January 6th, 2002

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


"The minutes are slipping away as we say our last goodbye,
Bid the world a fond farewell.
We're sharing a final embrace when the lights begin to fade,
Its a tale they had to tell.

I'm wiping the tears from your face though I can't control myself,
God have mercy on our souls.
The chapter has ended, a story that had only just begun.
First the rising and then the fall.

But don't let it end this way,
Before you can go there's something that I must say.
Don't let it end this way..
Its too late to cry, and winter has come to stay.

I once had a book in my hand that I didn't understand,
Now I witness every page.
Now won't you closer my love our time has nearly come,
Take a bow and leave the stage.

But don't let it end this way,
Before you can go there's something that I must say.
Don't let it end this way,
Its too late to cry and winter's come to stay.

Now its time to close your eyes...

Don't let it end this way,
Before you can go there's something that I must say.
Don't let it end this way,
Its too late to cry.. and winter has come to stay."

Minutes are slipping away as we say our last goodbye.. we say goodbye... our last goodbye."
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

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The Anime World - According to Nia

Well I decide to talk about anime because it happens to be a genre that influences me.. alot.. with RPing, with my writing, it is a form of relaxation for me as well as a way for me to declare my individuality. I listen to J-pop and J-rock -alot-, I liken things I see to scenes in Card Captor Sakura or Utena.. I also quote lines from both animes. ("There are rules in the forest.. do you know what they are? Do you know.. do you know.. do you know what they are?" Name that line. *snickers*)

Now I will admit that I first cut my tooth on Sailor Moon.. yep, DIC (dick) version. I was babysitting these three imps when I was around 15 (Who coincidentally got me hooked on RPGs and the Squaresoft) and Ella (the girl) made me sit down and watch Sailor Moon every morning at 7:30. I got caught up in the beauty of the artwork (and hey maybe the lesbian in me was oogling the girls in sailor skirts, who knows! *lol*) and I couldn't wait til each episode. And then there was Malachite... yes the one who -started- my obsession of White Haired Bishounen. He was hot, he was evil and later I found out he was gay! *coughs* But that goes into the whole fag-hagness that is Nia and stems into an entirely different arena.

Now I saw Sailor Moon and for the next two summers I wasn't obsessed over it but I tried to catch an episode whenever was possible. My main addiction for the majority of High School was RPGs. FF3, ChronoTrigger, FF7, Suikoden... yes interactive anime is what I call it now. And because of Malachite I suddenly found white haired bishounen -very- attractive especially in video game atmospheres... Setzer, Magus, Sephiroth (Who can forget Sephy! *LOL*) (course I also liked the gender ambigious ones like Gremio from Suikoden. *hee's* which also stems to fag-hagedness.. *snickers* But anyways.) I wrote fanfics about FF3 and yes even ChronoTrigger.. in fact that was one giant crossover (because I like crossovers!)

So if I didn't get into anime in high school then well I made up for it with video games.

But when I finally got a computer, oh did I find out that there was much more to video games.. like anime. I looked up Sailor Moon, I discovered ANIPIKE. Yup that was my undoing. Among the series that I first discovered charts up with, Ah My Goddess, Earthian, Please Save my Earth, Fushigi Yuugi and Rayearth. I discovered Heroic Legend of Arslan, Vampire Hunter D, Project AKO and the classics but I fell in love with the contemporary stuff. My first RPing characters, Lalith, Schala and Corrine respectively used pictures from Earthian, Arslan & Sailor Moon.

First Fansub I watched? That was Fushigi Yuugi and it was because I found a person that got me into it. This one girl Andrea was in my drama class and she came to class with a manga sailor moon artbook which I all but drooled over, and then her Fushigi Yuugi mangas which I drooled over as well. She said she could make me copies of Fushigi Yuugi and I said "Sure!"

