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~You know.. I lied about that~

For all of you that RP at Utopia Orbiting and are dealing in the Yakuza storyline.. this is -not- player knowledge. You will continue treating Astaroth as the diabolical Yakuza leader that he is. Or Sora and I shall reap the consequences of his genetic expiriementations.

What the hell was Mathias Jaevyn, one of the WSF's most trusted agents even -doing- down in Yakuza-Land as he so fondly referred to it, usually accompanied with a sip of his extra black coffee and a subtle roll of his eyes. Especially considering the fact that he didn't take the missions that lead down to those traditional japanese streets, he was the one to pass them along to others with the excuse that he had more important things to oversee down in the metro. That and his job was purely supervisionary after 10 years on the force.

But occasionally in moments of weakness he would go down to the Yakuza area. It was because as much as he -tried- He could not sever completely his roots. He had to come down there and contemplate over things that had come and gone. All the mistakes and the lies because he was a masochist in a way. He would hide behind a corner and watch his younger brother, Hyuga walk Yuri back to the Tower from work. He had done that for gods knew how long. It was not often of course, only a few times out of a year really.

Tonight it was raining, he was carrying a black umbrella and attired in a black raincoat. Enough of course to shield himself from the rain and he held it at an angle so that he was not readily apparant to the eye. He was standing a few blocks away from the entrance to the Tower and he was watching soundlessly as Hyuga, Rikku and Yuri went by. Evidentally there was something between Rikku and Hyuga, he could see that much was evident by the way that they walked rather close, almost like two parents watching over Yuri. He had to smile to himself though it was a slight and rather bitter smile.

If Hyuga was happy and if he was not the one getting screwed over then Mathias could respect his younger brother's wishes even if he did not exactly -approve- of it

Astaroth had been out late, a business meeting had gone longer then he had expected and he had found himself walking the streets in the rain with no other protection then his hat and trench, always dressed in black...the night seemed to suit him and the rain was just effects. He held his hat down with one hand as the wind blew by, smacking his hair into his hidden eyes.

Drenched from head to toe, he looked almost defenseless and the perfect bait for anyone that roamed the streets in search of an easy buck. Yet that was not the case, though no one had to know that. He had come to a stop at the corner with his head down, looking down at the ground as it shimmered with water and street lights.

All the while, his smile was ever present as he waited for the light to change from red to green. The fallen droplets had caused the fabric of his clothing to cling to him, showing the rather slender frame of a man that brought fear into the hearts of so many with just the whisper of his name. If anyone knew him from first sight...there was surely one man who would.

This was not a face that Mathias had seen in -years-. Though he easily recognized Astaroth, how could he -not- remember the man. Mathiias closed his eyes for a brief moment as he let memories assault him, before he gritted his teeth, he was not going to play this game. No somewhere in the 15 years that he had been away....he would of liked to believe that he had become a better person. A person who was not so easily swayed by fortune and fame. Not like he had been oh, 15 years ago it must of been.

"Konnichiwa, Mikagami-san.." Using a dialect that he had all but given up. Usually a day in the tea house, at least back in the day when -he- used- to work in it, the day was littered with familiar japanese phrases, but once out into the real world and not the little bubble that Yakuza-land was surrounded in, he had learned not to scatter them around.

Oh Astaroth would know that voice though it was quite a bit deeper, a great deal more mature. He had been 20 when he left, and now he was approaching his 36th birthday.

"It isn't a little bit late for you to be out." How could he speak like this to Astaroth. But Mathias did not fear Astaroth. Despised would of been a better word, revulsed either.

And that was quite a 180 to how he used to put this man on a pedestal.

Astaroth knew that voice no matter how it had changed in depth, he smiled all the more without looking up towards the person that spoke to him. No, he didn't need to see a face...not yet. 15 years had been a long time, it made him muse over the past but only for a moment...because honestly the past meant very little to him.

"Good afternoon, Jaevyn-san." Polite as always, a voice that dripped of honey and was as smooth as silk. He hadn't changed at all, it was almost odd in nature because it seemed that Astaroth never changed in personality or appearance. "It's been so long and that's all you have to say in greeting to me?" He tilted his head, turning just enough to look up at the other man...his smile the only thing visable under the brim of his hat.

"Don't I...get a hug?" His smile twisted, so close to a smirk but remaining merely amused.

"We cannot have any hugs, Astaroth.." So quickly reverting to the informal bit of the name. Closer inspection and really Mathias had not changed too much, aside from the fact that indeed he did look quite a bit more mature, nothing about the tall lithe man that had at one point in time been a host at the tea house. Still tall but the shoulders had broadened, filled out. His brown eyes held very little emotion. "An embrace is vulnerability and I have a sinking suspicion that a knife would go in -one- of our backs.. I do not intend for that to happen to me."

"So, you would stab me then?" He took his hat off and held it to his chest, no care of the rain that would further weigh down his hair. That was something in itself, he never took his hat off for anyone...so what made Mathias so special? "Because I'm without my knives this day. Unless you still have the one your claimed I left in your heart still...though I doubt that seriously." He smiled through it all, his dark hair keeping his eyes shielded from view. "In any case, I'm surprised to see you in this part of town."

"I no longer want to stab at your heart, that urge.. passed some 7 years ago." Mathias said rather quietly and then glanced over past Astaroth, though careful to keep at least one eye on the other man, he of course then saw his brother, Yuri and Rikku walk into the Tower compound. "The knife that was in my heart, I keep it in a glass case in my soul, to further remind me why I do not allow anyone in close."

But he shruggged that remark aside and then lowered his umbrella to briefly shake it of any excess water before raising it back to hover over his head. "I make yearly pilgramages to my roots, call it foolish sentiment on my part and then I return to wence I came, never to grace these streets with my presence for another set ammount of time.

