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Well I got presents for Sora and Michelle taken care of. *Just a note.. you do not -need- to get me anything back, a good glomp or a shower of kisses will do -just- fine* Now to find Beth what she wants, she gave me a rather tall order to place*

Where the hell am I gonna find doujinshi where Sephiroth is the uke boy slut? *flops*

I would of tried JP-Queen however well, what can I say.. that place takes too fucking long to deliver stuff.. I waited -forever- for all my XG doujinshi came in. Michelle will squeal when she gets her present, as for Sora.. I was sort of out of ideas so I just saved her alot of trouble in the long run.

I still need to work on my secret santa project. (Which will probably get done -right- on the 20th, Michelle and Sora. If I am RPing with you on the 20th, tell me to STOP and finish my FIC because I need to get it done by the 21ST!)

Oh yes, Kain and Cecil is up there as one of my favored pairings, I need to see if I got that written on my info page. =_=

Now this is just opinionated, but Rosa annoys me.

She is also annoying my Cecil muse. -_-

But my Rydia muse, she is damn cute per usual. *grins impishly*

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