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When Sora and I are up at 5 am and completely wired.

OneWingedHyu: *whaps your connection*
TwistedRPer666: *dragged back by her Twisted Muse after boot* //Twisted Muse: What I miss, what I miss? //*blinks as connection yelps*
OneWingedHyu: Oh you just missed Enigma running off with The Quintess.. *snickers* And then Janus saying that the men in his posse were very naughty.. but he said it in like this really decadent way. -_-
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *To Twisted muse* You shall be rewarded when I come back into power, my child..
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *pets Twisted Muse*
OneWingedHyu: *blinks and then really runs and hides*
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: *giggles* Yay! //*hides, really scared now*
OneWingedHyu: Ummm Sora.. my Janus muse gets obsessed.. *tugs on her* If he gets obsessed with September like he did with Schala.. I -shudder- to think of the results.. for BOTH of them.
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *is not scared.. lalalalalala*
TwistedRPer666: Oh dear...Well, September has no reason to leave the main house...so we're safe for now...//Twisted: Until Jin Quintess meets Enigma..*sing-song voice*
OneWingedHyu: Jin Quintess? *falls over* -Jin- Oh dear.. that is just the WRONG name to choose.. *is sold*
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: *has a feeling that he has been bought by the highest bidder*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: Well considering that it is -my- posse member he is going to be after.. perhaps me and September can work out a.. deal.. *chuckles*
OneWingedHyu: *falls over*
TwistedRPer666: Jin: *eyes the Twisted Muse* She's giggling again, that does not bode well...
OneWingedHyu: *shoves Enigma out to meet Jin*
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: *gets shoved*
OneWingedHyu: I even have a new pretty picture for Enigma now! ^_^
OneWingedHyu: Does Twisted muse want to see it? *ahee's*
TwistedRPer666: And I'm currently looking for a picture for Jin. *thuds, holds up sign in search of long black hair* //Jin: *smiles at Enigma* I...like your name.
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: I wanna see it! //I'd take that as a yes..
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: It means Mystery at the Lowest Point.. *in reference to his name, Enigma Nadiir*
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: *eyes Jin* I like your name too.. *mrrhs*
onewingedhyu wants to send file D:\Realm\RP Pics\Soon\307.jpg.
TwistedRPer666 received D:\Realm\RP Pics\Soon\307.jpg.
OneWingedHyu: And hold on.. I might have a few pictures for you..
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: *is in love with that picture* La sigh...*swoons*
onewingedhyu wants to send file D:\Realm\RP Pics\Soon\School24.jpg.
TwistedRPer666 received D:\Realm\RP Pics\Soon\School24.jpg.
OneWingedHyu: *falls over at Twisted's reaction*
TwistedRPer666: *eyes her Twisted Muse* She's happy now...that scares me..*hides behind Nia and sighs*
OneWingedHyu: *huddles with Sora* I got an idea.. why don't you and me run off to mexico and leave Janus and Twisted to ruin everything
OneWingedHyu: Hey at least we won't be around!
TwistedRPer666: Sounds like a plan! *starts packing*
OneWingedHyu: *Janus drags Nia back and then waves Alabaster's new picture in front of Twisted Muse* *Nia meeps and gets tied up and then thrown in the closet*
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: *ties Sora up and drags her back too, stops and ooohs at the picture* Can I play with him too? *Sora would flail if she could*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: Of course.. he is my son.. you can do what you want with him.. take Obsidian while you are at it. // Obsidian: *blinks* Hey.. no.. *scrambles away*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *feels like he can achieve full power in this partnership with Twisted Muse*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *asks Twisted Muse to marry him*
OneWingedHyu: *would scream out no but is tied up*
TwistedRPer666: *muffled sounds of protest from behind ball gag* Mmph! //Twisted Muse: *starry eyed and accepts!*
OneWingedHyu: *falls back in the chair that she is tied too*
OneWingedHyu: *thinks the world has -just- gone to hell*
OneWingedHyu: *...in a handbasket no less*
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: *glances around and then while Nia and Sora are occupied, he decides to run off with Jin*
TwistedRPer666: *Sora sweatdrops because Jin most gladly leaves her and Nia tied up* -_-;
OneWingedHyu: *thinks that if it is any consolation, Nia's Cs are not too keen on untying her either.. only one who -likes- her is Janus and even Janus is not -that- stupid*
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *runs in to save the day*
OneWingedHyu: *baps the evil Adelphia*
OneWingedHyu: Janus plotted it..
