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~All I ever wanted was to give this my best shot~

Started my FF6 yaoi game with Michelle. Much fun, Edgar is a blast to play. It will be even more fun when we get Setzer in and Edgar and Setzer can start -fighting- *snickers* I love it when I have Cs that don't get along.

Briant and Lanis are -finally- getting what they want. (Will post that log once me and Monnie finish it.. granted part of me is wondering if I am actually -capable- of writing that. I look at it and I'm like.. "I didn't write that.." but oh yes.. I did. *snickers*) When a blow job can last 2 pages long.. that is funny. ^_^ -but- highly satisfying. *snickers*

Briant: Considering we had a pre-game of 47 pages before smut.. I think that we DESERVE it.

Shut up Briant. -_-

A pretty picture of Briant

It is a good thing me and Monnie only concentrate on one project at a time. We are fairly -slow- RPers in our game. One post for me takes an average of a half an hour to crank out it is that detailed.

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