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~Whatever breads in my mouth.. whatever the sweetest wine that I taste~

I think I found the main problem of why I can't -see- Snape or Lupin together.

It is the fact that Snape is considered very effeminite most of the times. And likewise I see Lupin as being very gentle and feminine. So putting them two together is like putting two uke's together in my mind (which is a no no.. two semes at least you get an interesting power struggle.. ukes. It's like.. this.

Uke 1: Ummm.. I suppose I can be bottom..
Uke 2: Are you sure.. ummm?
Uke 1: Well do -you- want to be?
Uke 2: I don't know, do you?

And that continues five paragraphs later when they are -still- deciding.

That is my mind frame though and it is not intended to be shared by anyone else. And oh the looks that Remus fixes Sirius with, I can imagine there is quite a few. *snuggles her Remus and gives him a huge slab of chocolate.

Oh yeah! I need to post the Magus and August smut! Courtesy of twistedrper666

Needless to say after events had happened, Magus had locked himself up in his office, where he didn't emmerge from it for the evening.. Morning came and Merlyn was sent down with the lesson plans for the the Artifacts class but once again Magus didn't emmerge.. Staff meetings, Magus sent word that he wouldn't be attending and there was no sign of him anywhere except for a closed office door. Alternating between bouts of crying and sleeping. Not wanting to go home because it would be horribly empty. Miles would probably not stick around.. and his mother was not there either.

And so that was where he was this evening, in his office. Magus never unloaded his Mysticwyne, occasionally he would drink a glass but tonight, one glass led to two, two led to four and finally those four led to seven. Seven and he was thoroughly wasted, laying there on the couch in his office, staring at the wall that to him seemed to be staring back.

He had pondered killing himself in his drunken state, however he knew that was foolish.. not to say the thought hadn't crossed his mind. Because it had, death would be a nice alternative to this mess of a life that he was now leading.

And this all lead to a rather concerned August, yet even while he was worried for his friend...he made no move to check upon him as he was busy with his own family woes and the business of the school. Tonight would be different though, the paper work handed over to his assistant and his mother insisting that he go to see Magus.

August came to the door of Magus' office and knocked lightly, having never found it this hard to visit his friend before...for more reasons then one.

Magus heard the knock and it started him out of his reverie and knew that it was August. He glanced toward the door almost hazily and then called out softly, his voice very much tinged with alchohol. "Come in.." He let out a soft sigh and then shifted on the couch, bowing his head over his wine glass. There was a few bottles of mysticwyne lined up neatly by his couch, and a nearly empty 3rd bottle laying closest to Magus.

August steps inside the office, he had heard the slur of Magus' voice and knew it well. Not from Magus, mind you but still he knew it for what it was. Taking a deep breath, closing the door behind himself. He looked over the scene, raising a fine brow. "Is...this what you've been doing?" He asked, walking over to where his friend was seated.

"Yes.." Magus murmured softly as he looked down at is iridescent liquid that was in his glass and took a deep breath. "I'll be back tomorrow.. today.. I just.. -needed-.. this." Magus took a deep shaky breath, part of it the alchohol, part of it his emotions creeping up on him. The pain could be felt truly radiating from him. It was something that could be tangibly felt.

August knelt down beside Magus, looking up at the other man. He would not say anything against him drowning away his pain or at least trying to. But he had this lingering feeling that there was more to this then just what had happened in the weeks before. "What's wrong, Magus?"

Magus raised his eyes from his drink to look up at August, those eyes looked so weak, so desperate and so terribly lost. "Oh it's everything August.. " And then Magus started to take a drink of his wyne as if that would help him to say what he needed to say. "It's Miles... he knows August. He came in and confronted me..." That was a start, Magus took a deep breath and held the cup a bit shakily now. "He said.. that.. your brother told him.." And then Magus bite his lower lip. "He said, he -hated- me August.." Oh but the tears would come now, falling from Magus's eyes generously as if to give them voice was to pronounce their reality.

That had taken August by surprise, that Miles now knew and who had given him that knowledge. He would have reached out, to wipe away those tears but he caught himself and kept his hands firmly upon the side of the couch. "He didn't mean it. Surely he was just upset and his temper had gotten the better of him."

"He meant it August.. I saw it in his eyes." Magus said as he tossed back the rest of the contents of the cup and then reached for the bottle, uncapping it and then pouring the rest of it into the glass. "And then the next bit of information. Guess where my mother is, August." Magus said as he got up from the couch and went over to his desk, to where the damned letter sat.

