December 11th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Slime creatures from outer space~

My husband had a dream about Regency characters wtih X-men strength that he sent into the future to help them become more accepted and I dreamt some wierd V.C Andrew Dreamscape, I think in the dream I was Leigh VanVoreen from Web of Dreams.. cept I don't remember seeing Troy (and he is my favorite V.C Andrews character because him and My Sweet Audrina share my birthday of September 9th.

"Oh my god, why does it always rain on September the 9th." - My Sweet Audrina.

I think it is because anyone born on September the 9th has to have a tiny bit of melancholy, of wishing and waiting. I am naturally melancholy I guess.. though my husband attributes that to my celtic tree astrology sign of the weeping willow.

I just went grossly off the subject, didn't I.

Ahhhh.. so.. tired.. must.. go.... to.. work. *cries*
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