March 19th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~All my dreams came true last night, all my hopes and fears~

I decided what the heck, I will actually post something that is larger then a breadbox. Phase one of the Nia is going to excercise her ass off has commenced.. *hee's* Yes I am going to get buff and well just plain badass.. Dimitri has been dragging me to the gym and I even lifted weights tonight. *ahee's* I am also eating healthier.. *w00t* My goal: To go to the gym -every- day. I can do it. I know I can, I have will power. *hurms* I also want to drink more water.. and well I have to do sit ups tonight.. but damn it if I am not online that much during the weeknights, it is because I just want to excercise and chill out! *hee's* it relaxes me. *nods*

Tomorrow.. I am going to try to swing going to the gym for the 10:30 cycling class.. and then I am going at 7:30 to play some raquetball.. *nods* Maybe even lift some weights.. Amd then thursday.. I am going to take a "fun" class like step aerobics.. and then Friday and Saturday, more raquetball... raquetball until I want to scream. On Sunday my day of rest.. *hee's* I am going to sit in the steam room.

Fun for me! *yay's*

Anyone who sees me online on Saturdays and Sundays.. please ask me if I went to the gym.. and make me feel bad if I haven't.. *heh's* Thank you!


Lurv you all!
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