December 25th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Merry Kurismasu to all~

Well first I would like to say in regards to my Secret Santa I am -very- impressed and it was just beyond words. They wrote my favorite pet pairing of all time. Citan and Sigurd. Now anyone who doesn't know who my heart belongs to should just check out my journal.

Citan: Even though she has a rather big infatuation on Paine, she still continues to torment me. -_-

That is because Paine is a woman and damn sexy.

Citan: And what am I? Finely diced liver? *raises a brow*

My husband just said that my Citan muse was a Primadonna. -_- You know I think that is correct.

I definitely saved it for simple squee sap factor. However I am now motivated to continue my CItan and Sigurd fic.. the one where Sigurd leaves for Jugend. Because well that -is- one of Michelle's christmas presents.

So anyways Secret Santa Thank you very much, I enjoyed every word as it raced through my mind.
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