Perhaps it was because he had promised his parents on their deathbed.. promised them that he would look over Hyuga and he was doing it in his own little way. A promise was still a promise and promises among the Yakuza were sacred.

He still held the mark of the Yakuza, luckily it was there slashed into a place where no one would be able to see unless he took lovers, and there was a greater chance of Morpheus Caeldeon passing out posies on a street corner then -that- happening.

With his free hand, he reached up and brushed his fingers lightly over Mathias' shoulder but only briefly because he wasn't foolish enough to linger...not like he might have long ago. "Checking up on your little brother then? How sweet, I told you he would remain safe so long as he was under my care and watching over my niece." He looked down to the ground, watching the lights reflecting through the puddles of water.

"He's been dating your replacement, you know." There was amusment in his tone, "They make for such a darling couple." Astaroth looked up then, "Surely you're married with children of your own now, ne?" There was no mocking behind his voice, "And...still making the WSF proud, I assume."

That Mathias would say that there was no woman alive that would take the mangled mess that his heart had become over the years.. really no better then Astaroth's now, or so Mathias had said even though Mathias would profess to being a rather decent human being. He would not give Astaroth the satisfiaction of knowing that he was not married, that he had not been replaced. That is all that Astaroth needed, -another- reason to gloat.

"I noticed by the way that they were walking so closely together." Mathias would rather not talk about it, about his work and his personal life, Astaroth had no place in either of them. "And Yuri, she was just an infant in the cradle when I left." Mathias said reflectively as he continued to look into the tower.

~I will not look into Astorath's eyes.. he has the eyes of a snake. One look and you're hypnotized.. It took me years to shake off that hypnosis~ "I would assume that my brother is doing a well enough job watching over Yuri.. You know, it must be nice to be the important Jaevyn sibling.. the one that -mattered-" There was no hint of bitterness anymore, only a quiet reflection.

Astaroth steps closer to Mathias, now turned fully towards the other man and for the first time in a very long time...his smile faded and turned into a subtle pout or something near it. That simple expression met with his eyes that were revealed after he had rose a delicate hand up and brushed away the strands of soaked hair that kept them hidden instead of his hat which he held so near. Closer then he had ever held Mathias...

"You mattered to me, Mathias. You know that..." He drops his hand from his eyes, touching the other man's chest quite boldly, "Meant so very much to me. Remember the night, I gave your tattoo with my own hands and we...speak our first night together? I remember it..." He drags his fingers down along the damp fabric of the coat, watching his well manicured nails trace circles during the long trip downwards. "Do...you still have it, Mathias?" He whispered, leaning in just inches closer.

At first Mathias was a bit wow'd by the touch, by the skillful fingers that worked along his chest, slithering downwards like a snake wrapping around it's prey. Moving in for the kill, that was how Mathias saw it. For a few brief moments indeed he -was- hypnotized before finally he shook himself out of it and blinked just a bit, revealing brown eyes that were slightly.. guarded. Even as he captured the Mikagami's wrist with his firm grasp. Many had they been watching this tableau would wonder where someone could of gotten the -balls- to do something like that, but it was because just as surely as Mathias had promised his parents to watch over Hyuga.. Astaroth -also- took a promise.. to watch over both Mathias -and- Hyuga.

"You have no power over me, anymore. Astaroth." Mathias's grip was firm, perhaps even a bit forceful and insistant. "I am no longer your playtoy.. I am no longer affected by those memories of so long ago. Yes I bear that tattoo.. but now it is just a Y.. nothing else." There was some truth in that statement, but not all of it.. for memories were not as easily let go as he claimed them to be.

Astaroth looked to the hand that held him so firmly, now if it had been anyone else then surely they would have lost that hand but promises were promises and this was Mathias after all. So instead of pulling back or striking out, he merely pressed himself up against the other man's body while still looking up at him.

"Still forceful...I see." He avoided those words, bringing his lips to the corner to Mathias' mouth without making contact. "I wonder...if you're still like in bed."

No this couldn't be happening, now could it. Astaroth was trying to woo him and seduce him. No doubt trying to -prove- himself or something along those lines, prove that he -hadn't- lost that little playtoy that he had nearly thrown out so long ago. Or as good as thrown out. But still Mathias could not ignore the way that Astaroth pressed up against him. Tried to steel his mind against it, tried his hardest not to notice those lips a hairsbreadth away

"What does it matter what I am still like.. in bed." Mathias said, faintly turning his face away, his lips away from Astaroth. Trying to restrain himself from taking a kiss, he would not.. he refused to even though his body was pressed close.

Doing one thing even as he said another. "You will never have the chance to find out so I think that it does not really matter."

"Never is such a strong word, Mathias." He took his chance to rest his chin on the other man's damp shoulder, thos dark violet eyes watching all the while as he kept his lips so close to the side of Mathias' face after having been denied his lips. "Anything is possible...if the moment is right."

Astaroth whispered, "It's...just you have to pick the proper moment and not be afraid to seize it when it makes itself known." He was hinting at something, like this -was- the proper time and place to jump upon the moment.

He brings his lips to Mathias' ear and whispers, "It's cold and wet out here, we're both going to catch our deaths. Come by the Tea House....we can share the warmth of a some tea and then...you can be on your way, ne?"

"Come into my parlor, says the spider to the fly." Mathias said rather bitterly even though he didn't want to push Astaroth away. Referring to Astaroth as the spider that lured little flies into his tea house, which of course was not a description too far off. He sighed and felt Astaroth press up against him and then bowed his head.

"One cup of tea and then I am gone." He was insistant about this even as he very tentatively pushed Astaroth away from him, or at least tried to. He did not know -how- tightly Astaroth had been clinging to him, but he could feel those fingers. feel the nearly webbed-ness- to them as if they were used to spinning lies and deciet, coccons for prey.

