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Due to the fact that Nia had a nice conversation with Michelle aka lostangelssong about chinese astrology.. I plopped out my chinese astrology book. Here is what it says about goats, Laugh.. I dare you. *heh's*

Goats are the dreamers of the chinese zodiac. They are languid creatures whose aim in life shifts about with ease and grace. Following no particular pattern and confounding all and sundry. The goat person is a thoroughgoing maveric. His brain rarely obeys his feet. He seems to be content to blow along with the wind. Then, suddenly he alights in some uncharacteristic place without having given or taken notice. Before the Goat knows it or bothers to resist he often finds himself embroiled in some unlikely plot. Surrounded by people with whom he has nothing in common, accomplishing precious little and going nowhere fast.

Because of this tendancy to give in to the will o' whisp behavior and the obvious strains which all that whimsy and sudden change place on his gentle but pessimistic nature, the average goat worships inertia. He dreams of being able to sit still somewhere pleasant and not move for fear of finding himself up a tree or down a well, victimized once again by circumstances over which he is convinced he has no control.

In this last assessment, the goat may be right. Of all the signs of the chinese system, goats are the most pliable, gentle and willing to please. Their natures are fluid and their hearts are full of sympathy for those involved in dilemmas with which they can closely identify. If they dare to engage the world at large, goats are easily drawn into complex predicaments. This being so, they usually shy away from confrontation, pull back when faced with heavy decision and blatantly refuse to take an unpopular stand in a conflict.

Frequently goats willing take a back seat to a shrewish wife or bossy husband who provides security. They adore being putty in the hands of an exacting boss pr superior authority. The more demanding and urgent, the better. Other people's draconian demands constitute a refuge from the every present tug of escapism to which all goats at one time or another fall prey.

Although the goat symbol is Yang, every person born in a goat year comes into the wprld literally drowning in Yin. Not exactly effeminate. there is however in the character a hypersensitivity and talent for tender compassion that ill prepares them for the drudgery tribulation and hard angles which is real life. The goat is too gentle, too gracious for the pressures of day to day reality and not equipped to function in our climb the ladder to success, dog-eat-goat world. If pushed to conform to the mold of self starting aggressive business person. the goat may suffer a nervous breakdown or simple take to his chaise lounge and plunge head first into his mental safety net, entering a persona world where real psychological detachment and terminal daydreaming are the private symbols of his goaty success.

The best way that these flaky goats have found to navigate the perilous trip through life's jungle safely is quite simple: Goats depend on the kindness of strangers for their survival. If you take the often puzzling, non-committal attitude of the goat in this light, it will help you understand why he so exasperatingly avoids making decisions.

This is not to suggest that goats don't have reserves of force or that they are unable to exert their will. The clever but yielding goat is a powerhouse of passive resistance. No goat worth his salt wins anything through humilation or aggression. Goats are more imaginative then that. They know how to emply the strength of the weak. They are past masters at cladestine manipulation. When angered, they are capable of concocting life-consuming, pain-inflicting vendettas or achieving their own ends through patient and often painful picking at the scabs on an enemies body. If you have a goat for an enemy, you'd better hire a battalion of brilliant and wily advisors because there is practtically nothing you can do to put a dent in this creature's sluggish ego or confound his determination to beat you at your own game through endurance and behind-the scene machinations

Anyways that is me.. there is more.. I'll type it later. *mrrhs and falls over*

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