December 29th, 2001

Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


I want that to hang up in my home when I finally have one. I think that is the most beautiful sentiment. I can't wait to fill my home with interesting things for my children. You know? I have been dreaming more and more about children. About teaching them about the wonders of this world. (not all the bad stuff, I suppose they will find that stuff out.. *bleahs*) But imaginary friends, take pleasure in going outside to play with nature.

Something Macabre in me is drawn to this..

I bet these pictures don't show up and I look stupid. *hee's*

I remember all the imaginary friends I had as a child. I had an imaginary crowd you could say. Imaginary pets, you name it I had it for an imaginary friend. I talked to them constantly. But maybe they -weren't- imaginary. Sometimes I pondered that. Maybe they were spirits that I actually felt in my soul.

Just another point to ponder.

I am thinking of a song fic BTW. Set to "In the End" and of course it will concentrate on Magus.. however I want to make a song fic for Corrine too.. however there isn't really too many songs in my collection that I can attribute to her with the exception of "If you Meet Her" from Final Fantasy Pray.

Corrine Graie is alot like my grandmother, I think that is why I like writing her story so much. Her and Magus's love story moves me deeply. I remember Alexi was telling me that I am a sap for those sorts of love stories.. the type that end sad but was worth it. Course I had to explain to Alexi that the sequel was better..

Then he affectionately said that I was the type of person that liked to put my characters through unnecessary torture. Okay so yes I do, I like struggle before triumph.. I like surmounting the odds. *hurrays*

Just got a reply from Angue and just wanted to say I wuv her! *yay's*

Kay, nuff said!

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