And Astaroth could accept that answer, so easily did he move away from Mathias once he had been given that reply. He lookedd down at his hat, making sure it had been kept for the most part from getting too wet while it had been removed from it's normal resting place. After it had been replaced upon his head, his eyes shielded again while he placed his hands deep in his pockets. "Honestly, it is a cold night."

He began to walk towards the direction the Tea House was located in, keeping slow enough so that he could walk beside the other man and keep an eye upon him during their little walk. "And since when have I been a spider? You know I'm so much fonder of snakes.."

"Both spiders and snakes can be deadly but only the spiders eat their mates and move on to the next." Mathias said rather factually, and with no emotion whatsoever. He really didn't have to. However he did hold the umbrella over both of them as he moved across the slickened sidewalk. His stride was certain, almost as certain as Astaroth. He didn't look at Astaroth though, he just let Astaroth look at his profile and he did bear a striking resemblance to Hyuga. Though while Hyuga was nearly perpetual stoic, Mathias had been quite a bit more emotional then that, and through his emotions came his rather biting sarcasm and wit

Astaroth laughed softly, "A black widow then?" He mused over this while looking down at the ground, his attention held but the glimmering sheen still. "I wish you didn't think so harshly of me, Mathias. It wasn't as if I had thrown you out into the cold...there were just things that you couldn't accept about me and...regretfully you had to leave because of it." This said all in that same calm voice as before, so endearing and smooth.

It would not be long before they reached the tea house, where Astaroth opened the door for the man and waited for him to enter before following. The current Host on duty was quick to greet them both, escorting them to Mikagami's private room.

Of course Mathias was grateful that Hyuga was not on duty, for that would of been awkward indeed, it would be safer that Hyuga didn't even know that he had come to the Tea House and he trusted Mikagami's discretion. Astorath was nothing if not discreet. The place seemed of course as if time had stopped still. No doubt still the hub of all of Astaroth's nefarious activities.

"Does time not exist in Yakuza-land?" Mathias said quietly as shrugged out of his coat, revealing rather conservative wear. A long way from the silk japanned outfits that he used to wear as host of the Tea House. He slipped into the boothe and then folded his hands together.

"Yes, time does move but it just seems slower when in this place. I wanted it to be just like that...traditional and simple, so you'd feel like time stood still...if even for a moment." He said this while taking off his coat, revealing the black business suit he wore beneath it.

Astaroth took the seat across from the other man, sighing softly while taking off his gloves. "I hope you still like your tea the same." He waited for the server to come, it was so quiet at this hour. While rubbing his hands together, he glanced over at Mathias.

Actually I do not normally take tea any more, working at the WSF and all the late nights, I have learned that coffee gets the job done, however I do not see why I should not take a cup of tea." This was rather awkward, at least to Mathias's reasoning. Two ex-lovers parted on rather ill terms sitting here at the tea house and taking tea though the air that hung between them was awkward.

"And yes you have succeeded in making time stand still.. you really must have control in -every- aspect of your life, do you not?" Mathias said as he turned to look at Astaroth. Yes, there were things in his eyes that had not been there when they had parted. A certain sort of emotional numbness. Of course that is better then the rage that Mathias had initially felt upon leaving.

"I wish that were so." Astaroth shakes his head while reaching up to remove his hat, setting it aside with great care. "Because despite what you might think of me, I have less control then it might seem." This year alone had been enough to prove that to him, first with the lost of his prized project and then those deals gone wrong. Not to mention what had only happened this week, it was enough to make him question just what control he did hold over all this.

"The world is changing around us all, somethings for the good and others...I fear for the worse. I'm only human you know, these changes effect me too." He smiled when the young woman came in with a tray of tea, setting the pot down between them before placing out the cups. "Thank you, Sakura." Astaroth nods as she takes her leave.

Perhaps that remark caused Mathias to raise a brow, an indolent one as he stirred his tea a few times, a habit if you will.. always stirring before drinking. Finally he picked up the cup and placed it to his lips, taking a rather long sip. "Wow, that is the first admission of humanity that I have -ever- heard you make, Astaroth. I do not know what to make of it." That Mathias was somewhat shocked was an understatement. He did not mention Astaroth's projects for he had gotten wind of a few of them. Rumor mills, not much passed through the WSF without note or recognition. He just conveniently waved away those rumors, filing them away for later but never using them.

Mathias could of helped to bring Astaroth down many times, but he chose not to. For various reasons

"Perhaps you have changed more then I have given you credit for.." Even though Mathias knew that he himself had changed, you don't just go 15 years without undergoing -some- type of life consuming thought process veer.

"Don't try to make too much of it, I'll have you taking back all any ideas of what -humanity- I claim and selfishly hold for myself alone." He picked up the cup and sighed softly, "Mm, so warm...." Astaroth closes his eyes, "Though it doesn't beat by far the warmth of strong arms mixed with the embraces of tangled sheets, I'll say that." Those words were almost wistful and surely just as sweet as the honey that had sat on the tray beside the tea pot.

"I heard one of your men were down here recently, got himself an adorable little kitten. I wonder though, was that really pleasure or business disguised as that." Yes, little got pass Astaroth as well but he rarely made move on things unless he had to and Sasarai had informed him that he doubted the man was of any real threat.

Mathias though wasn't too trusting of that honey sweetness, because he had been a victim of it, every thought and action melding together to make promises that he had never been quite certain of. But the sigh. He was confused though he try to mask it, successfully, Astaroth could be the judge of that.

"Ah, Trevor. He has pictures posted all over his cubicle of his new kitten, I've seen it when I am trying to get him to actually -do- work." Mathias joked and then shrugged. "He is always down here for some reason or another.." He would dare not voice the fact that he did indeed send Trevor. "The manga shop across the street from the pet shop."

