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~Prince Ean and Locke Atredies~

How did Ean -ever- get into Angelous house, that is what many wondered over. At least many at the royal palace of Thornes. No doubt of course the one -really- left wondering was his own Guardian, Locke. Not that Ean minded, he was after all trying to get -out- of his guardian's presence most of the time. And that was what had brought him to -this-

He was right now he was shimmying himself down a tree, his long brown touched with gold hair held back by a refined tie and wearing clothes that were rather fine for -any- student. He was a prince which accounted for the wardrobe, a wardrobe which he was continually having to restock because of the fact that he was doing all sorts of things like climbing trees and getting into fights with -other- Angelous house boys, Black being only -one- of them.

Just a few more inches and his booted feet couched ground. Smiling quite broadly he wiped his hands on his breeches and then took off in a run for someplace that -wasn't- Angelous House.

Locke was seated at the bottom of said tree, legs crossed and his hands behind his head. He yawns widely, not bothering to open his eyes as he heard boots hit the ground on the other side of the truck. "You know." He started before yawning once more, "The front door is easier."

He stretches his arms over his head, opening his eyes as he pulls himself up from the ground and brushes off his black length pants. "Mm, but you do enjoy doing things the hard way, don't you?"

Ean paused right in his tracks, frozen like a particularly -fine- piece of statuary and then sort of swiveled on said heels of booted feet, looking down at his Guardian sitting there rather indolently. Scrunching his nose as he watched the man taunt him and then he folded his arms over his chest and stamped his foot.

"Damn it I hate you, why can't I have -any- fun?" Ean said, to say that Ean did not have a temper was stretching it. To say that he didn't have a diva complex was also rather humorous in itself. Of course fun constituted doing something particularly illegal and deviant for some reason, like trying to sneak into the Ifirt house to check out the girls and the whatnot.

It would not be totally true in saying that Ean did not hang out with Aidan Demitirius and Dax Colbalt.

"If I had -wanted- to go out the front door, I would of had to take -you-.." Ean spit. Really Locke had been with the family for as long as he could remember, Locke no doubt was used to such antics by now.

Locke peers up at the window and whistles, "Yes but as you see, you went through all that trouble to climb down the tree and I'm still with you. Pointless, honestly..." He runs his fingers through his hair before covering his mouth as he yawned, "Not to say that I didn't get a nice nap. So I guess there is an upside in all this."

His hands then disappear behind his back, "Well, where is it that you were planning to go?" He taps the toe of his boot to the grass, "You have no classes, I already checked your student planner. The one I wrote up for you, of course." He wasn't foolish enough to let Ean inform him about anything that important.

The prince could have fallen on the ground and had a full blown tantrum and he still wouldn't have flinched. Locke had this lazy old feline persona, one that made you think he would be the first to slack on a job. That was not the case and Ean knew that best of all.

Like he was going to tell -Locke- that he was headed over to Ifrit. That would be stupid really. He raised an indolent eyebrow and folded his arms over his chest. "I don't see why I have to have you and Alistair, Kelsey and everyone else get off scott free without a guardian. I do not think it's fair at all.." Ean said and eyed his guardian. "And I don't think I -have- to tell you where I'm going, Locke so you can -fuck- off."

Temptuous much? This rebellious streak was only -recent-. There had been a time of course when Ean had worshiped the ground that Locke had walked on, but oh ever since he went to Magi.. things have changed slightly and Ean was a little -less- biddable.

Locke shrugs, "You don't have to tell me anything, prince Ean." Always so formal, perhaps it was his form of not losing his temper. But then some people asked if Locke even had a temper to begin with, he was always so calm. Even his little brother would take claim of never seeing his brother snap at a soul.

"Yet..." There was a pause, "I'll find out one way or another. -I- will be there to stop you before you get yourself into trouble and -I- will drag your royal bottom back to the Angelous dorms."

Locke said all this while looking directly into Ean's eyes, he even had the nerve to smile before walking pass the prince. "Besides...Dax Cobalt isn't on campus, didn't you hear about the fight between himself and the seventh year? He was taken home and has not yet been returned."

Ean -was- curious for certain and he turned around, watching as his guardian walked past him. "What do you mean?" Ean inquired as he crossed his arms over his chest and regarded the guy. "What 7th year was that?" Ean said as he trotted after Locke. Conveniently ignoring the threat that emmerged from the older man's lip. "And you forget Aidan.. He's still on campus.." Before revealing his plans and smacking his hand over his mouth.

There would be no victory dance, he merely smiled to himself while slowing his steps so that he was beside his charge. "Rhuin, I didn't catch the last name. If not for Shanks, Cobalt would be dead. I hear he began to tap into his very life mana. Not a surprise.." He clears his throat, "And yes, Aidan is still on campus." Locke glances over at Ean.

