March 24th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Melodies of Life.. love's lost refrain~

I should be writing..

Goddess knows I should be writing. I should be writing, RPing and weaving tales in my head for I have a tendancy to do that.. go for months without that essential spark of creativity, that thing that spurs me on. I have been trying to read the Corrine X Magus Zeal fanfic that I am writing however I dunno.. *shakes head* it just isn't coming out. It was so easy to write in the desert. It was like the characters came to life in my head and danced some brilliant waltz in which I can only hear the music in my head.. like the subtle symphony of a music box that is long forgotten once the lid is closed.

Magus and Corrine -are- magic.. together forever. *sniffles* I read over some past fiction with them in it.. and I see so much potential.. and possibly even closer. I have this aching fear that if I play Magus in Avalon.. then I will lose my ability to write about him. I can't have that happen for he means too much to me. *pounds my head against the desk out of frustration*

I also need something to work out my frustrations.. *sighs* I mean I have been happy because Alexi is coming to see me.. -however- that is aside from the point.. there are so many other factors that I don't even want to mention.. or am reluctant to mention.

Did I mention I am over dramatic? *heh's*

I fear that the next two weeks will go back in a flash and then me and Alexi will be seperated for another 5 or 6 months.. *sighs*

But then what is 5 or 6 months compared to an eventual lifetime together?

I can be strong. *sucks it up*

I can.. I promise
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