"Ah, I see." He nods while merely holding the cup for now, "I had just been wondering, no harm done of course. The WSF are always welcomed to roam about, it isn't as if every shop in this area is going something that might be considered illegal after all."

He looked over to Mathias, "And how has your work been, if I might ask. I hope you haven't been working yourself too hard. Hyuga-san tends to take after you in that light...though I know he enjoys his -work- with Yuri and Rikku."

Mathias was warming up, considerably. He still was not certain but he took a few sips from his tea cup as he considered what Astaroth had said. "I have never said that every shop in Yakuza-land harbor mysterious dealings, however I know as well as you do that the darker the waters, the more that is hidden underneath." Mathias said quite perceptively. "And work is.. well work." Mathias shrugged just a bit and brushed some hair out of his face. "It is something that keeps my mind occupied and it is something that I -enjoy-. Besides that he has Yuri to motivate himself evidentally, I just have work." Mathias brought his gaze away from Astaroth, in order to focus on a little lantern hanging over the table, that seemed to cast the area in a soft hazy glow.

"But isn't a job all the more enjoyable when you take personal pleasure it the work?" He shrugs, "Though that coming from me says very little, a person that lives and deals on a whim..." Astaroth sets down the cup so that he can unbutton his jacket, shrugging off the heavy fabric, letting it fall onto the chair before he went about smoothing out his silk dress shirt. "Unless...you're just using it as some excuse to lose yourself from reality."

"I never said I did -not- enjoy the work, Astaroth. I enjoy the work, it is something that stimulates me mentally, I travel all around WayPoint and I get to listen to the excuses of those appointed undereath me which in itself is vastly amusing. That and I cannot really classify my job as an escape from reality, if I wanted an escape, I would of worked in a candy shop." Mathias said wryly as he watched Astaroth get a little bit more informal.

"In a candy shop?" He laughed softly at that, "I doubt you would have lasted very long." Astaroth looked down into the cup while tracing his finger around the rim, "But enough of that, I didn't ask you here to bother you with such boring conversation." He pulled himself up from his seat, walking around so that he could slip in beside Mathias. "You still seem so tensed, like you think I'm going to bite you or something." Astaroth brings his hands to the other man's shoulders, allowing his fingers to skillfully touch and brush over the places where tension is mostly discovered in the human body, "...if I wanted to do you harm, then you would have known by now." He came closer, just enough so that he could whisper. "That tea would have...held abit more then honey."

And Mathias very briefly stiffened as if he expected Astaroth to bite him, oh no that he had ever forgotten the various circumstances of their relationship, and perhaps his memory was going over. It had been such a night as this in the Tea House when Astaroth had decided to seduce him. Everything had been quiet and calm much like tonight, when Astaroth had summouned him to his table. And yet Astaroth did not look as if he had aged a day. It made Mathias wonder as to the genetic expiriements. Had they been practiced on Astaroth before he had decided to take -guinea pigs-?

"You only save the lethal stuff for the -real- threats.." Mathias said as he turned his head very briefly to look at Asteroth who was huddled -rather- close to him and it caused him to scoot away. "Do you think I am -that- easily seduced? I am not a boy of 16 any longer..

"You flatter yourself, I'm not trying to seduce you at all. You know best of all that I don't -try- at anything, if I want something done then it might as well be considered...done." He smiled, eyes closed as he kept closer to Mathias while still rubbing at his shoulders. "Now stop moving and let me finish."

"Yes though you speak as if you charge at things like a boar would. Though I know that to be different, you slither rather then barrage. You do not let people know that you want something until it is within your teeth and most -importantly-, Asteroth.. your honeyed compliments are your venom.. you use it to immobilize your victims, rendering them completely helpless when you go in for the defeat.." But Mathias finally shut up after a few minutes when those fingers went into his shoulders, he was aware of what Asteroth had been, Asteroth's knowledge at the massage arts were quite renown, or at least one of his lesser known skills.

"Oh, am I that much of an opened book to you?" He poked Mathias lightly before returning his attention to the massage, carefully kneading his fingers against the concealed skin. "This would be so much easier if you were without your shirt." He looked up at the other man, "Any chance of that happening?" Astaroth tilted his head, smiling faintly.

Quite honestly he knew that Asteroth was right, he had to therefore ask himself how -much- he wanted this massage, but the moment that those fingers were drawn away for even a brief moment, he had managed to undo the first couple of buttons on his shirt. He should of thought something of it but he did not. Rather he pulled off his shirt revealing a torso that had been toned and defined but not sickningly so. Certainly the body of someone who kept himself in shape. He folded his shirt carefully and then set it aside. "Very well but only because you give good massages and despite our differences, I would be a fool to refuse one."

His long raven black hair, long enough that it touched the small of his back was tied back and Mathias carelessly flicked that thick tail up and over his shoulder so that it would not get too much in the way.

"Excuse me if my fingers are still just a tad cold, they'll warm up soon enough." He brought his hands to Mathias' bare shoulders, closing his eyes as he massaged the skin exposed to him. Astaroth seemed lost in his own little world as always when preforming such acts, though his smile was always present even during these times. "You've changed." He spoke in a quiet voice, "In so many ways...I can feel it." There was something suggestion about that comment as he drags his fingers down from the other man's shoulders and slowly to his back. "Well toned...harder in certain places..."

"Yes well the WSF requires that their force be in constant physical shape, we should be able to wrestle, run, outmanuever our way out of every physical situation presented to us. It is infinitely practical. What did you think we did all day, sit around eating donuts and drinking coffee?" Mathias said with a raise of his brow and then he let an involuntary shiver as he let out a deep breath, feeling Astaroth strike at a rather fluent sensitive place right underneath his shoulder blades. Was this really a good idea to let Astaroth -do- this when he knew very well that Astaroth had access to every single one of his week spots?

