September 17th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Ai no Senshi~

Well it is about time for an update since I have been pretty much scarce. Well, nothing much has happened, as an alternative to say.. death and taxes but quite honestly everything is getting better and I am starting to adjust. I am trying -not- to use the net as an escape and believe me it is very easy. We bought Monster's INC though we have yet to watch it and I have a new favorite anime...

Chobits rawk!

Chiii!!!! *hee's*

Well my birthday was pretty awesome, Alexi treated me like a Princess and I had a candlelight dinner with dancing and champagne and the strains of Pure Moods volume 3. Then we came home and watched episodes of the second season of friends.

The plans for the Disneyland trip is underway which reminds me that I have to contact Jesse about visiting. Because I really want to meet Jesse and Kat, I am positive that they are probably the sweetest people on the planet. I also want to visit with my old best friend from High School.. Kelly Green.

I miss you all.. I miss you Angue, Alex, Jesse, Kat, Laura, Becka, Mari, Lynn, Viv and anyone else that I am forgetting... but I will be back.

This is just a growing period for me.

I have to learn not to run away from reality.

BTW I do love my husband.. very much.
Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


*James Bond Music plays here*

That is my mission for the day.. Wheee!!!

BTW like anime.. this is an excellent site.