"You won't tell Tian that I am hanging around with a Sylvian, right?" Ean said after awhile, after all it was a known fact that Olympia and Sylvia were thisclose from war and the Demitrius's were a known family from Sylvia. "He'd freak.." Not to mention that Ean was simply -charmed- by Aidan.. it was the way the other guy acted.. but then who -couldn't- be charmed by Aidan. Ean didn't know what it was.. or if he did, he wasn't -saying- anything to admit that he even potentially found the guy attractive.

"And well I'll have to send Dax a get well card.." Ean said before tilting his brow. "Rhuin eh.. I've heard stories about him.. always trying to best Shanks at a duel.." Ean was the king of informality, it would be interesting to see what kind of court he led. Especially when he didn't refer to most professors by their proper titles.

"If I was going to tell him, he would have known already." He shrugs, "In any case, I just have to make sure you stay out of trouble and keep yourself alive. No one said I had to moniter your school chums." He was netural when it came to politics and all that, he never much cared and good chance never would.

"That's Professor Shanks." Locke corrected, though he would only bother to do so once before dropping the issue. Again, it wasn't his job to make sure the prince was proper so he wasn't going to add on the headache. Absently he tugs at the bottom of his dark purple mesh shirt before smoothing out his jacket, "You had best keep away from Rhuin, I rather not have to face him."

"I bet me, Aidan and Dax could take him on together.." Ean said with the slightest bit of a grin, a truly devilish grin spreading over his lips. Again -why- did get sorted into Angelous? That was indeed quite a question that should be asked, his devilish heart was better suited to Shade... or at least his perchant for mischief.

"That is what I said.. Shanks.." Ean said and then paused. Why was he heading toward Ifirit with Locke standing beside it. Stubbornly he folded his arms over his chest. "Why can't you just -say- that you're watching me, Locke.. just -pretend- your doing your job and let me have some fun? I'll pay you out of my pin money.."

Locke stops and looks to Ean, "Because I take my job seriously." There was more to it perhaps, simply because his voice trailed as if there should have been more then that. "I don't need your money, Tian pays me well enough." Room, board, clothing, and still with money to send his little brother. "You should take your role in life more seriously."

Of course, since Locke was obligated to attend most of the functions that Ean had to, it meant of course that Locke also have a wardrobe that was suitable. Really with Ean, Tian spared no expenses to make sure that Ean was guarded. "Yeah, well hey.. Alistair wants the throne.. why not just give it to -him-..." Really Alistair would of been more suited to role as King.. Ean kicked a rock with his booted foot and sighed before kneeling down and picking up the rock that he had kicked, it hadn't been very far. "Riley gets off from being King out of the blue.. Laurent doesn't want it and passes it on to -me-.. where is the person -I- can pass it off to?" However Tian thought it best that Ean not be given a choice in the matter. Tossing the crown around like that tended to make it more unstable.

"Consider yourself the lucky one that a fortune telling handed the Death card to." He watched Ean with a leveled gaze, "You aren't being forced to marry anyone along with taking on the throne right?" He could think of worse things then being king, could think of better things too but that was another story.

"No, there are 7 of us.. that means that I don't have to marry if I don't want to. Makes it convenient that I don't -have- to carry on the line." Ean said as he saw Locke's leveled gaze, quite honestly at times that gaze could creep him out, mainly because he thought that at some times Locke could -read- his mind even though he knew that wasn't possible. "And by death card you mean that kid that Riley's watching.. right.. because he's pretty cool... he just needs to open up some more."

"Well, see...you could have been worried about having to marry some girl you hadn't even met." He looks away from Ean, turning his gaze to some random buidling. "I was speaking about the crown when I said death card, as for Vinclav...he's less of walking death now and more of a dead man walking."

"Yeah.. damn card.. " Ean said and then shrugged, perhaps a trifle melancholy now. "But yeah, I don't have to marry anyone, that is a good thing.. if I was forced to marry a girl, I'd marry another girl -just- to make everyone mad.." Ean said with the hint of a grin that clearly stated that he -would- to. He was a rebel in his own way. In his time he might even be -good- for Olympia, gods knew that the country as a whole needed a stick yanked out of it's ass.

"Though.. Amethyst Bainbridge is kinda cute.. I wouldn't mind marrying her. She has a cute ass" Ean said as he fell to his kneels on the grass and just flopped there and looked up at the cloudy evening. It was probably going to rain. Of course he said this to get a rise out of Locke. He liked to see if he could say -anything- to phase his guardian. It was always 'let's see how far we can push Locke until he breaks'

It was the flop more then the comment that caused his eye brow to twitch but that was about it from him. Like he has said before, it isn't his job to make sure the prince was proper...just so long as he stayed alive and well. "Her mother has a firmer one." He shrugs and looks up into the sky, "Nice weather we're having of late. Not a drop of rain in sight.."