And he remembered ever last one of those little spots, taking advantage of them one at a time. Astaroth kept his eyes closed, he didn't need to see the map before him to know where his fingers should travel, "Well, for all I know. You all could sit around and eat donuts all day." He laughed softly, it was not of mocking but mild amusement as he rested his chin to Mathias' shoulder while leaning over the man so that he could reach his lower back without having to move behind him. Astaroth was rather light, all but pressed to the other man as he went on.

He felt the other man pressed up against him, the body of someone that long ago he had called his senpai, his teacher, oh how Mathias had looked up to this man, worshiped him and adored him. How hard it had been to him when his illusions had been shattered and he had fled, because there was nothing else that he could handle at that time. So many secrets, so many knowledges.. so many realizations that had hurt. Deepest to probe his heart had been the realization, Astaroth cares for no one.. no one but himself

Tilting his head he came in contact with Asteroth's hair, the fresh scent of green tea that lingered about him, he took a very brief inhale. Such a pure scent. No doubt to throw many people off, who could do evil that smelled like purifying green tea? His lips did not graze against those locks though he longed to. Hesitation mixed with lonliness to make uneasy bedmates.

Astaroth pulled back just enough so that he could bring his face to Mathias' own, their noses inches away from touching. Never once did his fingers pause, even as at some point he had all but climbed into the other man's lap and settled in most comfortablly. "I've missed you." He whispered, opening his eyes so that he could look into Mathais'. "I know you don't believe me but I have missed you." And with that said, he would kiss those lips as he wanted to since setting eyes upon them.

He had been about to call Astaroth a liar, but Astaroth evidentally did not wait for that damning word to fall from his lips, choosing to quickly move into the kill and steal a kiss from Mathias's lips and thereby rendering Mathias completely unable to say -anything-. He brought his arms around Astaroth's form very slowly and slowly delved the kiss in a bit deeper. At the back of his mind he wanted to believe that Astaroth had not orchestrated this up til the first moment that they had run into each other on that wet rain soaked street and yet, he didn't know, so confused had Astaroth made him feel, like a boy of 17 once more who had so little confidence in the world and so much inexpirience to back it up

It wasn't as if Astaroth planned to tell one way or another, that was simply for him to know and no one to ever find out. He stilled his hands, focused on the kiss while holding it for as long as would be allowed to him. Mathias could have pushed him away, he had been ready for either reaction yet this was the more pleasant of the many he had run through his mind before acting. "Mm..."

Finally Mathias drew his lips away, shaking very visibly.. shaking because of the memories that had engulfed him. Memories that he was not quite certain should be inspired in him. Memories made one sentimental, made one long for something they could not have. Memories in other words were dangerous. And Mathias needed a ciggarette, so badly shaken was he.. just by a kiss.. an -innocent- kiss.

~Not innocent, you idiot..~ Because Astaroth had an annoyingly bad habit of reading your soul through kisses, at least that is the impression that Mathias had always been given. Knowing exactly what you were thinking. The kiss of death term.. had no doubt been pattern-carded by someone who -knew- Astaroth

Not innocent by far but there was no ill will behind it either, he wasn't trying to read Mathias though it was not to say that he hadn't picked up something...it was just his nature. Astaroth buries his face in the other man's neck, just laying there in silence for a long while. "Stay the night, please." He was plotting something right? That calm voice, barely a whisper could not have been carrying that of an honest request...right?

No, of course not. "I don't expect anything of you...I just ask for your company. Just for tonight."

Mathias did not know how to respond to this request and he felt that head rest on his shoulder. Closing his eyes, he took a rather deep breath and ran his fingers through Astaroth's hair. "Mikagami-san.." Mathias said softly, a sigh escaping his lips. "I will stay as long as I feel that my heart will be able to handle it.." Though Mathias knew that was a lie. He might as well just -give- Astaroth it to bang against the wall for all that he knew it would hurt in the morning.

"I'll take what I can get." He moved from Mathais' lap and got back to his feet, smoothing out his clothing as he watched the other man. "We can use the guest room upstairs, I wouldn't ask you to go to the Tower...and Hyuga has the day off tomorrow so there is no need to worry about seeing him...whenever it is that you might need to leave." He offered his hand to Mathias, "Shall we then?"

Mathias picked up his shirt and shrugged it back on, he was not going to walk through the Tea House and cause speculations, he grabbed up his things and belongings but did not take the hand that was offered to him, because his hands were full.. and part of him knew that taking that hand would make things -real-, Infinitely tangible. "Lead on Astaroth." Mathias said softly, almost quietly as they made their way upstairs, toward the guest room that he had been in -many- times, when before Astaroth had drawn him up there to that little hideaway in order to carry out assignations in the middle of the day.

The room hadn't been changed in the least, everything was as it had been when Mathias saw it last. Astaroth closed the door behind them, there was no need to clasp the lock. "I still come up here sometimes." He said this while walking over to the bed after having hung up his jacket and hat, "Alone...mind you."

Taking a seat upon the edge of the bed, undoing his tie as he looked over at Mathais. "Brings back memories, you know."

Mathias glanced around the room, at all the familar little spots. It was a decandent room, Astaroth always did love the finer things in life. He knew this for a fact, even as he walked over to the window and ran his fingers over the drapes, the fine silk. Not to mention the little jade objects scattered here and there on various surfaces. It did bring back memories and Mathias had to steel himself against most of them. It didn't help when he went over to the wardrobe and opened it up, seeing his old yukatas hanging up there, all lined neatly in a row. Astaroth had liked to see him in them.