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *did no such thing*
TwistedRPer666: o_o He has...power over connections too? *really scared now*
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *anways as he was typing.. goes and unties Nia and Sora all for exchange of some cookies*
TwistedRPer666: Aw! *gives Laguna some cookies and a Kiros plushie* He's such a nice C..
OneWingedHyu: No matter what I put Laguna through, he still loves me.. he's like a puppy... -_-
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *takes the plushie and cookies, yay's and then scampers off to chase butterflies*
TwistedRPer666: Every mun needs at least one loyal C...
OneWingedHyu: A lapdog!!!
OneWingedHyu: Laguna: *woofs*
OneWingedHyu: KAWAII! *tackles Laguna*
OneWingedHyu: So who is your loyal C, Sora? *snickers and eyes your box*
OneWingedHyu: I bet you it is Zellus..
OneWingedHyu: Zellus seems like he'd be very forgiving
TwistedRPer666: It's Zellus and Nadia. They both are just too sweet for their own good...
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: Ah yes, Nadia is my sweetling.. *drags her off and purrs*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca doesn't -hate- me.. he/she just doesn't -like- me either. -_- I think it's because I made August unhappy
TwistedRPer666: Nadia: *still likes Nia, even if she made her little Augusto unhappy*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *will pound in Nia for August*
OneWingedHyu: *runs*
OneWingedHyu: I LOVE YOU NADIA! *swoons*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *twitches* That's my wife..
TwistedRPer666: Nadia: *smiles at Nia before looking to Lucca* She knows that, dearest. *kisses Lucca on the cheek* Your father is coming over for tea...by the way. *smiling sweetly*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *gets kissed on the cheek* Why? *blinks at the mention of September and clenches fist* We don't want him over..
TwistedRPer666: Nadia: Now, now...he is your father. *lightly scolds* And...he'll be bringing Jin and Nei with him. *bats her eyes looking up at Lucca* I miss them both ever so much..
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *cannot resist Nadia.. but September.. knuckle crack* Alright, they can come over -but- I swear if he makes me mad, I WILL toss him out, Nadia..
OneWingedHyu: Janus: I think that is why I want to meet the father so much.. after meeting the son.. errh.. daughter.. I am quite desirious of meeting the father.. *purrs*
OneWingedHyu: *eyes Janus and tries to lock him up but he won't be locked up*
TwistedRPer666: September: The man who...truly made a woman out of my...son. *raises a hand to his mouth, laughing softly behind it* //*tilts over* Sora is wired enough...for him to start talking...no! *tries to crawl to bed before it's too late*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *slinks over to September and purrs* It was a great pleasure for me to do so.. *runs fingers up September's shoulders* // *pushes Sora off to bed before it is too late*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *does -not- appreciate this*
TwistedRPer666: *Sora finds her bedroom door is missing a knob* o_- Hey...*eyes Twisted Muse*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *thinks Sora should remember -who- Twisted Muse married*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *quite happy*
OneWingedHyu: This alliance is going to -kill- us
TwistedRPer666: And half our Cs...yes. *nod-nods*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: *whispers into Septembers ear* What do you say.. what about a little alliance.. I know you want the Riddles back in power.. and I want the Zeals back in power..
OneWingedHyu: Schala: *is sweatdropping*
TwistedRPer666: September: Hm, I think...I should like to look into an alliance. Though we both have our weak links to deal with..*sighs* One cannot achieve abosolute power with the lame at their side..
TwistedRPer666: August: *sweatdrops* Grandfather is back...
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: I know this. -_-
OneWingedHyu: *falls over*
OneWingedHyu: *is like so scared you wouldn't believe*
OneWingedHyu: Janus: Well Ivory.. he is inconsequental.. I can just kill him off whenever I wish..
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: *twitches*
TwistedRPer666: September: August has quite the demon but he takes after his...father. They both might have to be...dealt with sooner or later. *waves a hand*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: You are my father, but I'm not afraid to punk you. *gets all temper-y*
OneWingedHyu: Schala: *tugs on Lucca* Umm.. should you be doing that.. to a potential world power
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *doesn't -care-*
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *doesn't -care-*
TwistedRPer666: September: *laughs* This coming from a -man- that turned himself into a woman...all to escape his demon. Honestly...you're not even worth my time anymore.
TwistedRPer666: Canbiel: *grins* I'll take care of him for you, grandfather..