"Living with my grandfather...after accepting his ring on a mutual agreement between them." He knew this, of course the whole family knew this. August had just decided it would be better not to mention anything about it to Magus.

"She wrote about the mutual agreement thing." Magus said as he bowed his head. "I am still upset over it.. it came as a shock just a few minutes after Miles burst from the office." Magus said and then took a deep berath. "She wrote me, told me that it would be best if.. I didn't come see her. Yitan.. he's there." Magus said as he folded his arms across his chest and then bowed his head and said somewhat quietly. "That means if I want to see my mother, I'm going to have to whore myself out to him..."

Felt his stomach turn on that note, he looked away from Magus and sighed. Knowing full well that he could not ask for the other man not to visit his mother. So, he would not attempt to. August shakes his head, more to himself then anything else. "There was...a falling out between Janus and September...or so I've heard."

"Yes, I've heard.. my mother, she tells me everything." Magus said and then he bit his lower lip and walked over to August, placing an unsteady hand on his shoulder. "August.. will you do me a favor.. visit my mother.. in my place. I can't go there.. I refuse to. I won't be subjected to him.. but I know you.. you'd go there to make sure she's okay.. for me? Right?" Magus said softly, almost pleading as he leaned his forehead on August's shoulders.

Needless to say he would do anything for Magus, even if it meant going to the one place he has avoided for years. Having not one fond memory of his grandfather or aunts. But August would push all that aside, it mattered very little if it meant that Magus himself would stay clear of the Riddle Estate. "I will." He said in silent promise.

"Thank you August.." Magus said as he sort of pushed his forehead off of August's shoulder and looked up into August's eyes. "That is one less thing I have to worry about.. I.. I don't mean to be a bother." And continuing to hold himself steady so that he wouldn't collapse, which of course meant that he was clinging to August. And then he said something that he hadn't uttered in a month. But he said it and due to the fact that he had so much mysticwyne in him, it didn't hurt him very much. "I love you, August.." Magus said softly

"And I you." August could not bring himself to speak those words, it hurt too much and he was keeping himself distanced from that pain. He kept perfectly still, letting Magus steady himself while using him for support. August figured he would need to speak with Miles, it had been put off long enough. But that was something for him to concern himself with later. "Perhaps you should get to bed.

"Would you.. come to bed with me.. and hold me tonight?" Magus said almost pleadingly. "Not as my lover.. no.. but as a friend, my very best friend. I need you tonight, August.. I can't be alone." Magus said as he reached up to brush a lock of of August's face. "I don't -want- to be alone.." And purple eyes would look up at August questioningly, even as he bit his lower lip.

He had after all promised his friendship, that was something he had willingly given Magus long before they were lovers. August forced a soft smile as he nodded, "If you wish it, Magus."

Magus had been afraid that August would refuse but at the acceptance he nearly glowed with a happiness that had been so sadly lacking from him when August had first entered the room. "This means.. alot to me, August." Magus said softly as he took August's hand and smiled softly. "We can sleep here.. on the couch tonight.. the couch.. big enough for two." And of course they would know it, after all many a nights they had slept on the couch here, safe in each other's embrace. "You know, when you're here.. I know I'm safe." Magus said a bit wistfully.

"You still feel...that way?" August doubted he could ever offer Magus that same feeling of safety. Not after Yitan had proven that even August could not keep Magus safe and away from harm at all times. And now hearing about Miles and Canbiel, without knowing the whole story...he still doubted himself. Moving from the floor, he would help Magus over to the couch where they could both comfortablly lay down.

Magus settled himself into August's arms so that his head was resting on August's shoulder, his arm draped over his friend's chest. "When you are here... there's nothing for me to fear." Magus repeated quite firmly. "Remember when we were children, those bullies that were harassing me, you came just in time and you knocked them out for me." Magus laughed at the memory that had assaulted him. "And then, they never bothered me again because they were afraid of August Riddle." Magus said as he very softly started to draw little patterns on August's chest.

August couldn't help but laugh softly, indeed he remembered. Have proved that there was more then one use for a potions text book. He smiled almost fondly, "You were beautiful even then." He whispered, looking down so that he could watch Magus' hand.