"I can tell." Mathias said as he shut the closet door quickly. Well at least Astaroth -had- cleaned up the vase that Mathias had thrown at him before he stormed back to the Tower and had collected his things and thereby fled the place forever. "I do not know what to say, Astaroth.." Mathias said before turning around to look at Astaroth, the way that man sat, all perfect and placid and with that smile. The smile that -never- left his face no matter what the circumstance. He had been smiling the wretched smile that night that Mathias had confronted him by all that he had heard.

Of course, everything that had been brought forth that night was true. Astaroth had no reason to deny anything and to this day, he was the same person that would admit to his actions no matter how inhuman or cruel they might have been. Admit it all with a smile, that same sweet smile that remained with him always. "You need not say anything."

Astaroth sets aside the discarded tie, unbuttoning the first three buttons of his shirt before beckoning Mathias over. "Let me...help you undress."

Mathias looked at Astaroth then and then said quietly. He remembered when Astaroth would beckon him over like that with those long slender fingers and would help him undress. Mathias was torn right now before going over to submit himself to Astaroth's undressing and telling Astaroth whose terms this night would be on. Finally he found his voice.

"I am not an idealistic youth anymore, Astaroth.. you cannot just sit there on that bed and beckon to me and have me come running to do whatever it is that wish for the moment." Mathias said as he leaned against the wall, toying idly with the top most button of his buttoned down shirt before the button came free and he sliped his fingers inside and ran them along the edge languidly. "Tonight you are getting the Mathias that has been shaped by the past 15 years.. not quite so naive nor innocent.."

"Naming your terms, hm?"

Astaroth asked while watching the other man, even as he moved from the bed and came closer to Mathias, "Do go on..." He reached up and carefully brushed his fingers along the front of Mathias' shirt, lightly toying with the buttons without disturbing the other man's actions. He wouldn't start with the undressing until he head heard Mathias out.

"I do not know -why- I am doing this.. I have no clue why I accepted to come up here.." Even though Mathias knew -exactly- why he had, it was just something that he did not want to admit to Astaroth and that he refused to admit. He had too much -pride- to do that. "Perhaps it was for memories sake, but for gods sake do not -feed- those memories, Astaroth.. do not treat me like your pet of 15 years ago because that is -exactly- what you are doing... That boy is never coming back, no matter how much you try to beckon for him." Mathias defended as he looked into Astaroth's eyes. Jaevyn men unfortunately could be -exceedingly- stubborn

Astaroth looked into Mathias' eyes, "I never said I wanted that boy back. I never really said what it was that I wanted at all...besides you to stay the night with me. That in itself could mean...quite a few things." He kisses the corner of the other man's mouth, soft and chaste as his fingers stopped with their toying and began to undo the buttons one by one.

"Tell me, Mathias. What is it that you want right now?" Astaroth paused, taking the time to place light butterfly kisses along the skin exposed to him as he parted the shirt, "What do you want of me, Mathias?" Was it possible to give yourself to someone and still be in complete control? No doubt about it, that's what he was doing at that very moment.

~Gods Mathias.. take it for what it is.. a night of free sex with Astaroth throwing himself at you.. blind yourself to everything but that concept.. enjoy it for you might not get another chance like this again~ The non emotional part of his mind prodded him. Finally he looked down at Astaroth who was placing those soft kisses against his chest and it clicked, what he wanted. His fingers had reached up in those time to trail through Astaroth's black silk hair, so straight and luxurious. He clenched his fingers and then very insistantly but firmly pulled Astaroth's head back so that he could look into Astaroth's eyes very briefly, before his lips clamped down right against those soft and pliant lips. There was hunger in that kiss, something somewhat raw and aching.

Not to say he couldn't be surprised, if only for a second. He gasped into the kiss, willingly tilting back his head while returning the favor. He let his eyes fall shut, a silent sign of trust and handing over all control to Mathias. Whatever the other man wanted, it was his to have

No there would be no warm and cuddly sex for them tonight, this was going to be the type of sexual encounter that would linger in both of their memories. Mathias's tongue plundered between the gates of Astaroth's own mouth even as he slowly walked them backwards toward the rather large bed. Taking of those honeyed lips even as the backs of Astaroth's knees hit the edge of the bed, signalling that they were there. Mathias would not even allow Astaroth to breathe until finally he tore his lips away and then pushed Astaroth back so that he fell against the bed.

Left breathless on the bed, looking up at Mathias as he recovered from the kiss. Astaroth didn't bother to pull himself up, simply scooting back onto the bed while bracing himself with his elbows. "So, this is what those 15 years have taught you?" There was no mocking behind his question that had been asked between small gasps of breath.

"I've had 15 years of contemplating exactly what I would do in the off chance that I ever got an opportunity like this again. Call it a little -fantasy- if you will." Mathias said with the merest hint of a purr that could barely be detected but only to Astaroth's ears. He then crawled onto the bed, atop Astaroth, once again claiming those lips in a kiss, it was not a question of trust right now.. it was a question of control.. and Mathias wanted it.. very much. Even as his fingers started to undo the fastenings of that shirt, revealing soft pale skin, so smooth and graceful.

There would be nothing else out of him as his lips were sealed again, he accepted this second kiss as he had the first and gave into Mathias' declaration of control. Well, he had said whatever the other man wanted was his and it would be a lie to say he wasn't the least bit curious to see what Mathias would do with this given power he had.

Those fingers pulled off Astaroth's fine silk shirt and tossed it aside carelessly. He didn't care quite honestly for the fine clothes that Astaroth was wearing, at least didn't care for their proper care. In his opinion Astaroth could buy a dozen silk shirts. As it was Mathias finally pressed the other man back against the bed and took both of his hands before raising them up to hold them over Astaroth's head Another kiss taken, his lower lip teased and nibbled at by Mathias's own skilled lips. Distractingly enough before finally Astaroth would hear a soft -click as handcuffs were set into place. A good WSF agent -always- kept handcuffs at the ready.

