December 31st, 2001

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered

~Year in Review~

Well I always do one of these just because it helps me sum down any accomplishments I have had and the whatnot.

January - First day of 2001 and I was suffering from a hangover, that could very well be an omen of how my year turned out. One long hangover. This year I am going to spend the first few minutes doing something productive, like writing. Maybe that will inspire me. Nothing happened in January cept I enjoyed loving Alexi.
February - Me and Alexi's relationship grew stronger yet suffered in some ways because of the whole thing with Misty. However we emmerged both stronger then ever, I have a deeper trust in him now and he trusts me. All is good. Valentines day was a dream, everything that I had wanted a V-day to be.
March - Ileah came to visit me and Alexi and I thought she was so cool, I developed a bond (nonsexual) with an actual real life female.. never thought that would happen. *snickers* Anyways I did tear up at the airport when Ileah left because planes reminded me of when Alexi was going to leave. Me and Alexi also talked about marriage during this time.
April - Alexi met my dad and went with me to California to meet my family.. eww... *shudders* That was a expirience I would rather forget. When I got back to Idaho, I went out to MOAB and then I found out I had to have surgery in May.
May - Surgery and I was kinda depressed because Alexi was leaving however we got married and I was still sad that he was leaving. Surgery was bad.. couldn't have sex for like 3 weeks after it, which was cutting it close to the time Alexi was supposed to leave. We also went to visit his parents.
June - Ooooh.. ALexi left this month, we spent a beautiful -last- month together, vegging out in my room, eating junk food and the whatnot. Talking about our dreams and plans. Then when he got on the plane, that was the saddest day I have ever expirienced, it took me two weeks to get used sleeping without him snuggled up next to me.
July - I rediscovered Viv and Avalon. I had a hard time getting over Mel, that was my true test.. being in the same room with her without feeling anything. It took awhile but it happened, I turned to the Net when I didn't have Alexi.. and for that I was grateful. Went to Moab again and it was -hell- as Jaesyn and Viv will tell you.. you can also read my earlier lj enteries.
August - TOns of stuff. I got my new computer, I had to help out with Mobags and the UCI inspection and I was saving money to go to England. I even called a truce with both Mel and Angue. (Now Angue is a valuable friend) As well as made a friend in the dorms named Tony.
September - This was the most reflective month for me, I turned 22 and then a few days later the WTC disaster. I found out I was getting sent out to the desert which canceled all my plans to go to England to see Alexi. I left the US on September 30th.
October - Being away from Mountain Home, Idaho I was sad and homesick...... Doha was a bitch but on the bright side, on the 9th of October I got to talk to Alexi again and I started to devote myself to my novel.
November - This was probably the worse month that I had.. full of depression and the whatnot. My muse went to Doha to get drunk and didn't come back. Le sigh.. oh well.. I got no writing done.
December - Me and Alexi had our second fight.. The season didn't spring on me til the last minute and even then I had a breakdown.. And I realized that happiness is an option.. so here I am waiting for the new year to come and kiss me.

Verdict: The year was good, I cannot call it bad. I learned many lessons and I feel more mature for having learned them.
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