That is what I spent Christmas doing.. watching Fushigi Yuugi. Hooked to the TV screen.. ooh boy, and then that Christmas is when I downloaded my first bit of anime music. You want to know what it was? "Long Distance" by Risa Ohki.. a song from Final Fantasy.. *shivers* oooh yummy stuff. I blasted that for Matt Cross benefit when he was around for Christmas and he was trying to hang out like we were just "friends" of course considering I had lost 40 lbs since he last saw me, it was only natural that he wanted me. I was cuddly then but I grew sexy. *snickers* I am being sarcastic.. the ritalin made me loose weight. Anyways he must of thought I was a freak, but hey I let him go a long time ago. (Anton: Hey when did this turn into a dissertation on your love life! Nia: *smacks Anton* I dunno, when did it! Sheesh, imaginary friends.. think they -know- everything.)

So I went through the Fushigi Yuugi Stage, download the entire songs, plotted RPs around it and then came my next big obsession.. can we guess what that was?


Xenogears.. Yes, I became obsessed.. I was more then obsessed. I played the game, I laughed, I cried.. I based "Ethos" on it. I fell in love with Citan and called him "Tinky Winky Mufu Fruit" (Yes memoriable memory with Mel.. PING!) And ooooh the second time playing Xenogears, I MSTKed it. *hee's* I had plans for a fanfic but then I decided not to. I downloaded Creid, I cried at Two Bits of Pieces.. I was a sentimental sap.

Next thing was Utena. (still am obsessed with Utena) Because it defied gender, it defied sexuality.. I loved it, especially because I had been confused before. I ahhed over Touga the beautiful Bishounen of my dreams. It helped me get through the times when my grandmother was sick. I bought a few Rayearth tapes but Utena was the one for me. It was the anime that I felt defined me.

Nothing much after Utena, until I joined the Military and came into Mountain Home. Granted I knew my way around anime but it was more of knowledge then actually seeing them. That is when I really started listening to J-pop.

The next summer.. I got into J-rock. *hee's* What is next? Inuyasha? *snickers* That was a joke since Inuyasha is like a new obsession.


Favorite Anime: Utena, Card Captor Sakura, X/1999, Fushigi Yuugi, Marmalade Boy
Favorite Bishounen: Threeway Tie between Touga Kiryuu, Hotohori & Marron Glaces (from Bakuretsu Hunters) After that it goes, Tatara (FY), Zelgadis (Slayers), Sesshoumaru (Inuyasha), Inuyasha (duh!), Eagle Vision (Rayearth), Yue (Card Captor Sakura), Sakura's dad (CCS), Citan, Krelian, Fei (Xenogears), Magus (CT), Sephiroth, Vincent (FF7), Setzer, Edgar (FF3), Narsus (Arslan), Mousse (Ranma 1/2), Youji (WK), Bill, Miwa (Marmalade Boy), Mikage (Utena). Real Life Bishounen?: Hugh Grant, Rupert Everett, Gackt, Koyasu Takahito, Nick Rhodes, Brian Molko.
Favorite Bishoujo: Utena is the one that kicks so much ass however I also like Shaolin (Mamotte Syugogetten), Skuld (OMG), Juri, Wakaba (Utena), Yuri (Martian Successor Nadiasco), Michiru Kaoih & Haruka Tenoh, Ami Mizuno (SM), Ellyhm Van Houten (Xenogears).. and some that I can't remember. Real Life Bishoujo?: Easy, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.
Favorite J-pop singer - Masami Okui. Most of her stuff is very upbeat and fast
Favorite Seiyuu - Koyasu Takehito. The voice is like honey.. very smooth. He is also very hot. *coughs*
Favorite J-Rock Group - L'arc En Ciel and Luna Sea. I don't really care for stuff like Malice Mizer or Dir en Grey just because it isn't as melodiac to me as my mentioned favorite ones.
Favorite Manga Artist - Chiho Saito.. all her guys are scrumdidlyumptious!
Favorite Anime Songs: "Peace of Love" by Rabbit (Ranma1/2), "Karebairo no Crescendo" from Marmalade Boy, "Saa" by Surface (Mamotte Syugogetten), "Boku No Uchuu de Kimi Ga Iru" by Koyasu Takehito and "Kuroi Tsuki" by Satou Akemi (FY), "Rinbu Revolution" by Masami Okui.
Favorite Video Game Songs: "Star of Tears" from Xenogears, "Eyes on Me" by Faye Wong, and "Melodies of Life" from FF9
Favorite J-Rock Song: "Fall of Tears" by L'arc en Ciel
Current Crush: Beside Alexi.. it is Kunihiko Ikuhara http://www.akadot.com/fun/drinking/drinking-ikuni.jpg *falls over* I love him. *snickers* My japanese guy crush. He is the director of Utena.. isn't he adorable. *heart eyes*

