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~New resolution~

My ni-san said that he was going to start using his journal to vent himself and I realized in a bit of lucidity that I have been posting alot of things to convince myself that everything was alright. When I know it isn't. So I am going to start using my journal also as a place to do the long drawn out heart to heart thing. (The nonsense will also be there.. but that isn't the -only- thing that is my life and I had to realize it.)

Of course he deleted his journal but I cannot just do that

Invested too much time in this thing.

*rakes fingers through hair*

Me and my husband had an interesting discussion about yaoi tonight. I think he knows I am a lesbian, he was joking of course but he basically put it like. "You and your friends have issues with gender.. a bunch of lesbians playing a bunch of gay guys, I fail to see the point" I didn't know what to say about that. And then he told me that all my female characters are typcial because they are all faghags and hate straight me.

Do I -hate- straight men?

Oooh boy. I don't know I really don't.

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