January 14th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~You're everything~

Just finished reading the "Naked Quidditch Game" to Alexi.. well all until Chapter nine.. still trying to find that.. we have also marked all our cats into different houses..

Violetta is Hufflepuff because she loved Cedric...

Shaoran is Slytherin because he is an eeeeeeevil kitty.. looking at fluffy pussies and all.. he likes them young.. bad kitty.

Kero is Ravenclaw because.. well because he has CLAWS

Mei-lin is in Gryffindor because she is so damn enthusiastic and noble..

Me and my husband have way too much time on our hands don't we?

Did I mention to say that the kitties have a Gryffindor Mommy and a Slytherin Daddy? *heh's*

Oiy.. okay back to trying to find some pictures to post.


Oh yeah, I lurv my FFX Seymor figurine. Evil is so delish!
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