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~Punk ass tripping in the dead of night~

"Boys in the Hood" by Dynamite Hack was playing.. but now "Scarlet" from Ayashi no Ceres is playing. You know, I never saw the series.. I was going to but after FY.. I don't know. But I -love- Junko Iwao. The theme song done by her, she also played the voice of Tomoyo from CCS. (And I -adore- Tomoyo..)

Tomoyo and Sakura should hook up. That has been my Yuri rant for the day.

Everyone is entitled to a yuri rant.

I am still going through the after waves of that last post I posted. -_- I never knew my sex life could be so sensationalistic. Really really really.. thank you eibii for the information. It was -very- helpful. Though that Citan icon.. it just sent me into a fit of giggles.

And she -knew- it too.

And thank you lostangelssong per usual for her wise-ass comments. Ouchie's.. my Setzer muse is really ouching from the imagery of a roulette table. -_- Who said yaoi smut had to be comfortable.

Setzer: By damn it! I DID! *stomps*

He's a diva.. well it doesn't matter. He's getting it rough -anyways-

Well I have a headache now, I think it is from listening to my MP3 player at top level. *holds head in hands*

Yes, I am Nia.. and I am addicted to RPing Yaoi Smut. -_-

Especially the video game based kind.

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