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~This is the last post before this journal goes Friends Only~

I am right now making my "Friend's Only" Banner. Or trying to. I might take it down eventually because really I like it when people stumble upon my journal and read it anonymously but frankly this is getting ridiculous. I resolved long ago -not- to drag this thing into UO and I will not do that. That is why StayCee is in my -ignore box- there. Because if I see her, I'll kill her and as I told Al, "I do not want to sully such a wonderful room with her blood and if I have to see her, I'll kill her" And LJ, it is getting rather obnoxious too.

I already -know- who is my friends are. (Oh and for all of you people that do not know, that so valiently -defended- your god-head.) Someone created a mock journal that I had to have suspended. It was called Yaoi_fiend_Nia and in it the "writer" (if I can call it such) pointed out things that I am rather sensitive about... things -non- related to yaoi. Yes that was a real nice thing to do.. point out my slowly crumbling marriage with my husband. Really very refined.. mad props to you.

I am not trying to draw sides quite honestly. Anyone on my list is free to feel how they want to. You can read it, you can ignore it, you can delete me off your friend's list for all I care. Once again the net is an open forum and everyone is free to wear sunscreen. (as the song goes.. I think it was the graduating class song of 97.. I cannot be sure.).

I am not going to apologize for the fact that I adore yaoi, I am not going to apologize for writing the comment that I wrote last night.. being drunk and all I kind of -asked- for it. (And I -can- admit that..) I am not going to apologize for all my friend's that responded because they didn't -have- to. I certainly did not go "OMG PPL GO COMMENT KTHXBAI". No, of course not. I was just getting out some of my anger and frustration out (and being drunk, I have a greater chance of -responding- to attacks instead of going into my little shell and hearing them bang against the metal surface.).

I do not want StayCee to think that she has driven me into a hole though. This is just something that I need to do for my personal sanity. I am sure you will all agree

To those that I am taking with me over to Friend's Only Land.. Yay! ^_^

To those that I am not.. Have a nice life.

"I've lost my faith in humankind and it's time for a rest.
Even though I tried my best.. I didn't pass your test."

-Princess of Egypt</i> by E-Type

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