June 9th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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You WHORE!!!!!!

You're the typical person from high school, seeking

to find friends in high places. You're friendly, attractive,

and pay little attention to your problems. You are strong emotionally,

and dress in trendy clothing. You attract people with your high charisma...AND you're an easy fuck-buddy.

Oh yes, just a side note.. all my love to Soulcure for the comment in my LJ.. she is just so nice.. probably one of the nicest non-judgemental caring christians that I know. (I know alot of hypocrites unfortunately) Soulcure, you are definitely a sweetie! *smiles* Keep on spreading that light..

About that quiz.. I can't help it if I am friendly! *sniffles* I mean I am not friendly in that way.. right? *snickers* I was a virgin when I met my husband.. (Well as much of a virgin as one can be after a rape situation.. I was an emotional virgin so to speak) And he is the only man I want.. I don't even want Alan Rickman!!! (*knows that Alex is going to say "BLASPHEMY"

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Do you remember loving me~



Suave and compromising (I am the Prince after all. *WeB*
Careful, cautious and organized (At times, yes..)
Likes to point out people's mistakes (That trait of mine drives people away so as a rule I don't)
Likes to criticize (Constructive Criticism yes..)
Quiet but able to talk well (No, I am not quiet, I am extremely talkative.. anyone who has talked to me on the phone will agree,)
Calm and cool (Calm and Cool most definitely on the inside.. but I like to be perky and active on the outside.)
Kind and sympathetic (I would hope so..)
Concerned and detailed (Concerned about my friends, detailed to the point that I drown in the details)
Trustworthy, loyal and honest (Only to those who I know are loyal, trustworthy and honest.. I.E friends)
Does work well (I tend to be a workaholic sometimes..)
Sensitive (I am a senstive gay male.. in a woman's body)
Thinking (Who doesn't?)
Good memory (Extremely.. I can tell my husband things that he has forgotten)
Clever and knowledgeable (On certain subjects yes.. )
Loves to look for information (I have a set of encyclopedias which I will page through)
Must control oneself when criticizing (YES!)
Able to motivate oneself (Nope, no motivation here... I can sit on my ass all day)
Understanding (Yup!)
Secretive (Yes.. but that goes into my scorpio side as well)
Loves sports, leisure and traveling (Sports.. sorta.. but I like traveling and leisure..)
Hardly shows emotions (I don't cry in front of people except my husband.. )
Tends to bottle up feelings (Yes! But they end up coming right back up)
Choosy especially in relationships (Yup.. that is why I seized up Alexi when I could, because I recognized in him the man I was going to marry)
Loves wide things (*heh's* *salicious thoughts* Maybe)
Systematic (Uhuh)

And now the month I was -supposed- to be born in.. *was a Preemie*


Has a lot of ideas (Evidenced by my RPing)
Difficult to fathom (No one aside from my husband has been able to figure me out yet and I don't think he is even that certain)
Thinks forward (Yes, I think several days ahead of myself)
Unique and brilliant (Well if you say so.. *heh's*)
Extraordinary ideas (I dunno.. maybe)
Sharp thinking (Extremely.. my mind is my best feature)
Fine and strong clairvoyance (I have developed a mind link with my husband.. very strong mind link.. when he started smoking again, I got really sick.)
Can become good doctors (Nah, I don't like blood too much)
Careful and cautious (Yes..)
Dynamic in personality (Yup.. always changing.. though I am very passive, I am passive in an agreesive way.. does that make any sense?)
Secretive (Uhuh..)
Inquisitive (Yup.. I am very curious)
Knows how to dig secrets (Yup.. especially during Christmas.. no one can keep secrets from me then)
Always thinking (I should hope)
Less talkative but amiable (Yup.. very amiable.. )
Brave and generous (Brave.. *heh's* Well at times I can be chicken shit.)
Patient (Extremely.. unlike my husband. *hurms*)
Stubborn and hard-hearted (Stubborn.. oh good goddess yes.. *heh's* I find it hard to back down after I have stepped up to the plate.)
If there is a will, there is a way (Always)
Determined (Yup... determined in an unmotivated way.. I will just determine my way to that TV remote...)
Never give up (Is this a japanese song?)
Hardly become angry unless provoked (Very hard.. *nods* I have this shit gauge.. and it builds and builds until I just can't take anymore.. and the person who pulls the last jenga block is the one that gets the buildup of all the shit that has gone on before.)
Loves to be alone (I do like my privacy..)
Thinks differently from others (Yes.. my brain vibes are controlled from outer space)
Sharp-minded (*heh's*)
Motivates oneself (HAHAH.. *thinks that is funny*)
Does not appreciates praises (Praise, I don't know how to take it gracefully)
High-spirited (Yup!)
Well-built and tough (Nah, not touch.. Air Force girls have Army guys do it for them)
Deep love and emotions (Yes.. I love much more deeply then you will see me express)
Romantic (*heh's* My husband is more romantic then me.)
Uncertain in relationships (Past relationships yes.. that is because I tend to psycho-analyze everything)
Homely (NO!! *heh's* Well I do like the home.. alot..)
Hardworking (Usually)
High abilities (I guess.. I mean I ain't superwoman or anything(
Trustworthy (Yup!)
Honest and keeps secrets (You can't get a secret out of me if you have sworn it to me)
Not able to control emotions (I can control them too well.)
Unpredictable (Very.. That is because I am manic depressive tho sooo..)
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