November 19th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Whatever breads in my mouth.. whatever the sweetest wine that I taste~

I think I found the main problem of why I can't -see- Snape or Lupin together.

It is the fact that Snape is considered very effeminite most of the times. And likewise I see Lupin as being very gentle and feminine. So putting them two together is like putting two uke's together in my mind (which is a no no.. two semes at least you get an interesting power struggle.. ukes. It's like.. this.

Uke 1: Ummm.. I suppose I can be bottom..
Uke 2: Are you sure.. ummm?
Uke 1: Well do -you- want to be?
Uke 2: I don't know, do you?

And that continues five paragraphs later when they are -still- deciding.

That is my mind frame though and it is not intended to be shared by anyone else. And oh the looks that Remus fixes Sirius with, I can imagine there is quite a few. *snuggles her Remus and gives him a huge slab of chocolate.

Oh yeah! I need to post the Magus and August smut! Courtesy of twistedrper666

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Musings of a Yaoi fangirl~

This is of course just somethingt hat I thought I would come out with for the hell of it. It is after reading quite a few posts at the anti_yaoi community. You know I can understand the basis for such a community created. It is especially useful for those fangirls who like to pair everything with a cock up. I can understand see why people would find that a trifle annoying. I mean there are certain pairings that I cannot see whatsoever. Not to mention that other people -like- them, but well whatever floats your boat. (I don't like Squall and Laguna.. that is my biggest -squick- but I'm not going to shoot someone down because they have a thing for father and son incest.)

Personally, and despite popular believe, I do not like to pair every male that moves. At least were fandom is concerned. (And I say -fandom-.. not -canon-.. which can be two seperate things). My preferences tend to be toward the males that are really good friends in certain series, yes I like to imagine sexual undertones between them. I speak for us all (fangirls alike) that we just cannot see pairings just while we have pet -other- pairings.

(Example and this is het.. I absolutely -hate- Rosa and Cecil from FF4. I think Rosa is a weak white wizard that gets kidnapped every 5 seconds of gametime. Likewise I -adore- Edge and Rydia because they have chemistry. Rydia doesn't -need- Edge and they are just so damn cute when they are ignoring each other. It is once again about whatever you -see-.. whatever floats your boat.)

Some have called me rabid so to speak. I do not think I am. I am not trying to convert people to what they consider the 'dark side' and while I only have 3 straight men in my RP repertoire, the rest are gay (I'm just more comfortable rping gay men.. so sue me.) However I am picky who I pair up with who, I do not try to push my pairings on anyone else. Just because I adore the Sigurd x Citan pairing and think that they should be together forever does not necessarily mean that everyone else should follow my lead.

I'm not out for converts, I am out for self expression.

I'm sure you'll all agree.

That is my rant.. *is sleep deprived* I hoped it made sense of course.
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