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~There's something beating here inside my body...~

Miles doesn't hate me anymore! *jumps up and down and squees*

He actually wants to take me out for ice cream now. Of course he's slowing inching his way toward being kept in the baddy cage, what because he is slowly starting to embrace his rage. But hey, he doesn't hate me. *Only hopes that he doesn't become another Janus, that would be bad and wrong*

Miles: I will never become like Janus, I'm only halfway to realizing that I want to kill my father..

Magus Oh great.. *sweatdrops*

Miles: Nothing against you dad, it's just genetics.


Also I'm finally down off my high that I made Full Staff at UO. I dont' know, it just gave me warm fuzzies when Al IM'd me and asked me how I'd like a green gummi.

Anyways have to do some packing of boxes before I can settle here.. Three boxes, that is what I am aiming for. *hurms* The rest of Alexi's D&D stuff.

Later in the week, around Wednesday through Saturday, I'll probably be fully occupied with settling into the new home that I will not have -time- to post or even get online. *squees*

It's such a beautiful house. It gives me sparkles, so much better then this dump of base housing. -_-

Flat top stove!!!! ^_^
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