November 27th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Something taken from my friend, Linz's livejournal~

Hours of joy and amusement! Whee..

Googlism for: nia

nia is safe
nia is great
nia is the nation's most respected financial investigation firm
nia is one of my friends from msu
nia is done in bare feet and can completely eliminate repetitive jogging and jumping up and down
nia is personal
nia is different to the other modalities you mentioned because we embrace music and dance
nia is to assist your loss mitigation efforts on any front
nia is a dynamic workout program
nia is a barefoot technique and is a blending of modern and jazz dance
nia is a more gentle and more perceptive way of getting in shape
nia is freeing
nia is a fun healing movement technique designed to
nia is providing salary for k01
nia is a fitness technique that specifically aims to integrate body
nia is providing salary and fringe benefits for k award recipients
nia is the ultimate "east meets west" method to tone your body
nia is created when we merge the perfect movement with the feel
nia is an expressive fitness and awareness program
nia is not about performance
nia is a blend of eastern and western movement concepts including tai chi
nia is so inspiring and so sensible that from gracefully choreographed movements you can master higher levels of movement skills to make your everyday life
nia is a holistic fitness program and path that will lead you to vitality
nia is a premier investigation organization providing a variety of investigative services
nia is an expressive fitness and awareness movement program
nia is a vehicle where i can share my passion for growth and for facilitating others toward their own
nia is conscious movement that blends principles of tai chi
nia is non
nia is a somewhat inconsistent yet worthwhile independent film written and directed by bermuda
nia is an eclectic musical experience that includes elements of martial arts
nia is
nia is the high point of workouts among the visitors
nia is responsible for reviewing program project
nia is new to stanford campus
nia is a multi
nia is built around the principle of awareness and self
nia is considered to be a healthy method of free expression while it condtions the body in many ways
nia is the natural and powerful "next step" in the always progressing fitness industry
nia is as much about "tapping into the mental
nia is not making an endorsement or recommendation about any nia member whose details have been provided
nia is a way to relax
nia is unique in various ways
nia is a good idea
nia is apparently selective about whom she accepts as a client
nia is offering 95 courses
nia is a movement art and discipline that provides the student a high
nia is a living system that grows and expands as you do
nia is the leading provider of radiology benefits management services
nia is a personal growth
nia is a fully owned division of sedac
nia is currently supporting 18 ad clinical trials
nia is ancient; it honors the true heritage of humanity and carries within it the heart of goodness
nia is determined to be the next one
nia is transparent to the kda in the sense that the kda will retain all of its original functionality
nia is a "living system" that works with the body's natural wisdom and intelligence
nia is a pretty little girl who enjoys playing and chasing small animals
nia is the word which was not heard during the dictation of liber al
nia is a physical
nia is addressing the future of immunology as well as developing partnerships within the nih
nia is new to arizona
nia is a barefoot mind+body+soul practice that is an infusion of dance
nia is a medium sized
nia is doing
nia is the home of british indoor athletics
nia is fun
nia is located in birmingham city centre and is clearly signposted once in the city
nia is an expressive
nia is the aethyr of time and space
nia is offering are
nia is now dedicated to the preservation and restoration of all 1958
nia is an effective alternative to high
nia is currently working at feinstein films
nia is an aerobic combination of dance
nia is a committee of residents in the north topeka area that work together to improve the community
nia is a web page that is designed for instructors of intermediate accounting
nia is not your typical drum machine and sampler fueled boom
nia is one of the 15 foreign university institutions in athens
nia is a mind
nia is responsible for assisting ias in this task
nia is supporting
nia is sponsored by the niigata prefecture

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Here comes the morning light you can't face.. lie on your back staring into space~

Well I have the mashed potatos made and the punkin pie. (Yeah, I spell Pumpkin wierd.. I think it is because my husband calls me punkin.. But who knows) Now I am drinking cherry brandy laced coke and I am definitely feeling the effects, this type of 70 proof drink is going to take some getting used to... I know I have been coming online drunk many times in the past month.. well that is because drinking relaxes me.. especially after hellish days at work, working on computers and taking shit from those in charge. (I.E Sgt Hall.. who is a *cough cough*) I did get drunk often at one point in september because of frequent arguments with the husband.. but I am better now.. we are better now.

It is Thanksgiving.. soon Yule, so I busted out all my Christmas Anthology Regencies. I read one story about these mouse that had to save a parish from poverty and they helped the Vicar win the love of a woman -and- find a golden statue of St. Francis.. and one of the Mice named their children after Merriweather Christian Hymnal Churchmouse.. but for short he was Merry Christmouse.. *snickers* I thought that was funny, I truly giggled out loud in the Sauna.

Well here are the perty pictures of the day.. *ahee's* Some since Jaesyn was very adamant about me showing him females. They are SICs though. *sticks tongue out at Jaesyn*

BTW here are replies to all previous comments.

MIHRAGE: I love Ayame.. white hair and he runs a cosplay shop for men.. yay yaoi!

DELCJ: Oooh thank you! *blushes* You are so kind!

JAESYN: Goober! It -would- matter what house I am in.. even though I have a weakness for English accents.. still.. Slytherin has the older hotties.. *mrowrs* <-- I want that dress!! <--And for all those Bisho lovers <--Japanese fanart of Sleepy Hollow.. Interesting!
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