Well that is it. *snickers*

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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Corrine Graie~

Part 1 (To be answered in Character)

Disclaimer: This is -not- Corrine Graie from the Valley or any of Nia's RPs

*An ethereal villiage maiden sits there at the well outside of her little cottage, beside her is a basket of flowers. She is very lithe and wrapped around her shoulders is a warm shawl even though it is the middle of the summer. Her hair is long straight and silvery but her most notable features is her fathomless purple eyes

1. Handle Name: Corrine Graie
2. Full Name: "Corrine Nineve Graie.."
3. Nicknames: "Toma calls me Cori and poppet but there are no other names that I go by aside from Corrine."
4. Age: "16 years old."
5. Birthplace: "I was born here on the Guardia Continent."
6. Place of Residence: "I have lived here all my life. Here I will more then likely die."
7. Occupation: "I really don't work at anything save perhaps cleaning house."
8. Mode of Transportation: "Well whenever Toma is around, he usually carries me around in his arms, if I have to go out of the house I walk."
9. Mother: "Valeria Graie.. " *There is no emotion in her voice whatsoever*
10. Father: "Leif Graie, he was a wonderful man. He has passed on a long time ago but I miss him." *There is sorrow in Corrine's voice at the mention of -this- parent.*
11. Siblings: "Fiona Graie, she is much like my mother. I don't particularly care for her."
12. Birth Order: "I am the youngest"
13. Straight, Gay or Bi?: "It doesn't matter what I am. I am going to die regardless." *Corrine whispered sadly*
14. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Mate: "Again, I have neither.. the closest is Toma Levin but he even then that would probably only qualify as a brother."
15. Who lives with you now: "It is the other way around, I live with my mother."
16. Children: "Neither, I do not have a body that is conducive to child bearing."
17. Race: "Human though sometimes I feel like I am removed from everyone here.. but then wait, I am an invalid. That is almost the same thing as being rumoved."
18. Enemies: "I don't associate with enough people to have enemies."
19. Best Friend: "Toma Levin.. he tells hte most delightful stories, he sends me the most exotic things.. and quite frankly I could tell him anything."
20. Birthdate and Astrological Sign: "Pisces, I am accused of being a sentimental saphead."
21. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much have you changed in the past 5 years?: "I grew sicker, does that count?" *Corrine looked off into the horizon* "I don't remember changing, just staying the same.. waiting to die."
22. Favorite Drink: "Hot cocoa especially in the winter after playing in the snow."
23. Favorite Food: "Fresh oven baked bread and honey butter."
24. Favorite Memory: "When my father brought me Lisbette and proclaimed her my guardian... he was really a wonderful father. With him around I could almost believe in fairies."
25. Favorite Time of Year: "The spring when everything is new, the flowers bloom." *Corrine's smile is that of utter wistfulness, she doesn't believe that she will live to see the advent of another spring.*
26. Favorite thing to wear: "The locket that my father gave me.." *She reaches up to her neck to tug at the fine silver chain* "This is a possession that I will never part with."
27. What is the one thing that you would change about yourself if you could?:
28. Favorite Colour: "A light purple, the color of the morning mist before the light of dawn."
29. Pascifist or Activist?: "I suppose a pacifist.. I do not have a cause to fight for, and even if I did, I don't think I would be strong enough."
30. Who is your Role-Model: "Toma, I admire his strength. He is the one that I look up to the most." *A smile crosses over her face as she thinks of the brawny explorer.*
31. Most hectic aspect of your life: "There isn't anything that I would really call "hectic" about my life. I do chores, I sew, I pour over fairy tale books." *Corrine murmured with a soft sigh and fingered the lace edge of her handkerchief*
32. Religion of choice: "I believe there is something out there, I am not certain what it is though.. a god, a goddess, an entity. Whatever it is, I hold faith in it for it is what keeps me alive."
33. Hobbies: "I read fairy tales, sew and embrodiery, when I am feeling especially full of health I go out into the yard and work in the garden. I write poetry and I even scetch though my drawings are never very good."
34. Favorite Room in your house: "My room is my sanctuary, it is where I go to get away from the people that make me want to cry."
35. Pets: "My mother doesn't have pets because she is afraid that they will make me sicker."
36. Type of Childhood: "My childhood ended the day my father died.. but I am not an adult either.. just stuck in a uncaring purgatory."
37. Favorite Type of Music: "Anything soothing and calm."
38. Favorite Expletives: "I never curse, it isn't lady-like"
39. Bedtime Reading of choice: "Dendoro Legend and Lore is what I am reading right now"
40. Education: My father taught me to read and write however I am not too good at mathmatics, I always struggle through sums.
41. Do you play any instruments?: "No, I wish I did though."
42. Childhood Memory that still affects you: "The day my father died. He had been very sick and finally he passed away in the arms of merciful death. Things have not been the same since he has been gone."
43. Worst Fear: "Death. I am going to die soon but that doesn't prevent me from being a bit scared of it."
44. Most at Ease when: "When I am alone."
45. Most ill-at ease when: "I have to stay in the same room with my mother for an extended period of time."
46. Priorities: "I don't have any priorites aside from making sure that my father's grave gets fresh flowers every couple of days."
47. Are you comfortable with yourself?: "Of course I am comfortable."
48. What do you regret the most?: "Not having lived this life to the fullest." *Corrine smiled wistfully*
49. If granted one wish, what would it be?: "That death will be gentle. I don't want to go in too much pain."
50. Optimist or Pessimist?: "I look toward the future, not my future.. but hte future of the world and that makes me happy."
51. Introvert or Extrovert?: "I don't know what I fit into since I don't interact with people all that much"
52. Most valuable lesson learned: "That you have to make every piece of your life count. Or else what do you really have when you have to leave this life? No memories."
53. Do you believe in Fate: "Yes, I do. Something tells me that it exists out there, I don't think I will ever -truly- see it, but I know it is there."
54. Favorite ice cream: "What is Eyes Cream?" *Corrine asked, somewhat confused*
55. What would you change about yourself if you could: *There comes a wistful sigh that escapes through Corrine's small rosebud lips* "I won't mention it for it would be futile."

