May 11th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~When the lights go out, she calls your name~

Wow, I am tired.. *falls over and sniffles* I just woke up after really wierd dreams.. and now I am listening to Naked Eyes... I love that band, I didn't get into the band until I met Alexi and he let me borrow his tape. They were the ones that sang "Promises, Promises" And "Always Something There to Remind Me" and in a way, that music is what symbolizes my relationship with Alexi..

"I was born to love her,
But I'll never be free... You'll always be apart of me."

And Alexi responded to my naughty email.. *hars* However I don't know when he responded.. *giggles* I love cyber sex in the morning.. *cuddles into blankets and purrs*
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    Naked Eyes - When The Lights Go Out