On August's chest he was tracing an entire love letter, the patterns turning into words, even as he spoke. "I looked like a girl, I'd get teased about it all the time.. August, your -father- would tease me about if I should of been born a girl whenever I came over.. every year the first years of Angelous place bets on -what- my gender is.. It's a running joke now." His fingers danced caressingly over clothed skin. "Though I will admit that it is not so pronounced as when I was younger." Magus wanted to kiss August, the temptation was great right now, a bigger temptation now that they were both lying in each other's arms.

"I shall admit, I thought you were a girl when we first met. And was surprised to find out otherwise...that afternoon while swimming at the creek with you." August kept his gaze focused upon Magus' fingers, to look at him now would only tempt him even more so steal a kiss from those lips that were now forbidden to him.

Forbidden fruit was always the hardest to resist. And both Magus and August knew that they were off limits to each other, that is what made the pull even stronger. "In your surprise you shoved me into the lake." Magus said with the softest hint of a chuckle. "I almost thought that you were hoping that the lake water would turn me into a girl. Of course no one ever told you otherwise, especially with my mother constantly calling me Maggy... that could be misconstrued as a girl's name.. couldn't it?" Magus ran his tongue over his lower lip and then smiled. "No one could ever mistake you as being anything -but- a guy.." Magus said as he reached over to remove August's glasses before setting them aside. "You know how difficult it was to watch you being pursued by every female within a 10 mile radius?"

"I...had been planning to kiss you that day." August confessed, "So, of course I was abit shocked when I realized you were a boy." He sighs softly, wistful in remembrance. "Honestly...the first thing that came to mind after I pushed you in was that the fates were cruel for making any guy -this- pretty." August blinked as his glasses were removed, auburn eyes not seeming nearly as cold or hard without the wired frames in place. "I never liked the attention...because not one of them could compare to you." Not even Janice, the one woman he would have settled down with.

"How different do you think our lives would of turned out had you kissed me before you realized I was a boy?" Magus inquired as he looked up into August's auburn eyes, eyes like wine.. so soft and yet smouldering at the same time. Just like the feeling that he got whenever he drank. "It probably wouldn't of mattered, it no doubt would of changed things for the worse.. it was better that way I suppose." Magus said as he very softly stopped his tracing in order to raise his fingers to August's lips, tracing the way that they looked, his eyes on August's lips and nothing else. "No one could compare to you either, August... never. When I grew up, I had Zeals trying to catch me.. but you.. you were the only one I wanted."

"It...would not have changed much. Because it was never a matter of gender that kept me from...accepting my feelings for you, Magus." Never had he been so nervous before as he was now, his fingers shaken as he rose up his hand and softly caressed the side of Magus' neck.

"You were intimidated by the fatal attraction that most Bainbridges and Zeals had for one another." Magus said softly as he felt those fingers travel across his neck. "I know about that, last time I saw your mother, she grilled me about it.. " Magus nodded and allowed a soft smile to play over his lips before he very softly and very carefully brushed his lips against August's, because the elementals help him, he couldn't help himself from doing it. Moth to a flame, he had always been, if he caught fire well.. then it would be his fault for playing with fire.

August pulled back no sooner had Magus' lips touched his own, he did not want to risk his friend being hurt...not even if it might they might have this moment...together. He bits his bottom lip, keeping himself at a distance before deciding on something. "Magus...do you trust me?"

Magus only touched his lips briefly to August's before it was gone, but their noses were still touching and Magus could see into those auburn eyes. "I -do- trust you, August.. I trust you more then I do alot of people" Magus murmured as he brushed a lock of hair out of August's eyes. "That is a very.. silly question.. you are my best friend."

August had recently heard that once there was woman who had been forced to bound with someone she did not love had been given the chance to be with the one her heart truly belonged to. It had been another Riddle, one that had learned how to counter act the effects of the ring but only once a month and there was a price to be paid on his part. "But I had to ask it." He raises up his other arm from around Magus, "Because I'll need both your trust and love for this to work." August ran his finger tips over his wrist, whispering a small chant. A fine slice soon made itself known where his fingertips once touched, crimson slowly forming at the wound. "Something stronger then a false bonding...with a Riddle ring. Take my blood and as of now...on this day of ever month that follows. We can be together just like this, without your having to suffer the pain of the ring."

"I trust you -and- I love you.. August.." Magus looked at the red blood welling up on August's wrist and then looked into August's eyes very briefly before finally he lowered his lips to the wrist that August had offered to him. Because his desire to be with August.. even once a month was enough. His tongue started to lap up the blood offered, August's lifeflow, feeling it trickle past his lips, it's coppery essence almost like fire.

