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And now for something completely twisted yet funny and yoinked from darkpaw I bring you now the Suicide Note generator.

Note: This is not a -real- suicide note.. though you could probably get the hint because it's bloody hilarious.

Dear Ungrateful World;

Although everyone on Earth has failed to give me even half the accolades and adulation that should go with me, Nia, being the 3rd coming of christ, I will still fulfill my destiny. For you insolent pukes, I will shed my blood to once again open the gates of heaven.

Start erecting statues, singing songs, scoring touchdowns and doing other shit for my glory, because you fuckers owe me big,

Jesus Christ III
a.k.a. Nia

P.S. All those gay pornos aren't mine. They're a friend's. And I was superimposed.

Build your own -FAKE- Suicide note
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