May 9th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Don't say its love, baby~

Wow, who would of thought...

Well I just felt tonight like coming back to my roots and so here I am.. Blurty is nice granted and I really like it all but I wanted to say hi to all you guys too.. you know what I mean?

I am participating in many journalling RPs on Blurty.. *heh's* Started my own. Husband is in tech school right now and I am getting out of the military. Surprise surprise! Hey Angue, I miss you! Wherever you are!

And you too Viv!

Even though I have tons of new friends, there is nothing like the old.



Oh yeah anyone who wants to join a Journal RPG.. head on over to it is a Squaresoft RPG set on the nexus of all worlds.. college enviroment.. Sorry had to pimp it! *cheeses*
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