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~Five Songs..~

The five songs of the day is.. *grins and drumrolls*

"Okashi no Uta" from Card Captor Sakura
"Nobody But You" by BoA
"Who Can Stop the Rain" by Thompson Twins
"The King of Wishful Thinking" by Go West
"Torian Beauty" from Final Fantasy Celtic Moon

"Okashi no Uta

This is a crazy fun fun happy song. -BECAUSE- it is Kero and Suppi singing about sweets from the series. Kero and Suppo are if you don't know the uber cute little sidekicks. You have not heard the meaning of 'toothache' until you have heard Kero go all spastic and sound like he is on drugs when he's eating a cookie. *giggles* Suppi is also cute and surprisingly voiced by Touma Yui. (Notorious for her voice as Urd and Yui Hongo. So her voice really does go out there. Her and Aya Hasakawa do -excellent- jobs with their voice work. I'm proud.

"Nobody but You"

I think I just like BoA. Even I know that some of their songs sound the same.. but well I don't mind too much. I think it's actually cool.. and I like the chorus, the lead singer does have a really nice voice. I think I have something in my mind that automatically translates this songs for me, because I get the basic feeling of the song. (I guessed what Lhasa was about.. and then I found out the translated lyrics and I could only of been -thinking- those lyrics. Really surreal. But well I am always up for downloading BoA songs. That is one thing that never usually changes.

"Who Can Stop the Rain"

Now this is the song that my heart plays in every relationship that I've ever been in.. almost instinctively. It is like the song of my soul crying. ~Said our love was over.. and I was not the one. If it lasts forever.. forever wouldn't be much fun.~ I don't know if it applies to how I treat others who I am in love, or what. I -am- fickle, even I realize this. Many have accused me of being fickle. Mel particularly. (Fickle of course does not mean cheating, I have -never- cheated on anyone I have been with.. flirt yes.. but cheating is a different story... I'll want and I'll pine but I'll keep it in my heart for later. This song is always playing in the rainy thursday of my heart.

And ah, I love Thompson Twins anyways. *grins*

"King of Wishful Thinking"

I used to prance around my room, singing this song at the top of my voice. Annoyed the hell out of my grandmother. Most of my favorite songs have reflected my attitude on love. Break-ups tend to leave me pretty optimistic. ~I refuse to give into my blues.. that's not how it's gonna be. And I deny the tears in my eyes.. I don't want to let you see.. that you have made a hole in my heart.. and now I've got to fool myself~. I mean who -can't- think optimistically with such a song like that. ^_^ So far todays songs have been -museless- Very strange really. But yeah, 80s music is one of my vital staples. I tend to have alot of feel good 80s music, but then with the 80s you could of been singing about razor wire surgery and the song would still be happy and upbeat.

"Torian Beauty"

First of all I shall start by saying that Final Fantasy Celtic Moon is the shit. This is of course the song that plays in the town of Toria. Very beautiful and reminescent of waterfalls.. that is what I think when I listen to the song. A long stream of water with the sunlight catching it in little bouts and spurts. Beautiful mental imagery, I tell you. It is just a song that you could probably play to put yourself to sleep. (Usually I use Loreena McKennitt)

Well those are the five songs of the day. Whee..

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