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~The Story of Where you Are~

I knew that if I continued to let Janus Zeal have his way, he'd fuck up. Not his -own- life but others. Unfortuantely he is one of those Cs that don't need to be played in order to cause trouble. He actually had his minion, Enigma Nadiir do it. This of course is yet another ploy that involves the Riddle Family.. which is a family much like the Zeals. Both allied to darkness.

The Bainbridges went and got themselves aligned to the Riddles, thereby taking their thunder from the Zeals. That made Janus fairly -mad- and so he set out to lure those that were bound to the Riddle Family, I.E the Quintesses. And right now Enigma is on his way to Sylvia with the Head Riddle's -consort-, Jin Quintess, in what could only be termed an elopement of sorts.

What a tangled web we weave.. when first we practice to decieve.

Sora will probably have a solo for me waiting after the RP events of last night/this morning.

Janus is in deep shit, I swear.

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