Part 2 (To be answered OOC)
56. Relationship with Mother: Her relationship to her mother is not a good thing at all. Corrine knows that her mother cares more for Fiona then for her. Corrine's mother puts on Corrine blame that should of sooner been directed toward Leif, makes Corrine feel guilty, inadequate, unworthy.
57. Relationship with Father: Corrine was spoiled by her father and they are alot alike. Corrine and Leif were both sickly, they were dreamers and they were hopeful and optimistic.
58. Relationship with each sibling: Corrine probably gets along with Fiona just as much as she gets along with her mother. (which sums down to "bad")
59. How s/he feels about self: Corrine suffers from wanting to be be a woman yet being trapped in the body of a girl until she dies (which is soon.) She is content but somewhere deep inside is unrest because she will never become what she wants to become.. a woman.
60. Past failures s/he would be embarassed to have people know about: She tried to commit suicide before but she was discovered by Toma Levin and taken back to her home. At that point in time she was so distraught over her father's death that she -wanted- to die.
61. Greatest source of strength in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): Her purity and her innate goodness, she honestly wants everyone to be happy, she dreams of a perfect utopia in which all people may live, and if there were more like her, then indeed such a society may be possible. Such an icon of innocence. *sobs* I don't want her to die.. *Nia cries*
62. Greatest source of weakness in character's personality (whether s/he sees it as such or not): Her weakness lays in her resolve not to let anyone too close to her for fear that they won't get hurt in the end. So she guards the most precious part of her heart and guards others as well.
63. Character's soft spot: Stories. Corrine loves to hear legends and myths, (maybe it is because of good ole Toma Levin.) Her favorite stories are involving Magus. *titters*
64. Is this soft spot obvious to others (If not, how does the character hide it)?: Yes, it is obvious because Corrine is always pleading for Toma to get her more books and Mrs. Graie blames Corrine's overly wistful and emotional character on those "childish" stories.
65. Biggest Vulnerability: Consumptive. She can't go outside with even mildly cold weather without catching a deathly cold that keeps her in bed for awhile.
66. Drives and Motivations: Later she has alot of drives and motivations however in this part of the story, she doesn't have very many. She is extremely passive because she chooses to be. (Magus and Corrine are not at their most exalted now. They are both ridden with faults that they eventually overcome in later stories.)
67. Talents: Sewing, cooking and making people feel good about themselves. (she is good at that.)
67. Extremely unskilled at: Physical activity, she tends to get weak and collapse a bit. (I know but it isn't because she -wants- to. *snurfles*)
68. Good Character traits: Compassionate, Intuitive, Feminine (she is a pisces after all! *grins*), Helpful, Dreamy.. damn she is like the perfect little girl scout.
69. Character Flaws: Damn it she has to have flaws! Shy, Hesitant, Melancholy, insecure inwardly. Most of her flaws lurk inside where no once but her is privvy too.
70. Mannerisms: She moves like a fey, she is inherently graceful and her willowy form adds to the effect and illusion.
71. Peculiarities: I have yet to see any man be able to resist her. She is only an outcast because she makes herself into one. Most men love to feast on her beauty but they don't come courting because they know she is sick enough to die early. Toma Levin is a victim of her ethereal charm. Little known that Fiona's husband, Marco has a torch held for Corrine but was coerced into marrying Fiona. I think that is one of the reasons why Mrs. Graie and Fiona do not like Corrine that much.
72. Character's Darkest Secret (And does anyone else know?): Corrine has a secret that even she does not know of. But to tell it now, nah I won't. Let's just say that Corrine has blood in her that is not entirely mortal.
73. Biggest Accomplishment: Facing her own death.
74. Minor Accomplishments: Helping those that love her face her death as well.
75. What does s/he do too much of: Dreaming.
76. What does s/he do too little of: Going outside to get fresh air, spending time in the sun. (of course it is not her fault that her mother will rarely let her outside.)
77. Song quote to describe him/her:

