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~Five Songs Standard~

Here is today's five songs that I shall analyze. ^_^

"Save a Prayer" by Duran Duran
"Regret" by Gackt (Piano Solo)
"Relight my Fire" by Take That
Mafunyunko Kaerimitii" by Hirose Koumi
"Close to You" by Utada Hikaru and Shiina Ringo

"Save a Prayer"

Finally we start of with a song for a muse. This muse has actually been revamped but it belonged to Stephen Giovanni. Stephen was a character of Sylvia, however when I went to UO, I converted him to a modern C and thus split up the cousins, Erik and Stephen. Needless to say they are grumpy with me. Back when I played him though, he was a hermit writer living in a cottage in the forest. He was in love with a gypsy woman by the name of Amelidala, or rather they had a one night stand and then he fell in love with her.. and this was the song that was playing when Amilidala left his bed. He tried to committ suicide. My Stephen Muse directly correlates to my Citan muse for some reason, they both have very similar personalities. Anyways this song, it's about a one night stand.. ~But you wanted to dance so I asked you to dance.. but fear is in your soul. Some people call it a one night stand.. but we can call it paradise.~ It's really sad but the song, old school Duran Duran as can be judged by the 'do do do' that they sing. Check it out!


Gackt doesn't sing in this song, but his piano skillz is -amazing-. I am a sucker for really good piano and violin music. (has Chopin's Nocturne duet with piano and violin.. beautiful stuff.) It starts off really light, as if his fingers were merely grazing the keys.. and then a pause to herald firmer fingers on the keys. When I listen to this song, I hear -exactly- what the title is... regret. I have very few instrumentals in my instrumental folder. (Though I have quite a few in the video games folder.. good instrumentals there) I told you I was picky. Excellent piano work, this is what gives me respect for him as an -artist- and not a pop icon of japan.

"Relight my Fire"

Take That is arguably the -only- boyband that I will listen to. Or rather boy band that happened -after- the 80s. I don't know when Take That disbanded but Gary Barlow is the lead singer.. Robbie Williams was in the group too. Sure they sing about sappy love stuff, but I am of the firm opinion that one needs the angsty stuff -as well- as the happy poppy stuff. (Just nothing -too- mainstream pop for my tastes.. ) Added plus, they disbanded so that justifies it in my mind. Relight my Fire I've heard is from Queer as Folk but I am not sure. It is a really upbeat song about having hope in your soul and being strong. Alot of Take That's songs is about inner strength. This one is no exception.

"Mafunyunko Kaerimitii"

Hirose Koumi is most notable for her 'winter' albums. And I have quite a few styles from her. Not a -favorite- artist, but most of the music that I have heard from her has been excellent. I don't even know what this song is about... my husband says she's singing about her crack addiction. (Because he is of the opinion that all happy japanese songs are really about angst and all that yummy bad stuff that happens in life)

"Close to You"

A remake of a song, and I love Utada Hikaru's voice. Her remake of "Fly me to the Moon" is the best. With Hikkie, I seem to like the slow grooves -as well- as the techno-y stuff. In fact she is the one who got me on J-R&B. A good love song is staple for a playlist. I don't really have anything to say except that I probably picked it up because it was Hikkie and two because it was a duet and I dig duets between a man and a women

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