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~Survey Time~

Name: Nia is the acceptable name for me, I like it.. I -feel- it if you know what I mean. *hee's*

Alias: Angel Nia, Bondageseraph, Prince Nia and then I like to call myself Citan Uzuki/Hyuga Ricdeau because I am obsessed with him.

Age: 24 years old.. nothing to hide

Birthday: September 9th. I am a Virgo with a Scorpio Ascendant and a Taurus moon.

Amount of Schooling: High School, Some College and Military Technical Training for computers

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 150

Hair: Well now it is reddish gold. I need to redye it my usual christmas red. Every Christmas I go straight red... Summers are the strawberry blonde deal.

Eyes: Green. I like Green.

Series' I've made Fics for: Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Revolutionary Utena, Xenogears, FF8, Harry Potter.

Series I'd like to write a fic(s) for: I dunno. *ponders this*

Pairings Agreed with:

Juri x Ruka
Touga x Utena
Tatara x Suzuno (Miko of the Desert Land)
Setzer Gabbiani x Violetta Durante (original character)
Magus Zeal x Corrine Graie (Original Character)
Chii x Hidaki
Edge x Rydia
Sephiroth x Aerith

Wakaba x Utena
Tomoyo x Sakura
Lulu x Rikku

Touga x Saionji
Touya x Yukito
Youji x Aya
Hotohori x Nuriko
Kiros x Laguna
Sabin x Setzer
Edgar x Locke
Sigurd Harcourt x Citan Uzuki
Krelian x Kahran Ramsus
Lucius Malfoy x Severus Snape
Sirus Black X Remus Lupin
Daryuun x Narsus
Kunzite x Zoicite
Viktor x Flik
Hero 1 x Gremio (Suikoden 1)
Hero 2 x Jowwy (Suikoden 2)
Delita x Ramza
Detective Leon x Count D (PSH)

Pairings not tolerated: (It takes alot to squick me..)
Utena x Anthy
Shiori x Anyone
Sakura x Syaoran
Eriol x Tomoyo
Laguna x Squall (squick)
Citan x Fei (Or anyone besides Sigurd)
Miaka x Anyone (She's whiny..bah!)
Hidaki x That little annoying Waitress girl
Magus x ANYONE BESIDES CORRINE (no Flea, no Slash, no Schala.. eww.. you sicko, that's his sister)
Setzer x Darryl (most especially Darryl though I really do like Setzer with Violetta)
Zelgadis x Anyone (He is aloner, and a golem, stone mind you.. can we say OUCH?)

Fiction Fetishes:
Anything with my pet pairings most definitely. I'll read it as long as it has my lovelies.

Fiction Dislikes:
Crazy stuff like the story that Mari sent me about Snape and the NIffler.. I could of went my whole -life- without reading that one.

Preferred Music: 80s, some current, J-pop, J-rock, Video Game music, DDR music

Preferred Bands/musicians: Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Sting, Oliva Lufkin, Nana Katase... man I have alot. I should post up my MP3 list.

Favorite Song: Check my user info. I have the list there.

Favorite Book: The Last Herald Mage series by Mercedes Lackey. I also like Harry Potter. ^_^

Favorite Author: Mercedes Lackey, Gaston LeRoux, J.K Rowling.

Favorite Anime: Utena, Fushigi Yuugi, Chobits. (I have more.)

Favorite Manga: Utena, Pet Shop of Horrors, Mars, Fake

Favorite Food: Breaded Okra, Lasagna and Chinese Food

Hated Food: Eggs with Ketchup.. *blah*

Talents: I don't know.. *hurms*

Favorite Quote: "Music is a mysterious thing.. Sometimes it makes people remember things that they do not expect. Many thoughts, feelings, memories.. things almost forgotten. Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember them or not." - Citan Uzuki / Hyuga Ricdeau

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