November 22nd, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~There's something beating here inside my body...~

Miles doesn't hate me anymore! *jumps up and down and squees*

He actually wants to take me out for ice cream now. Of course he's slowing inching his way toward being kept in the baddy cage, what because he is slowly starting to embrace his rage. But hey, he doesn't hate me. *Only hopes that he doesn't become another Janus, that would be bad and wrong*

Miles: I will never become like Janus, I'm only halfway to realizing that I want to kill my father..

Magus Oh great.. *sweatdrops*

Miles: Nothing against you dad, it's just genetics.


Also I'm finally down off my high that I made Full Staff at UO. I dont' know, it just gave me warm fuzzies when Al IM'd me and asked me how I'd like a green gummi.

Anyways have to do some packing of boxes before I can settle here.. Three boxes, that is what I am aiming for. *hurms* The rest of Alexi's D&D stuff.

Later in the week, around Wednesday through Saturday, I'll probably be fully occupied with settling into the new home that I will not have -time- to post or even get online. *squees*

It's such a beautiful house. It gives me sparkles, so much better then this dump of base housing. -_-

Flat top stove!!!! ^_^
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~A new thing~

This is something new.

I am going to pick 5 songs at random, (by using the random button on my MP3 list) and I am going to discuss them. What lyrics from that song appeals to me, muse inspiration and why it is my favorite.

So the first 5 songs I shall discuss is:

1.) "Dialouge Symphonie" by Moi dix Moix
2.) "I'm Super" from South Park
3.) "World" by Emi Hinouchi
4.) "West End Girls" by Pet Shop Boys
5.) "So Misled" by Duran Duran

"Dialouge Symphonie"

I have a thing for music that sounds religious. I especially harpsichords and chanting. It gets me in a creepy and totally gothic mood. Why I don't have any muse associations with it, I think that I downloaded it because I was curious. It really did not fail my expectations. And of course since I don't have the lyrics for it, I can't say what lyrics I like the best.. however if anyone happens to have the lyrics, they can pass them off to me! ^_^

"I'm Super"

Well, I wonder why I have downloaded this song. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was at Tech school, with my friend Slurpy, and I died laughing. I thought it was insanely clever. (that and I liked all the gay references) Me and Slurpy went through the tech school calling each other "pig fucker". Yes I hung out with a crazy crowd in Tech School. But that was my favorite song.. along with "What Would Brian Boitano do" (which I strangely don't have on this computer)


I originally heard "Magic" by Emi Hinouichi before this song, and I was in love with it. Very nice and dancy. And then World, it wasn't techno but I get songs hooked in my head.. and what is worse is chorus da'da'duming. (We've all done it, especially if you listen to techno) And I like the part where she sings "Love is my philosphy." This is just a feel good song. It should of been written in the 80s with such songs as "Walking on Sunshine" and "Don't Worry Be Happy"

"West End Girls"

Oh a song with a muse.. finally. Seifer Kiryuu has his talons in this song. Especially with the lyrics. "Sometimes you're better off dead, you've a gun in your hand and it's pointing at your head". There is alot of pent up rage held up in that song, I can just -feel- it, however it is a very british rage. *Only Pet Shop Boys can put a term to -british- rage with their music*. And I grew up listening to this song, and I thought it was cool and then I got old enough to really -listen- to the lyrics. It's actually making a social commentary. (but then what Pet Shop Boys song -isn't- making a social commentary?). I think of driving through a city at night when I hear this song.. I'd like to cruise to this song down the Las Vegas strip.

"So Misled"

This could be another difficult one to really interpret. Because once again it is a social commentary.. this time by Duran Duran. It was when Duran Duran split the -first- time. And they became just Simon, Nick and John. And they were having problems with their record dealers and the whatnot. So they wrote this song and put it on their album. This song is a reminder not to be guilible. To take everything that people say about me with a grain of salt and to realize, that I'm only human (and so is everyone else). Not that I havent' toyed with the idea of being god. I think that'd be the shizznit.

There is my 5 songs.. 5 out of 1428.. wow!
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