February 1st, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

What my Husband wrote me for Valentines Day! *saps*

The A's B's & C's of things I love about you.

A: Articulate - I love the crispness of your words, enunciated as the notes of a beautiful and delicate songbird.
B: Beautiful - Inside and out. You are a work of art.
C: Caring - You love the world despite its faults and that is so rare.
D: Demonstrative - You show your love without hesitation or shame.
E: Eager - The joy wiht which you face the day inspires me.
F: Fidgety - The way you habitually play with things, so like a curious kitten, is endearing beyond words.
G: Giggly - Your heart is so bubbly and warm that it bubbles right up out of you and makes the world a more smiley place.
H: Homey - Home is where the heart is and my heart is forever in yours.
I: Idolater - Be it John or Simon, Pink haired Girls with swords or British Boy Band. Your giggly devotion to gender-bending beauty makes me want to dance.
J: Jeroba - It was a tough one because I didn't want to be predictable and use any word likened to joy so I got out my dictionary and looks in the Js and found Jeroba. Oops! Its Jerboa. Its a cute little animal that looks like this *has drawn pictures on the card* And I knew you would love it and I love that about you.
K: Kind - To animals, to children, to the elderly, to everyone, even before they deserve it.
L: Laughter - The sound of your voice, the sight of your smiley eyes makes my heart laugh from sheer unchecked joy.
M: Marry Me? (He is always asking me to marry him again! *snurfles* Ain't that sweet?)
N: Noble THe way you treat those around you, the way you always seek out the good in everyone, you are truely inspiring.
O: Oogle - What your beauty causes many to do, including me.
P: Pampered - Because you deserve it!
Q: Quiet - those wonderful moments when words need not be spoken, and our hearts connect and sing in silence.
R: Rowr! - Because of that look you give me that makes me go "Rowr!"
S: Sappy, Sexy, Smooth, Sparkly, Sweet, Squinchy, SQUEE!
T: Ting! - The sound your halo makes when I push you against the wall and kiss you until you're (*ahems* Nia don't need to write the rest). This sound is followed by "Thunk" as the halo falls to the ground.
U: Us - We, Together, You and I. Forever after we are beside each other. I will not hold you down and you will not hold me up: Rather we will both walk hand in hand as equals.
V: Venus - Ain't got nuthin' on you!
W: Wiggly - When I tickly-tickle you and you know how much I like it!
X) X-rated Thoughts - Come on, it's "X"! What else could I use? Xyster? That is just sick.
Y: Yes - The answer to "M"; A tiny little word that made me happier then ever.
Z: Zing - the sound my heart made that first time we touched, when I gave you a little massage while we watched movies...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh. *cries* That is so sappy. *snurfles*

I love him..
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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*Anton sighs* I have no valentine, look at the lovely thing that Alexi wrote for Nia and what.. its no fair. Everyone has valentines.. Setzer and Violetta, even though they are throwing vases at each other at every moment when they aren't lovey dovey.. and Magus and Corrine in each other's pocket purring like two contented doves.

I don't think it is fair. Hell Citan and Fei, AlexiTiger has Rainbow Bear and Paddington and Gingersnap have hooked up. *Anton kicks stuff and turns into a chibi bear*

I just wanna love someone! *snurfs and hides under blankie* Send me valentines, pwease! *rowrs*

~This has been a public service announcement from Anton, Nia's gay imaginary friend, sponsered by the number 3, the letter F, the color rainbow and Coca-Cola{tm}~
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