been has been OOC/IC between Ethan and his brother.

Today is mellow music day, *eyes the playlist where "Round & Round" comes on by Spandau Ballet*

And I am craving french bread and garlic oil dipping sauce. -_-

Or fried okra with thousand island dressing. No I am -not- pregnant for everyone's information. I just eat really wierd. I suppose that if I ever -do- get pregnant (doubtful), I will crave normal stuff like peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. (squick)

I should play FFX, I have a quota to fill with gaining sphere levels.

I also have the urge to do a Citan gag picture.
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    Spandau Ballet - Round And Round