August failed to mention that the day after, he would take that suffering onto himself and if Yitan found out...things could go down hill from there. Though he doubted his cousin would be able to take advantage of such knowledge, even if the demon would know how. But that was the furthest thing from his mind as he watched Magus just before his eyes fell shut on their own accord as he whispered. "I love you, Magus Bainbridge."

The words caused Magus to glow even as he very tenderly lapped up the last traces of blood and then he looked up at August laying there and he smiled gently before saying a bit...uncertainly. "I may.. kiss you.. now?" Magus said as his fingers started to trace over August's strong jawline. "Touch you? And the ring.. will not know?

August opens his eyes, gazing most tenderly down upon Magus. "Yes." He leaned in close, letting his nose touch Magus' own. "To kiss...touch...whatever you please, Magus." He whispered. "This night is ours.."

And then Magus closed the distance between their lips, his own eyes falling shut. To say everything that wanted to be said, to touch everything that longed to be touched and with no fear of pain. To -hold- his only love in his arms. Those thoughts spurned on the kiss, what seemed like an neverending eternity finally grew a little bit shorter. Being deprived of something, and then getting it. He was a bit nervous, more then a little eager. There was no pain.. nothing when he touched August. That enboldened his kiss just a bit.

August returned the kiss nearly feverishly, wanting to taste Magus, and to remind himself of every inch of his lover's soft lips. Having been without that sweetness he craved for what seemed like forever had made him greedy now that he was permitted to sample it again. His hands were shaken as they traveled down Magus' sides, contented just to caress him for now. August did not wish to rush this though at the same time his desire would have him wait no longer.

Lips parted almost submissively, their tongues trailing together in kiss that soon had them both reminded of what they had been missing. To Magus, August tasted like heaven, like freedom. His body shivered at the ravaging of his petal soft lips while his fingers started to trail up and down August's broad expanse of chest, drawing circles and shapes.. incantations of love upon that silken tunic. Tonight he would be August's husband.. bound to him and not to Yitan. One night a month but he would take advantage of it, savor it as a rare wine that he would not be used to getting.

Would not have broken the kiss had not his lungs demanded it. He opens his eyes, gazing upon Magus longingly. It was only now that he allowed himself to realize just how much he had missed his beloved. "I love you." He whispered, bringing his lips to Magus' neck as he began to kiss the soft skin ever so lightly.

Fingers curled against fabric that was silky to the touch, his fingers undoing buttons with familiarity even as his head inclined as if trying to soak up every kiss through pores that were hungry for more. "I am yours tonight, August.." Magus whispered in response, his voice thick with emotion that he was allowing himself to pass through those parted lips. Curving against August's side, fitting there like the last piece of a puzzle that just brought everything together. Such unity in their bodies.. they were meant to be together it would seem. Finally his gloved hand slipped inside of August's shirt after the buttons had been undone enough. Whispers of fabric before he started to run the tip of his thumb over August's nipple.

August nips at Magus' neck when he feels the brush of the other man's thumb against him. His own hands had come to steal away up and under the back of Magus' tunic while traveling their way along his lower back. To have the other man this close again, he was contented with this alone.

But Magus couldn't be content with this alone, he needed to have more of August. Slowly he removed his head from where August had easy access to his neck and started to trail his lips downward, his tongue dipping slowly into the collarbone to taste August's skin, taking a few nibbling bites, so teasing here and there before finally he rose himself up so that he was straddling August's lap. His fingers shakily undoing the buttons of that shirt and pushing it aside. His amethyst eyes feasting on the site spread out before him and he sat back as he -had- to absorb this all in, proof that he was not dreaming this.

Looking up at Magus, watching as those eyes watched him. He brought his hands back around, letting his fingers tug at the bottom of the fabric they were once hidden beneath. A silent hinting for Magus to left his arms so that he could remove the bothersome layers that were between them.

Raising his arms over his head in aquissience. No words needed to be spoken between them right now. Words in fact would of been superflurous. No need to speak what could be felt radiating off of both of them in waves

No words were needed between them, just emotions and the feeling of the others touch. August carefully pulls Magus down into another kiss, his fingers tracing down along the other man's chest.

