Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote,

EibiiChan: Heddo?
OneWingedHyu: Hi! *hee's* How are you?
EibiiChan: I'm groovyish...
EibiiChan: ... I think I may need to beg a smack from you, though.
OneWingedHyu: Why do you need a smack? *falls over*
EibiiChan: I started writing XS smut and now I can't stop. ;_;
EibiiChan: ...it's chaosxAllen.
EibiiChan: Allen's being ornery. ._.
OneWingedHyu: Chaos and Allen! *falls over* Oh man, I just got to the part where they are at the park bench and Allen is telling CHaos that Shion never notices him.. and mentally wondering when Chaos was going to drag him over the other side of the bench
OneWingedHyu: *snickers*
OneWingedHyu: Well my hand has been glued to Xenosaga.. -_-
EibiiChan: See, I need to replay my game just for *that* scene because it has something to do with that
OneWingedHyu: *laughs hysterically*
EibiiChan: chaos plays psychotherapist and practically has to beat a few issues into Allen's head...
OneWingedHyu: Oooooooh.. Chaos is so good like that
EibiiChan: ... as well as other places.
EibiiChan: *koff*
EibiiChan: I was awake for 30 hours, that's my alibi
OneWingedHyu: *dies giggling*
OneWingedHyu: Well I am not coughing at your alibi.. *has been busy trying to finish Citan and Sigurd smut*
EibiiChan: Allen can't get a backbone until he's getting a, um, bone
EibiiChan: Yay, Citgurd!
OneWingedHyu: *sncikers* He's -that- type of uke
EibiiChan: Well, he's sort of uke
OneWingedHyu: Whose topping?
OneWingedHyu: Allen
EibiiChan: Well, technically, chaos
OneWingedHyu: And just as long as Allen doesn't wear that swimsuit that he wore at the Kukai beach then we are okay
EibiiChan: though I've been tempted to have him top from the bottom, as it were
EibiiChan: *giggle* thankfully, no
OneWingedHyu: I was like, "EYESORE!"
EibiiChan: Chaos has to keep his gloves on, though, that's gonna be tricky
EibiiChan: *cackle*
OneWingedHyu: Hmmm.. yeah it will be..
OneWingedHyu: Ah gotta love the technical difficulties involving smut
EibiiChan: Oh, definitely
EibiiChan: I think I watched a little too much Buffy, though, so I keep getting tempted to turn chaos into Oz
OneWingedHyu: Oh yeah and when you write this smut and if you want to post it! Post it at my lj community, Yaoi_smut_fics so that everyone can read it! *hee's* *falls over*
EibiiChan: *gladly*
EibiiChan: lol
EibiiChan: If I ever finish it
EibiiChan: the dialogue is getting weird and freaky
OneWingedHyu: Yeah, I know.. sometimes I start something and forget to finish it
EibiiChan: I've got Chaos going into extended metaphors
EibiiChan: lol
OneWingedHyu: Oooooooooooh
OneWingedHyu: Chaos is so cute
EibiiChan: chaos is cute, yes
OneWingedHyu: My friend wants to pair up Chaos and Jin
EibiiChan: but writing him is... my god
EibiiChan: lol
EibiiChan: *snrk*
OneWingedHyu: I don't know what to think of that pairing and I won't know until the next gane
OneWingedHyu: game even
EibiiChan: Well, I have a couple of, um, books on *that* subject...
EibiiChan: chaos isn't as hot in Episode II, though. *pout*
OneWingedHyu: Citan: *has -written- books on that subject.. private books of course.. books that no one can read, not even Midori*
OneWingedHyu: I know.. Chaos is teh hawt
EibiiChan: heehee
EibiiChan: I make good use of those floofie bits sticking out of his head XD
EibiiChan: A little too good use of 'em, if I'd say >:/
EibiiChan: Relax, Allen, it's not like I have feathers. ^-^
EibiiChan: ... ... ... right.
OneWingedHyu: *dies laughing* Oh yeah, I like your icon
OneWingedHyu: Nia's husband: Whose that dude wearing the tighty whitey's...
EibiiChan: Oh, the Underwear Outside the Pants thing?
OneWingedHyu: Yup!
EibiiChan: YAY!
EibiiChan: :D
OneWingedHyu: Well his pants -do- look somewhat undone.
OneWingedHyu: The mark of all good uke boys.. they beat the seme to the pants undoing
EibiiChan: other eligible captions were, 'My Fandom got dressed in the dark this morning', 'My fandom shouldn't have a bulge at that age"...
OneWingedHyu: I've noticed the bulge! *falls over*
OneWingedHyu: I mean what is Chaos -keeping- in there. KOS-MOS's R-cannon
EibiiChan: *grin*
OneWingedHyu: He is, isn't he.. *snickers*
EibiiChan: I'm seeing a literal manifestation of the whole 'come and bathe in the healing light of my cock' thing
EibiiChan: AAAAGH! I'm BLIND!
EibiiChan: *shinyshiny* Er, whoops, sorry about that. ^^;
OneWingedHyu: This conversation is -so- getting archived
EibiiChan: Darn tootin' it is
OneWingedHyu: Does he do the whole "Salvation through anal sex" sort of thing..
OneWingedHyu: *All of Nia's Cs: *groan*
EibiiChan: *giggle*
EibiiChan: Actually, it's not quite that
EibiiChan: chaos keeps trying to insist it's a casual thing for the sake of giving Allen decent insight on how he'd be able to handle himself if he ever got to Shion
EibiiChan: Allen actually gets into it somewhat when chaos makes a point that I haven't figured out how to write yet, he's such a pesky bastard with his universal truths
EibiiChan: Grr
EibiiChan: And it's... well, I'm not sure
EibiiChan: the mental images are fighting to see who's gonna win, if it's Allen ultimately topping, or Chaos, or both
EibiiChan: Switch XD
EibiiChan: *grin* But, um, *ahem*, in all seriousness, it's... a weird thing
OneWingedHyu: Roll a dice! *snickers*
OneWingedHyu: That's what I do!

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