Astaroth had been distracted though the feeling of something more then Mathias' hand to his wrists had been more then enough to clue him in even before the click. He opened his eyes and looked up at Mathias, dare it be said that there was just the slightest hit on shock behind those otherwise calm and dark violet eyes. Astaroth turns his head, breaking away from the kiss as he tried to glance up at his hands, to confirm what he had both felt and heard. "Handcuffs?"

There was no rope around, probably because Astaroth did not keep such things in this guest room.. however Mathias could be resourceful and as he straddled Astaroth's waist, he started to knot his shirt and Astaroth's together before finally fitting them between Astaroth's wrists and attaching them to the ornately carved headboard. So that the the bed was keeping Astaroth's hands right above his head.

"The WSF taught me to be -very- resourceful, love." Mathias said before he reached down and idly started to to run his thumb back and forth along one of Astaroth's nipples, watching it grow taut underneath such attentions.

"So, I see." He tilted his head back against the pillows, his hair spreading out around his head like a dark halo. Astaroth's eyes had fallen shut again at thier own accord, his lips parted as he felt that thumb brush over his sensitive skin. He was indeed at Mathias' mercy and there was very little he could do to change that.

"Can you even realize how many times I have had this vision in my mind of you spread out like this underneath me.. with you handcuffed and made to submit to everything I am going to do to you.. with you?" Mathias said as he flicked the nipple very softly before finally leaning down to stab at the nipple with his wet tongue

If he had been about to say something, it was forgotten before it reached his mouth. Instead he gasped and arched his back, wanting more then just Mathais' tongue. "I...don't know." He finally managed.

But that would be all that the great Mikagami would be getting for awhile. Mathias would have Astaroth -beyond- begging by the time he was through, and probably having come several times in the process. "Every night.." Mathias said in between alternations of slowly sucking against Astaroth's nipple and ruthlessly beating agianst it with that slickened tongue.

Well, this was new. Mikagami Astaroth at the mercy of another? That was almost -wrong-, no one would believe it if they heard. "And now th-that you have me. Now what?" He bites his bottom lip, stiffening a small cry.

"You are going to.." Mathias said very softly as he moved his lips away from that chest and kissed his way downward, only to dart rather playfully into Astaroth's belly button. Naked like this, Astaroth lost his threat quite honestly. "...call out my name as if I were your savior.." Mathias said before finally his hands found the clasps of Astaroth's pants and he started to undo them, his fingers lightly caressing against the bulge that was apparant underneath those rather tailored black slacks. "And I am going to enjoy every.. second of it.." Before finally saying rather coyly. "My someone is rather turned on by the tables being turned.."

Astaroth would have made so smart comment if he wasn't so busy keeping himself quiet, he turned his head so that his warm cheek could rest on the cool sheets. Yes, he was blushing and he wanted to hide it before Mathias caught sight of it. Toying with people was one thing, being toyed with was something all together diffirent and he was having abit of a time accepting that fact. "Don't...flatter yourself...just yet."

Even as Mathias slipped those pants off of Astaroth's slim legs and slipped his fingers along those equally fine silk boxers, every conteur was available for his perusal and he was quite.. content for the most part. "They say that men in power secretly harbor a wish to be dominated.. at least that is what Trevor says judging from all the yaoi manga he reads.. hmm. I wonder if that is the truth." And then Mathias would slip those boxers off in much the same manner as the pants went and cast it off to the side. His head leaned dreadfully close to the shaft and his breathing was soft against the rigid skin and beguilingly warm.

He said nothing to that, squirming just a little while trying to move his wrists though it proved to be useless. Astaroth bit down on his bottom lip again, keeping his head turned to the side as he felt Mathias so close to his throbbing erection, that warm breath enough to send shivers up his spine while he lay waiting.

Mathias was enjoying this -quite- a bit and it would be one night that Astaroth would -not- be able to get out of his mind. As it was Mathias leaned down and nudged the tip of Astaroth's head with his tongue, stabbing his tongue against that little slit very briefly before finally swirling it around almost methodically. All the while his hands moved to stroke against the base, lightly tickling movements. "Do you remember.." Mathias said slowly between decadent little nibbles. "All the times you got me off before you finally let me -take- you.. I think I am now sufficiently able to -return- the favor.." And then with that he would lower lips lips down to take the head into his mouth. Ceasing -all- words in exchange for the pleasure of this moment

He was unable to stop himself from crying out, turning his head from side to side as he tried to regain his composure which as this point was easier said then done, "Using...my old tricks against me?" Astaroth took a shuddering breath, "...that isn't very fair....Mathias."

Mathias most certainly would of challenged Astaroth's -concept- of fairness if it were not for the fact that his lips were doing -other- things. He moaned as he took Astaroth deep into his mouth, sliding it inch by inch until finally the head hit the back of Mathias's throat. All the while that tongue caressing the underside. Astaroth was definitely in a snug vice.

And let us not even think about when Mathias started moving his mouth back and forth with great certainty. Savoring the taste of it and making soft groans of appreciation.

Astaroth moaned despite himself, already so close to orgasm. The need for release made itself known under the attentions of that skillful mouth. He arched his back again, another shuddering breath escaping his parted lips before he whispered. "Mathias..."

And that only caused Mathias to start at the offering before him a little bit more greedily, bobbing his head back and forth on it. He heard Astaroth's whispered cry and knew that Astaroth wouldn't last very long. That was all well and good for Mathias was prepared to field anything that was given his, his mouth and tongue held at the ready to coax that naked treasure from Astaroth's erection.

