June 28th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~And I shall cry like a baby because I can~

Well, Michelle and Beth are at the beach, leaving a very *sad* Nia. Why you ask, because Sigurd, Kiros, Edge and Kahr muse are not here to keep me company. *Snurfs* Well actually Sigurd muse is smutting with Citan muse right now. He was the only one that volunteered to stay behind, ah hell. He don't need any more sun. Neither does Kiros.

I got my Kiros X Laguna doujinshi. Fake Mania 4 No hard core yaoi action but still doubly yummy. I heart it. *aww's* So prettyful. *mrrhs* Now I am downloading mass music. Hopefully stuff I will like. Oh yeah I got ICQ now and I am looking for more people to add so if by chance you have ICQ and actually USE it. contact me at 173002555 *mrrhs* Fun to be had by all.

Oh I am so pathetic.
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    "Along Comes a Woman" by Chicago