January 17th, 2004

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~I've been interviewed by kalldoro

1. For how long do you want to live?

You know, the obvious answer would be 'to live forever', and I have always thought that I would -like- to do, live forever.. because really there is never time enough to do everything that you -want- to do. Expirience everything, savor it. However immortality doesn't really -exist-.. so I suppose one has to make the best of mortality. I want to live long enough that I enjoy life, I want to come to a point where I regret nothing, not even all the stupid shit I've done. When I come to the point where I regret nothing for what it has shaped me over the years, then I think any time after then is a good time to die.. however for right now I have too many regrets, too many issues that still need closure.

2. If you could create your own world to live in, what three things that you are unhappy with in the world we live in would you have different in your world?

Well being a writer, I have created quite a few worlds of my own. Being idealistic, it is my version of a world that I could learn to live in. Is it a perfect world, of course not. I do not believe in a perfect world, however it is a world that I could live in. In that world there is intolerance but it is intolerance for things that -matter-.. like evil. There is none of this, 'you must serve one god', 'you as a man must love one woman'. No, that type of intolerance wouldn't be acceptable in my perfect world.

I would get rid of cars.. I know they are nice but highways are a bitch, they make perfectly good people into raving lunatics and it is so easy to get lost in them. No highways, teleportation or carriages would be fun -and- dignified.

Which leads me to the last one. There would be magic in this world.. there would be believe in fairies.. people would not give up their innocence so easily. We would learn to live side by side with the old ways. I am a traditionalist at heart, technology is good, but there is part of me that wants to go back to the simple pleasures in life.

3. If you could only paint one painting in your life, with the most skill ever known, what would you paint if you knew the whole world would see it?

Neuschwanstien Castle.. oh yes, a towering picture.. so that I could just stare at it. The castle is beautiful enough as it is.. however to immortalize it on canvas.. oh yes, I would love that. It is a castle so beautiful that I want the whole world to appreciate it's beauty.. and if I could convey the tragedy and loss in the story of that castle onto canvas, I would too.. perhaps the castle in stormy weather.. I do not know, it would be interesting though.

4. If you could be a gay man for 3 days, what would you do?

Is this a loaded question? ^_^ Actually I do not think I would live my life any differently, perhaps I would.. I could not be sure, I mean I would give anything to be a gay man for any ammount of time, in fact initially I just wanted to be a -guy-.. the type of guy that would put all other guy's to shame. Gallent toward women, gentlemanly, noble.. and then when I got a bit older, I thought I would make a rather good gay guy. Being a gay guy, I would assume that I would keep my personality, and while I'd go clubbing for cute guys, I'd probably do the other stuff that I enjoy doing.. just in my new body.

5. If you could be a fly on one famous person's wall for one day, who's wall would it be?

That's a hard question. I think I would want to be on the wall in the studio where Duran Duran is putting together their new album, man I cannot wait to hear their new material.. I mean I would -kill- to hear what they sound like.. I mean all 5 of them getting back together... oh audiogasm for all. It is bound to be good..

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