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~Ask me why Citan is smiling~

I just got my Sigurd x Hyuga doujinshi

Or to be more -technical- about it

Hyuga x Sigurd

Because Hyuga was -topping- him.

Oh man, 20 pages of that.. and oh Hyuga taking Sigurd from -behind-.. now -that- was nice. Long hair going -all- over the place, it was definitely sweet. My Citan muse is definitely purring around that doujinshi.

Citan: *drags this doujinshi around with him for the rest of the day*

Of course in it, Citan is posing with a cigarette...

Citan: Which I do not agree with, smoking is bad for one's health and I do not endorse it.. *eyes Nia* But she does not care because she thinks smoking is sexy on gay men.

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