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: Well it was that.. and the lesbian sex.. -_- *eyes Canbiel* I don't want to hear from you, corrupting your nephew like that..
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *sighs*
TwistedRPer666: September: *smooths back Canbiel's hair* I've heard about that. *he smiles* I'm so proud of him...bringing out the best in his nephew. Just don't go falling in love, that'll ruin -everything-
OneWingedHyu: Yitan: Ahh and what a beautiful nephew.. not as beautiful as the father.. or should I say.. mother.. *giggles*
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *will kill Canbiel*
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *but not for August's sake* *hates August*
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *wanders off to make death plans for Canbiel*
TwistedRPer666: September: *looks to Yitan* Oh yes, a bravo to a job well done. If you manage to cause August to reach that point of no return...I promise you will be rewarded.
OneWingedHyu: Miles: *and while he is at it, draws up some for Sora and Nia too*
TwistedRPer666: *meeps!*
OneWingedHyu: Yitan: *holds up the ring and smiles just a bit* I plan on giving my ring to Magus, but disgusing myself as August and drugging Magus while I do it..
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: Always knew Yitan was a little piece of shit...
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: Remind me to kill my sister for bringing such a no good little demon spawn into this world.
TwistedRPer666: September: Would you stop whining, woman? *shakes his head*
TwistedRPer666: Jin: *sighs* ...and this is why I snuck out.
OneWingedHyu: Enigma: *cuddles with Jin* Hmmm.. *vampire nibbles* It's alright.. We can find ways to be alone...
OneWingedHyu: Yitan: Oh poor August.. to lay one finger on Magus after that ring is on his hand is to invite destruction into Magus's life..
OneWingedHyu: Yitan: It is going to -suck- to be him..
OneWingedHyu: Lucca: *hates her father*
TwistedRPer666: Nadia: *frowns at Yitan*
OneWingedHyu: Oh man, Nadia frowned at someone..*is in shock*
TwistedRPer666: September: *never much liked Lucca, so doesn't care*
OneWingedHyu: Ylsa: *hugs her father* You liked me.. right.. *mrrrhs*
TwistedRPer666: September: I adore you, Ylsa. *kisses his daughter upon the cheek* You've made me so proud.
OneWingedHyu: Ylsa just popped up. *sweatdrops*
TwistedRPer666: August: *drops his middle name* I hate that man..//*blinks* I noticed...
OneWingedHyu: Magus: *doesn't want to be bound to Yitan* *sighs*
OneWingedHyu: Schala: *pulls August aside*
OneWingedHyu: Schala: *whispers to August* You can still be with Magus.. you and him are bound by Soul.. when a Bainbridge takes a mate, they take a mate for life. You might not be able to touch him physically, but mentally and emotionally you two are -bound- together and you both can communicate to each other through that..
TwistedRPer666: August: For Magus, I would do anything...even if it means never to touch him physically again. // *sweatdrops at the mutters of Sap from certain people in the background*
OneWingedHyu: *All of Nia
OneWingedHyu: (cont)
OneWingedHyu: *All of Nia's Cs collapse from unmitigated sap*
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: *personally thinks that August should just -kill- Yitan and get it over with*
TwistedRPer666: I don't think August could kill anyone...he'd have to really snap. *nod-nods*
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: Yitan is an annoying piece of hanger on to my father -anyways-
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: You know what.. -I- will kill Yitan for you.. *pushes up sleeves and coughs*
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: *charges off.. actually does owe Magus quite a bit*
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: *walks out with Daryuun on a leash* Lalalala...*sings* //*falls over*
OneWingedHyu: Ivory: *halts right there and looks at Twisted Muse*
OneWingedHyu: Magus: *well I guess I am bound to Yitan* *sighs*
TwistedRPer666: Twisted Muse: Can't have you ruining all the fun, dearie..*ponders giving Daryuun to Janus as a wedding present anyway*
TwistedRPer666: *twitches*
OneWingedHyu: *Nia's Ivory muse just went ballistic*
OneWingedHyu: And I think on that note, I go to bed. -_-
TwistedRPer666: *should do the same...before something else happens*
OneWingedHyu: And anyways tonight we can either play Daryuun and Ivory or Alabaster and Aragonite.. *hee's*
OneWingedHyu: You pick!
TwistedRPer666: Okie! Sleep tight. ^^ *quick kiss on the cheek*
OneWingedHyu: Or we could play someone new!
OneWingedHyu: *swoons per usual and totters off for sleepies*

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