April 23rd, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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Wow, could it be another update.. I mean a -real- update and not alot of senseless quizzes. *snickers* Well nothing much happening here, just same old same old.. Kinda sleepy and I feel all droopy.. however I did win the Little Mermaid on Ebay.. (The tragic version.. not Disney) so I can't wait to get that in. *hee's* I also ordered many "trashy" regency romances from Ebay.. You can get good deals in terms of books. *laughs* That and stuff that you can't find anywhere else. As for anime stuff.. well that is subject to scrutiny. (VCDs are always a good deal.. but Wall Scrolls.. no.)

What am I doing now? Trying to broaded my MP3 collection. *heh's* So far I have a fair number of english and japanese music.. With a slight lean on the foreign stuff. Though I have 60 GBs.. I can fit so much music.. It is sad that I am so picky! *giggles* However now I don't have to worry about listening to the same stuff twice in a day! *snickers*

Playlist = 104 files.

And growing!
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    "Destiny" by Satou Akemi (from FY)