"And no one knows it,
Where she came from,
Where she's going to.
And once you meet her,
You will find something inside is changing.

She's like a rainbow,
When she comes up all alit up.
And when she whispers.
You'll hear the storm chase after rainbows.

High on a hill there's a green meadow all around,
Its breezy,
She's smiling..
She'll let them sing angel songs."

78. Song that always brings said character to mind: "Once you meet her" by Risa Ohki
79. Main Inspiration for character: Okay, well this character comes from deep in my soul. She reminds me of my grandmother, that was the basis for when I first created this character. Very wistful and dreamy, kinda like Schala from my roleplaying. (in fact Schala -was- based on this character while Corrine Graie (the RP character) was based on Schala Zeal from my fanfic... wierd eh?) She is what I find attractive in females and if I found a real life Corrine Graie.. it would be love at first sight, I would -never- look at a man again. *snickers* Other then that, I will flirt with females but it is usually only affectionate and playful teasing. *heh's* So Corrine Graie is my dream woman, yes that also makes Schala Bainbridge my dream woman as well). I felt that Magus needed someone to be paired up with, a woman that would compliment him, act as Yin & Yang to each other. Magus was based off Matt Cross, and in creating Corrine, perhaps it was my acknowledgement that it wouldn't be me that he ended up with. *heh's* Who knows, my wierd works in really wierd ways.
80. What do you share with this particular character (could be favorite ice cream to philosophy on life): I don't think I share all that much with this character, cept maybe that we both can't keep the guys away. *grrs* I guess I just glow with loving feelings or something.. who knows. Oh yeah we both love stories, fairy tales and myths and likewise thrive on them! Also once we love someone, we will give our all to them til we cannot give anymore.
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