September 25th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~The sleep nazi's strike again~

Right now I am composing a songfic for Miles. Miles finally screwed his half uncle, Canbiel and due to a nice dice roll, his Riddle blood came out and told Canbiel in so many words -who- his other parent was. Another dice roll and Miles is going to remember 50 percent of what happened, I am still deciding if he will remember exactly. Might have to do a few dice rolls for that too.

Miles: She has no heart. -_-

Yeah well I don't think you have no choice, you are MINE TO TOY WITH! *evil laughter*

Miles: *grrs* *eyes flash red*

*Locks Miles up in the baddie cage because it's -safer- there*

I have the song worked out for what I am going to write this to. "Crime and Passion: Which coincidentally would make a good Kahr and Krelian song for the Xenogears Arc that me and Michelle are rounding up. Don't think I let her hear it. Must send it to her.

I love music.. music is a mysterious thing.. *trails off*

Citan: *Trots off to get the old duct tape*
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