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~Nia is back, Nia is back~

Well, this has been an interesting development, this whole moving thing. You guys have no clue how stressful that this has been, enough that I have wanted to -tear- my hair out. Not to mention that I am going to be gone longer then I had -intented-. Really it has been building though. We have the house -nearly- set up but there is still so much to do, not to mention I have to undergo the olde job hunt. (And this is Mountain Home so it is bound to be hard.) On the plus side, I've been able to talk to lostangelssong and plot over the Angels/Demons arc that we are in the middle of doing.

Yay for manslut angels. I happen to have one by the name of Luminale Pretty name, hmmm? I got it from the female dating sim, Angelique Twelve bishounen (plus a few odds and ends) Only 2 females I think. I mean you do the math, there is bound to be some hot boy action in there somewhere. ^_^

Hold on, let me get my notebook, I did write up some odds and ends which I was thinking of over the week.

Luminale: *poke poke poke* Hey Nia! *poke poke poke poke* Sex!!!

Unfortunately Luminale puts my other Cs to shame in terms of Libido. His libido and his love for ice cream. Ah, man whore angels Cs, got to love them. Well I might as well post what's been happening in various plotlines. Well maybe I'll do it later, procrastication is a bitch. (*is hoping to get some inspiration while I am temporarily without the net*)

Took a long time for the cats to become adjusted. Shaoran went apeshit and was trying to bully the other cats and kittens. Kero, the only -true- older male cat decided he was going to curl up behind a bunch of boxes and never come out. Once we gave her soft food, Violetta was quite amiable to the house and proclaimed herself Queen of it. And Meilin was too busy re-enacting the Blair Witch Project in our walk-in closet. (You know, come to think about it, I wonder if they have any really wierd crossovers for the BWP at FF.net. Like Blair Witch/Sailor Moon. Yeah I think that is one twisted story that I would like to read.)

We are listening to the 5th book of Harry Potter and I have come to a single conclusion. Now I've heard alot of people say that Sirius Black is an idiot. Now I would like to refute this and say that "Harry" is the idiot, at least in the 5th book. (Blasphemy.. OMG!) No spoilers of course but all through the 5th book, Harry rides on his past accomplishments.. he is spoiled, whiny with 15 year old angsting and he thinks he can take on the world by himself. Now I guess it is only to be expected with the past four books when Harry is given praise for whatever heroics due. But technically the events leading up to the conclusion of 5th -WAS- Harry's fault. (And to a lesser degree, Dumbledores.) Sirius was only acting on behalf of his godson's wellbeing. (And at least he did not go along, he took the rest of the order.. ) I find nothing idiotic in what Sirius did and it was incredible noble. I can imagine Lupin would be proud.. if he wasn't too busy grieving.

Lupin *sniffles*

Another thing I cannot see... pairing up Sirius and Snape. To give credit I can -see- Snape and Lupin (Even though I do not -like- it one bit, neither does my Lupin muse.) but Sirius and Snape. I suppose there are people that like that angsty love/hate/rip your throat out type deal (Examples: Seifer x Squall, Draco x Harry, Sephiroth x Cloud) but unless it was uncomfortable, embarassing humilating -non-con- then I know Sirius and Snape would -kill- each other before sleeping together. The only pairing that I will -squick- at though is Squall and Laguna. (no.. no no no nononono..)

Discuss: Haunted Mansion the movie. Now there is nothing I know more about then Disney rides. I even know the lore of the haunted mansion. The story behind it. Needless to say I was not -happy- with the bastardization.

Disney: Waaaaiii! Love conquers all.. *blahblahblahblah*

Surprising because the -real- story that the ride is based on is twisted and macabre. Real story is that Master Gracey finds out from the family medium that his bride to be is fucking around with a childhood sweetheart/friend. What does he do? He kills her and then stuffs her body in a trunk in the attic. -Then- he goes off and hangs himself while the family medium turns the sweetheart into a raven. (And hence why in the ride, a raven is -always- following you.. and after the attic, the tone of the Haunted Mansion gets a little bit more lively, because ride wise the "dark" secret has been revealed.) Love conquers all? Hardly, rather obsessions destroys everything in it's path.

Yitan: Here here! *smokes a cigar*
Magus: *glares at his husband*

Blah, babies, every one of them.

Another observation. Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts.. definitely yaoi. I mean look at Sora's eyes. The are so cute and innocent. He is like a smut bunny just -waiting- to happen. Speaking of smut, I am working on August and Magus smut. (Because the idea suddenly struck me. Hopefully, I will have gotten the characterizations of August right. This is of course a present to my beloved Sora so shhhhh. *places finger over lips*

Ah I have so many projects to complete. *le sighs* As it is I am going to go over to the bookstore today, to see if they happen to have more in the Vampire series that I am reading. Here is hoping. *has fingers crossed* Once again, I have figured out that het romance novels bore me. You know what I want to do.. write romance novels featuring -men-. Yes, men loving men. Who all thinks that is a good idea? *heh's*

Oh yes, in FY.. Miaka is an idiot. I am watching it for the third time right now and I just don't know. I just don't -see- how Miaka lucks out by being surrounded by 7 male seishi. I can see Tamahome, they really deserve each other. (*is not a fan of Tamahome*) but damn it, Hotohori.. and then they think that Nuriko fell in love with her too later in the series.. Nooooooooooooooooooo.. *sweatdrops* I liked Yui better. She had depth.

You know, I have listened to Take On Me by A-ha -all- my life.. and yet I -still- have no clue what the guys are saying in the song. I am bored enough so that I start going through my MP3 list to show what lyrics are my favorite of every song.. (Because I am pathetic and I am trying to refine my quote collection. ^_^ ) and I know that the guys at one point sing "Isn't it better to be safe or sorry.." but that is all. -_-

And Somewhere Out There from American Tale. I love that song. It always makes me sap. It defines Corrine and Magus to a T. Corrine and Magus are the -only- het couple that I will be able to support 100 percent. Just because I love them. They are soulmates, they are destined to be together. Magus Zeal from CT, I just -can't- make him gay. And I will support that just as much as I will support any of my yaoi pairings. -_-

And now here is where I go into the facts that I am truly fucked up. I can listen to Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles and truly connect on that level of what the song is saying. That despondancy.. is the innate despondancy of my soul. I am melancholy by nature if by habit I have forced myself to be sunny and cheerful. No one truly knows how sad I -really- am, hell sometimes I am not even sure if -I- know. I just know that I long for -something- that I don't know what it is.. and that longing makes me sad. Perhaps it is Mel. You know I was rereading some of the letters that she sent me and perhaps waxing a bit sentimental. You know the best thing about her.. she always called me her prince. And I know I want that, I want to -protect- someone. Yes it was novelty when I met my husband and let him protect me, but it was a novelty that soon wore off. Hence all the dominance fights we have, dominance fights that he usually wins. I know am forced into this woman role that I -don't- want. My soul cries out against it and I am unhappy but what can I do? Nothing really. I can only use my 'net' life to compensate for what I am not getting in my real life, the opportunity to cherish and 'protect' all the women that I meet.

And so that is the reason for my flirting, for my actions. There are two people I flirt rather strongly with, they know who they are. It is because in my own way, I care about them (If I actually -saw- enough of Viv, she would be included in this occasion, because many times I have told her that I would be more then happy to sweep her off her feet.. she will ultimately be number one in my heart. Closer then a sister. But the other two, well I think they know that I care about them.. alot. I really do not think I need to -say- anything on that score.

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