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~Friends of mine.. they said they were friend's of mine..~

*Scroll Down*

Citan: "Inside the doorway of this 'Friend's Only' sign is the rantings of a highly unique individual. Please do not add her if you have any qualms with -Homosexuality-, -Personal Rants- or -Highly Eccentric Ramblings-. Granted Nia does not comment all the time but she only comments on that which 'inspires' her. Quality rather then quantitiy. On a cautionary note, take a look at her info and discover if you would -mesh- well and if you do, then comment and she will add you in kind as soon as possible. And now if you shall excuse me, my charge, Fei and I have a journey to complete.."

"Your fingertips moving gently to my heart
The force of life goes on and on
The song remains like a haunting melody
Of angel music held in chains"

"Star of Tears" from Xenogears; sung by Joanne Hogg

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