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~Because I can't go on.. no I can't go on without your love~

I just watched The Addams Family.. and man, I remember wanting to -be- Wednesday Addams. I thought she was just the coolest. Man, and the song at the end.. the Addams Family song by MC Hammer. Talk about -flashback-. Now I wanna watch Beetlejuice. And oh the Nightmare Before Christmas.. (Even though I have most of the music on my MP3 list)

Nothing to much has happened RP wise. Except that September Riddle is going to steal off Schala. -_- To basically -spite- Janus. That also means that Magus will demand to see his mother.. and being that Magus is -bound- to Yitan.. well Yitan is happy that he'll finally see his husband. (because Yitan got kicked out of Janus's Fortress..)

War between the Zeals and the Riddles have started.

With the Bainbridges being stuck in the middle.

Two seperate kinds of darknesses.

Which one will the Bainbridges choose?

Next time on Springer!

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