November 18th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Isn't it strange~

I haven't been addicted to an anime series like this since Utena. It just ousted Utena to the number 2 rank with Fushigi Yuugi steadily holding 3 now. Really funny though. (*isn't going to compare Getbackers to Xenogears because seperate catagory if you know what I mean*) I don't normally like shonen, I am more a shoujo type person. But Getbackers is worth it.

The music is beautiful too.. *is going to download Mr. Deja-vu*

Once again thanks to Sora and Michael! *hugs*

The guy in my icon is Kazuki.. my favorite character.

Citan: *swears he is not jealous*

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


Really it is a measure of obsessive fascination when one stalks your journal just as much as you stalk theirs. Good times to be had by -all-. (And I mean stalking but not in that good way, more like the 'I wish I could shoot daggers through this person if only it were -feasible-' and I am pretty sure that is on -both- counts. She for me and I for her.)

And of course not stalking this one, but my blurty one.

I need to find the lyrics for Somnias Memorias. Because that seems to be the song that fits my mood

I feel like I've been on a journey
And that I've come from far away
I've waited so much for this moment
And I don't know if it's God's will
Or my own

I swear that I could hear
Like in a dream
That voice that tells me: Wake up!
And I felt the perfume
Of a lost dream

Drifting among the waves
That come and go
Like a thousand dreams
I can bring back to myself
The memories
That I guard deep inside myself

At the end of dreams, beyond memories
The precious trees bearing sweet fruit call me
At the end of dreams, beyond memories
The precious trees bearing sweet fruit call me
They call me

If there is nothing more to do
Than to only see sadness
If there is nothing more to do
Than to wait for what is coming
And for what will happen to us

We waited so much for the party to end
And our history keeps on fading
And leaves us
With nothing to hope for


At long intervals between memories
Something inside me awakened
And I finally knew love, kindness
Sadness and pain
Does this lead everything to its end?

You were always near me
Surely you were near me
I can swear that you were, yes
Close to me
We have to comprehend
And understand
When Sin covers us with his song
The Earth will suffer, suffer, suffer of truth
We must understand, understand

Do not forget, no
Never, never
That sky and earth
And sea and sun give us life
When the color of evil
Fills this land
You will see the wrath of God
And everything will end
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