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~Thank you~

Thanks for all the people who stood up for me in the last post. I appreciate it. However due to the fact that the thread was getting a bit out of hand, I deleted the post. It was easier that way and surfing through the threads were getting a tad bit annoying. Once again though everyone who rose up to my defense, thank you. Truly my only purpose for that post was trying to filter out possible people on my friend's list who could of thought that. *nods* Because who wants people like that on your friend's list.

It was an outside source, thank the gods. I really do not want to delete anyone.

I am who I am.. It is a free country.

*passes out candy and hugs to everyone*

Oh yes, I am officially in love with Oliva Lufkin.. *shivers* Her voice is angelic. *squees*

*Now to await email reply from Sora*

Oh yes Gravitasse wanted to know who the guy in this icon is.. this is Hyuga.. aka Citan Uzuki. *snickers* My altime favorite video game character. I have a few more icons of him. He is Nia's Bishounen love god. ^_^
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