Magus's fingers curled in August's locks of red and gold hair, cherishing the silky feel between his sensitive fingertips as his lips were once again claimed and explored. Fingers itching to go other places and yet content to take their time, to let this go on bit by bit even though slowly Magus's body was getting more excited, every nerve strung like a taut bow. The merest graze of fingertip against skin sent Magus hastening to conceal a shiver that had overtaken his body. Their tongues danced together before Magus slipped his mouth away, only to run his tongue lightly over August's lower lip in what could only be considered a sensual gesture.

His body already betrayed him, his arousal quite evident while Magus' straddled him so. August let one of Magus' nipples slip between his finger, giving a gentle pinch before rolling his thumb over the pert flesh. And still he wanted...needed more of his beloved, every inch of him ached for Magus.

A soft roll of his hips to meet what he could feel to be August's desire for him, his lips parted softly and his eyes closed as he threw his head back, his long locks of white licking around his shoulders, dancing across August's chest in a ticklish dance. A burning created in him that he knew would only be fufilled by August. Very softly he lowered his own head to nuzzle heated skin of August's chest, and returned in kind.. stabbing at a rosy pink bud with his wet tongue. Mindful of every sound that August made underneath him.

His free hand comes to rest upon Magus' hip, holding the other man as he begins to slowly grind against him...seeking out that friction between them. August groans, tilting back his head while losing himself in the feeling of Magus tongue and the tickle of his hair against his skin.

Pleasure shot through Magus at the point where both of them met and he found it hard to draw his lips away from August's nipple. But he had to, if he wanted to continue what was being started. A few more pressings before finally he scooted a bit lower, his hips slipping against August's fingers so that now those fingers grazed his sides and his lips ran lightly over August's stomach and taking soft nibbling kisses. He loved making August lose control, and August -knew- that. Mainly because August was always so calm and stoic as a general rule, that to see emotions flitter across his face, was beautiful to Magus.

And Magus had somehow figured August out so well that there was little challege in breaking through that calm and coaxing him into losing the control he held so dearly to. He kept his head tilted back against the pillows, eyes closed, and his lips parted as he moaned.

Very slowly he undid the clasps of August's pants and then slowly tugged them over his hips. A deep breath and he could inhale the smoky scent of August's arousal, but for right now he was going to concentrate on ridding his lover of those needless pants. A soft smile played over his lips as he tossed the pants off toward the side to join the rest of the pile of clothing before allowing his fingers to brush over flesh that emitted heat like it was it's only salvation. Rubbing and pressing against August's cock with fingers that knew exactly where to press before he lowered his lips to graze lightly against the head.

A hitched breath escaped him, it took every bit of willpower he had to remain perfectly still while Magus rid him of his pants and proceeded to slowly drive him nearly mad with desire. August reached down, tangling his fingers carefully into the other man's silken hair while trying to collect what little composure that still remained.

Painfully slow he wrapped his lips around the head and then started to slip a good bit of August into his mouth, under his fingertips, he could feel that August was now strung taut against him in order to repress the urge not to buck. Reassuringly Magus ran the palm of his hand along the curve of August's hips in a gesture that said that it was 'okay to lose control'. There had been too much control between them this past month, they could dispense with it right now while they had the opportunity to do so. Running his tongue around the length, stopping to caress at ridges and blowing cool air on other niches to counter the head emanating from it.

Unsure as to how much he could take of this sweet torture, "I need you." He whispered, breaking that silence betwen them.

He propped himself up from the couch, only to dispense of his silken pants, they slipped off his hips and pooled at his feet before he stepped out of them. Now they were completely naked to each other. The moonlight came through the window at that moment, bathing Magus in a glow that could only be termed heavenly. He smiled softly and then crawled atop August again so that their limbs entwined.

He pressed a few kisses against August's neck before raising himself back up and started to trail his fingers along August's length before summouning up a simple spell that would deposit a vial of sweet smelling oils into his hand. Pouring a generous ammount onto his palms and then applying those palms to August's length to thoroughly coat it.

August rocked his hips forward, briefly meeting with Magus' hand. Control over his feelings and emotions was all but forgotten now, his body responding only to the sensations and the pleasure that threatened to overwhelm him. Anticipation of being with his beloved again, to be this close to him...and soon closer still.

"Yes.. " Magus whispered softly and in a wholly soothing voice as he continued to work the oils in so that his lover was slickened with the fine sheen of it, enough to accomodate him. Running fingers over the sheer perfection and size. A edifice carved out of pinkened marble that was warm to the touch. "Soon love.. very soon.." Murmured like a soft incantation of prayer before finally Magus set the vial aside and then completely straddled August's lap, feeling the head tease at his puckered entrance. Moving it back and forth to spread the warm oil across point of entry.

