December 10th, 2003

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oYears roleplaying: 6 years.. wow
o Favorite three characters? Luminale, Magus Bainbridge and Citan Uzuki
o Least favourite character? Probably Yitan Mnemosyne
o Male or female characters? As a general rule, male. Because I can play them better
o Oldest character? Schala Bainbridge
o Newest character? January Riddle
o Most popular character? Everyone likes Magus.. always have.
o Character you've never played? Shaed Llantei.. but me and Sora are planning on it. -_-

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
o Jump off a bridge? Seifer Kiryuu.. because he's confident in his immortality.
o Get drunk and pass out? Heathcliff.. because June is always so -mean- to him
o Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way? Janus Zeal.
o Get married? Hyuga Jaevyn
o Be far too hyper for their own good? Wakaba Branzai..
o Rape somebody? Janus, Yitan, January.. take your pick?
o Be raped? Schala.. because she just happens to be that rapeable. *sniffles*
o Get lost and refuse to ask for directions? Julian Nerima.. he's too independant
o Get lung cancer? Mathias Jaevyn. (UO one)
o Star in a horror movie? Arashi Karen Yuzuriha
o Star in a whore movie? Luminale.. *snickers*
o Star in a video game? Morpheus Caeldron
o Make the world a better place? Magus Bainbridge.. that's always been his purpose. -_-
o Have a torrid gay love affair? All Males I play

Relate each word to a character of yours.
o Love: Magus
o Hate: Janus
o Money: The Absinthe Triplets
o Seduction: Seifer Kiryuu
o Lies: Darryl Levin
o Tragedy: Citan Uzuki [Citan: I hate you...]
o Manipulation: Rydia of Mist
o Violence: Janus Zeal
o Politics: Hmmm.. Probably Tian Ilesdial
o Fire: Patricia Kirkland
o Ice: I don't know.. *hurms*

Would you ever...
o Play a prostitute? Yeah
o Play a musician? Yup
o Play a pilot? Done it
o Play a homosexual? When do I -never-
o Play a pedophile? *eyes Miles* I think he has pedophilic tendancies...
o Play a politician? Probably.
o Create a character for the sole purpose of smut? Have I? *cues halo*
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