January 12th, 2003

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~For You I have written a song~

I am downloading the last episode of Chobits and the first episode of Gravitation.. *whee's* I should be watching other anime that I have.. like "His and Her Circumstances" (which I forgot the japanese name for it because I am not the most knowledgeable at this early in the morning.) I lurv Chobits.. Chii is my goddess...

Me and husband had an argument and he did a BESM campaign where he was in the body of Ranma.. and instantly I thought he was going to be fucking the entire female cast of Ranma.. which he wasn't. But he almost seduced Kasumi.. *growls*

I am so jealous.. even though I know that if I was plopped in Utena's body.. it would be a field day. Touga, Wakaba, Juri.. Even Anthy (thought that wouldn't be very pretty) It would be open season.

Mei-lin was sick yesterday but now she is better.. alot better.. I am glad. Poor little poppet.. She kept throwing up and became lethargic.. but after we squirted some water into her mouth, she was better and started to get lively.. now she is laying down on the ironing board and watching Alexi play "Acropolis"

Mei-lin whacked me in the eye last night.. ouch, that hurt.. I was pretty damn mad even if it was a uber cute kitten.
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