"It'll rain.. see if it don't." And then Ean glanced up at his guardian, well that didn't get a rise out of him.. different tactics were emmenient. "Magus has an even firmer one..." Ean said rather innocently, not to say that him and Aidan hadn't been trying to get pictures of Magus too.. at least for all the -fangirls- at the school.. Not like Ean and Aidan would look at them.. overmuch.

"Not too loud with those comments, Headmaster Riddle would kill you or at least attempt to and I would have to take the fall." He yawns widely, not bothering to cover his mouth this time. Locke never slept much, save for cat naps here and there.

Damn it -nothing- could phase Locke, that is what infuriated Ean the most. It used to be cool, now it was just plain annoying. Quite honestly he was getting -thisclose- to doing something drastic to get his guardian to -react- aside from like tagging after him. Locke had definitely proved himself to be able to react if Ean so much as -stepped- outside without him.

Then an idea struck, oh this might be enough to get Locke away from him for a few days. It was -worth- a shot. Wasn't it. Ean thought it would be. Grinning slightly as he got up from the ground, dusting himself off before noticing that Locke was yawning, was off guard. Ean tackled his guardian and then pressed his lips against the other mans in a kiss. Waiting to be shoved off. This would freak the other guy out.. it had to.. he was counting on it.

Ean had done more diabolical things, like sneaking purple dye into his brother Alistair's shampoo.

Locke had taken a pie to the face before, so being tackled was not so bad. He fell back onto the ground, bracing himself and out of reaction he brought his arms around Ean's waist while making sure it was only himself to take any of the brute from the impact. He could handle that, he was built to take a good hit when need be.

The kiss however had come as more of a shock then anything else. He blinked a few times before pulling back, "What the heck do you think you're doing?" He had forgotten his arms were around the prince still. Yes, still cool and calm..on the outside at least.

Story.. need.. story. That was what was running through Ean's mind as he looked down at Locke rather innocently. Innocent, Locke's leather pants were innocent, at least compared to Ean's expression. He thought about it for a moment. "Locke.. I did it because I'm attracted to you." Was that entirely the truth.. no, but it was not entirely a lie either. "You wanna be my royal consort?" Ean said, snickering slightly. Of course judging from the expression on Locke's face, that wouldn't fadge. Locke didn't look like he was buying it.. in fact he hadn't looked phased except for a few blinks.

"Royal...consort?" Let it go, push him off, and let it go. That's what the little whisper that was his common sense chanted in the back of his head. Honestly, he should have done just that and been done with it. But no, willpower and logic wouldn't win out on this little declaration of war.

With ease the tables were turned, Locke loomed over Ean with his arms no longer trapped around his charge. There was that leveled look of his dark green eyes, dark hair falling into them as he leaned in closer until his chest was pressed flush against the prince's own.

Locke's hands reached up, catching both the younger man's wrists, bringing them up over his head and holding them pinned to the soft green grass beneath them. "Royal...consort?" He repeated while bowing his head, his lips inches away from Ean's own as he whispered against them. "I..." There was a pause, "Think I'll have to decline."

And with that said, Locke released Ean and moved from the boy's person completely. He stood up and brushed himself up, "I hope my jacket hasn't suffered any grass stains." He tried peeking over his shoulder, acting as if nothing had happened at all.

What did Ean do.. he started to laugh. Rather hard too. Because for a moment he had gotten past Locke's skin. He could tell it because for once Locke didn't appear so.. sleepy, there had been a lethal calmness that had heartened Ean. He sort of keeled over, having a rather good laugh until he was gasping for breath. "That was bloody funny.. Locke." And then Ean darted up, dusting his own clothes which had been doomed from the start. "You know I didn't mean it.. right? I just wanted to get a reaction out of you.. It worked too!" Ean said with a charming grin.

Locke rolled his eyes, "You aren't serious about anything, so of course you didn't mean that either." Oh gosh, was he mad? He sure sounded peeved even while brushing off his jacket as if it were more important then looking at Ean right then. "Could we go back to Angelous House now, highness?" Yeah, he was pissed. More with himself then anything..

"You are angry with me.. well this is a hell of alot better then you showing me up like you always do." Ean said almost dismissively. "Get you back for all the times that you have come in and ruin my fun." Ean hmpfed and started to walk back. Did Tian -really- pay Locke enough for this job?

Locke folds his arms over his chest, walking back along side Ean. He decided to keep quiet for now until he was able to remain his composure, it hadn't been the consort comment or anything that followed but that damn kiss. It was all just games but somewhere deep down inside, Locke -wanted- it to have been real.

And so another night was spent in Angelous, with Locke taking a nap while Ean did bloody -homework- and of course with Ean grumbling -all- through it, especially when he knew that Aidan was probably getting into some lovely bits of trouble that Ean was not able to share in.. Though the kiss -did- linger in Ean's mind whether he wnated it to or not.

The first kiss didn't count if it was a guy.. right?

That was something to ponder as Ean went to bed.

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