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~More ebul from the creatures of Milk and Bunnies~

Conversation with twistedrper666

OneWingedHyu: You know what is fun.. screwing up the Bainbridges -so- bad that you end up -dreaming- about them.. and the Riddles.. and the stuff that could happen. *bleary eyed and falls over*
TwistedRPer666: *giggles* My Twisted Muse was poking me earlier..
OneWingedHyu: How was she poking you? *blinks*
TwistedRPer666: She wanted me to find out what the chances were of Schala having a child by September. *hides from her muse*
OneWingedHyu: *eyes Schala* You know.. I think we need to consider how many children Schala -has-
OneWingedHyu: By other men.. // Schala: *gives Nia the -look-
OneWingedHyu: Schala is like the Lucca of the Bainbridge Family.. // Lucca: *resents that*
TwistedRPer666: *snicker-giggles*
OneWingedHyu: I know.. also had to roll.. and since Schala is the elder of the Bainbridge.. (sort of considered the Matriarch if you will), when she accepted that ring, -every- Bainbridge felt something sort of like a ring wrap around their finger. It was very brief but all Bainbridges knew something was up.
TwistedRPer666: Zellus: *shivers* An unholy union...//Something like that. *pats him on the head*
OneWingedHyu: Sort of like the Angels themselves mating with the Demons.. *snickers*
OneWingedHyu: It just -doesn't- happen. *falls over*
TwistedRPer666: And if something like that happens to take place...bad things always follow. *is glared at by her Cs*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *hugs his Twisted Muse.. loves this pain*
OneWingedHyu: Yes it does. -_- It's -very- bad.
TwistedRPer666: Twisted: *squees and snuggles her husband*
OneWingedHyu: You know that Riddle House is going to be filled in the summer times with Bainbridges, being that Schala still has children that are in -school-
OneWingedHyu: From that single plot thread, 10 have emmerged I'm thinking
TwistedRPer666: Needless to say, things around the Riddle Manor are about to become a little less quiet.
OneWingedHyu: Not to mention that Janus is going to be -mad-
OneWingedHyu: Oh angry
OneWingedHyu: That was the surest act of war on September's part.
OneWingedHyu: Schala: *reminds Nia that -I- had a hand in it*
TwistedRPer666: September: It became a mutual agreement between Schala and myself.
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *levels Westphalia*
TwistedRPer666: August: I don't think grandfather knows what he was getting into. //Canbiel: For once, I agree with you.
OneWingedHyu: Magus: -_- What is that supposed to mean? // Miles: *doesn't even want to -hear- Canbiel speak.*
OneWingedHyu: Which reminds me, Miles and Canbiel should meet up again
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *cracks knuckles*
TwistedRPer666: August: Well, your...mother does have a...track record. *coughs into his hand* //Canbiel: You know...five dead husbands later and all.
OneWingedHyu: *dies laughing*
OneWingedHyu: Magus: You think that Janus will be able to kill your grandfather so easily? *raises a brow at both August and Canbiel.*
TwistedRPer666: August: One could hope. *shifty eyed* //Canbiel: Not grandfather but he could level a few of us in the meantime..*sweatdrops* //August: He...has a point there.
OneWingedHyu: Janus: Finally trying to kill off someone that will be a little bit more of a.. challenge. *chuckles*
OneWingedHyu: Magus: *will put in a request to Janus to start with Yitan*
TwistedRPer666: Canbiel: *makes no comment* //August: *seconds that motion* //Gee, poor Yitan. *is glared at by August* nevermind. *sweatdrop*
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *sighs* I cannot believe grandmother married into that family.. *falls over*
OneWingedHyu: Yitan: *chibi* Poor me!
TwistedRPer666: *eyes time and slips Nia an RP coupon* I need to sneak off for abit but I'll be back later. Maybe we can have Miles and Canbiel meet tonight.
OneWingedHyu: *grins* That would be fun.. *snuggles the Sora and slips RP coupon somewhere safe* Have fun Sora dearest

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