And then Magus took a hitched gasp as August's member started to invade him, lowering himself down onto that cock slowly but surely.

August hissed as he felt Magus begin to lower himself, the slow entrapment both almost painful and wonderful at the same moment. He rests his hand upon the other man's hips, keeping them there while resisting the urge to thrust forward...giving them both this time to adjust and savor this.

Inch by inch Magus slid down until finally August was hilted inside of him. He had to adjust to the pressure but it was not too difficult, the only thing that was difficult was that he had to stifle the urge to cry.. tears of happiness at this connection that was allowed him. Running his fingers over August's chest, tweaking softly at the nipples there, brushing fingertips against August's rosy lips as he adjusted. Replacing those selfsame tips with the press of his lips. He could not keep his hands off August right now. Part of him wanted to see if he could convince himself that it was not a dream that he had fallen into in his drunken state.

And August would return that kiss, just as passionate as before, with all intentions of proving to Magus this was no dream. In the morning, everything would go back to as it was but this night was to be theirs. One of his hands falls from Magus' hip, fingers dipping down and softly caressing his inner thigh before coming to curl around his member. The ball of his thumb brushing over the tip, stroking the warm flesh.

Eyes sliding shut and Magus started to roll his hips back and forth, up and down slowly on August's stiff arousal, his breathing grew a bit more laboured then before, escaping every time that Magus drew his lips away. Every downward thrust was an 'I love you' and every upward scale was a promise that he would never be gone for long. It was easy for their bodies to adjust to each other, when in their minds they were together every night.

For Magus could not deny that he committed adultery every night in his mind, before he went to sleep. That it was August that he longed to touch as his own hands silkily ran over his own length.

Adultery seemed like nothing at all when you were willing to commit murder for someone and August entertained thoughts of that often. He had devoted himself completely to Magus, even without the bond of a ring. There really had never been any need for that besides to make their union official. August thrusts his hips forward, moving to meet with Magus while his hand stroked in turn.

And Magus had devouted himself to August in turn, it was the small ways though. Ways that were more comforting then romantic.. because those were the only ways that Magus -could- continue on, the only actions sanctioned to him by that ring. Except for tonight. However the need for orgasm was quickly approaching especially when August's shaft seemed to hit deeply and fastly onto that treasure spot, sending shivers wracking his body and biting his lower lip in supressed pleasure. Gasping out, he let out a soft moan. "So close.. I love you.. August..." His breathing coming raggedly.

He too was nearly climax, the need for release twisting in his stomach. His pace sped, driven by need and the sound of his beloved Magus' voice. "I love you too." August moaned just before crying out his lover's name, unable to hold back the nearly feral growl that followed.

The growl shot with possession that ran through Magus. There was no doubt as to -who- Magus belonged to in this moment, his hips meeting every thrust before finally he threw back his head and screamed out into the office as orgasm hit him. Pleasures ran through his body the sticky evidence of his climax running rivulets down onto August's hand.

And while the haze of pleasure slowly faded, coming down from the high of orgasm. August pulled himself up, bringing Magus close so that he might steal another kiss from those soft lips and pertake of their sweetnes, a flavor that August could never get enough of.

Magus knew that he would be unable to sleep tonight, not with August this close.. and not wanting to waste any moment between them. At least he wouldn't be falling asleep for a good while yet, merely settling into August's arms and stealing a breathless kiss, his purple eyes still a little bit hazy as he came down off of his high. "I do not care what anyone says, August.. I will say it now, I do not care what the ring says.. you are closer to me then a mere husband.. you are the darkness to my light and the sea to my shore.." Running his fingers along August's cheek softly.

Sleep was the very last thing on his mind at that moment. He gazes upon Magus, love and adoration reaching his eyes. "Nothing will change...the bond our souls have already formed long before...even I realized it." A Riddle's heart was a dangerous thing to be toyed with and more fraglie then glass. August had given his heart to Magus years ago and there was nothing in this world that would ever change that.

And so they stayed there on the couch, not daring to move except for when the call of their bodies deemed it so.. finally dropping off before the lights of dawn touched the sky, knowing that when they woke up, it would all be different.. except they had one thing now.. hope. Hope which they could cling to until the -next- month when the curse was lifted temporarily so that they could join.

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