Astaroth pulled against the handcuffs, not hard but still a show of slight struggle while his slender opened and closed, well manicured nails pressing into the palms of his hands. "Oh gods...Mathias.." He cried out as he came, his body shuddering through the waves of pleasure that followed that release.

Mathias lapped up every single drop that came from Astaroth's arousal, his fingers still plying over that now very sensitive skin as he drew his lips away and started to place very whisper light kisses against Astaroth's inner thigh. Tracing his fingers along that tender skin. "This area was where you tattoo'd me.. a sign of your possession.. " He very indolently traced a single Y there.

Felt his face flush again, he was trying to catch his breath and once again regrain his composure which was no easy task. "I...enjoyed giving you that mark." He closed his eyes, "You were so sweet and brave, laying there through the pain...while denying it hurt. All to please me.."

"I know you enjoyed it Astaroth, the way you would run your fingers over it in our intimate moments." Mathias said after awhile before finally dragging himself up from the spot he had held between Astaroth's legs only to stand up and start for the fastens of his own trousers and very quickly and methodically undoing them. Finally he was shed of clothing completely. Beautifully naked, there was strength in his body now. "Yes I did -everything- to please you back then, did I not?"

"You were more loyal then a puppy, Mathias." He smiled, watching as the other man undressed. Yes, Astaroth had an eye for beauty and Mathias was perfection in his eyes but that he would keep to himself. "But then one would have to be to last four years being -that- close to me." And no one else had managed to get close after that, no one could replace Mathias.

And Mathias had so often wondered if Hyuga would replace him, being that Hyuga and Mathias bore strong resemblances to each other. But then Hyuga was not so -nearly- idealistic as Mathias. At 16, Hyuga had lacked most certainly what Mathias had possessed.. innocence and naviete. "Snap your fingers and I would come running to you.." Mathias said as he set himself down on the bed beside Astaroth, running his fingers once again over that body, so lithe and yet so powerful. To have Astaroth like this was intoxicating.

Once again Mathias would not give Astaroth the pleasure of knowing that the last fifteen years had been hell trying to shake that control that Astaroth had held over him. But he knew he was trampling on that line and precariously close to breaking it.

"But that's changed now, ne?" He asked, still watching while that smile lingered over his lips. "You like being in control...don't you, Mathias?" There was a sweetness to how he spoke the other man's name, almost pleading but not quite. No, he hadn't reached that point yet..

"Why would I -not- like it, Astaroth?" Mathias said as he pressed his soft lips against the lobe of Astaroth's ear as his fingers skimmed down Astaroth's chest languidly, once again pausing to tease at taut nipples and rub against smooth skin. "Especially for one moment being in control of you.. knowing that I am the one who is calling the shots.. controlling you for all the times you've controlled me.." His voice was husky and slightly seductive.

Astaroth let his eyes fall shut, sighing soft while listening to Mathias...so easily losing himself to that touch all over again. "What if...I promised you this sort of control?" He whispered, "...until you've tired of me." Violet eyes opened then, looking upon Mathias.

He nuzzled the skin against Astaroth's neck and bit down very softly.. not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to leave a mark. Those words hit against his ear and he closed his eyes as he was trying to think. No he would not say, he would not dare broach the fact that control.. no Mathias didn't truly want control, he wanted something else.. something that he knew Astaroth could -never- give.

As it was his fingers finally came back down to Astaroth's cock and started to run his fingers over it, coaxing it to awaken once agian with fingers that were at the same time merciful and yet merciless. "That is fairly dangerous to do.. wouldn't you think? I am not bound by the Yakuza anymore, giving me control.. you know as well as I that wouldn't be wise."

"And what's the fun in anything without some danger, hm?" But he didn't expect Mathias to accept it, really the suggestion had been on a whime or more so it had replaced the three little words that would never pass his lips. Astaroth snaps his eyes shut, taking a shaken breath as he felt those fingers and how they were able to coax him into yet another erection...slowly but surely.

"Ah, always the one for danger.. You certainly do not disappoint." Mathias said as he felt Astaroth grow harder once again and he purred for the mere fact that Astaroth was enjoying this, that his body gave him away. He would not accept it though, the control that Astaroth had wrought, that would be what Astaroth would -want- to do. Bind him by lust, have once again a devoted servant to heed the call of the body and thereby be in control of his mind. "Take what you can get tonight, Astaroth.. I will not change my habits even for you.. you who in the past I adored with every fibre of my being."

"I would applaud but as you can see that is out of the question." Smiling all the while, even as he turned his face away from the view of Mathais. "You really have...matured, Mathias." Astaroth licks his lips that suddenly felt dry, "Do what you will now and....let the morning take care of itself..." He rose his hips ever so slightly, trying to rub himself up against the hand that touched him.

No more words spoken between them, at least not now. Mathias started to stroke even more insistantly before finally his hands went down to very carefully cup those velvety smooth testicles, running his fingers very lightly over them, paying attention to little details and remembering the barest turn-ons that the other man had suffered from, trying to illicit even more moans from this man laying beside him.

And Mathias would be granted with the softest moans and little cries of pleasure, Astaroth's body moving against the bounds that held him, all while trying to meet with the other man's touch. His eyes were closed, lips parted as he gasped. "Mathias..."

Those little moans of pleasure, they did nothing to ease Mathias's own growing arousal, so concetrated on -giving- pleasure that he had quite neglected himself. Not that it mattered but for now, well he knew that he would not be able to hold out any longer, not after 15 years of waiting for this moment. He dragged his lips across Astaroth's ear as he murmured silkily. "Lubrication.. do you still keep some in this room or am I going to be forced to get your tongue to slick me down?"

"There is a vial in the night stand." Where it had often been kept before. Astaroth kept it at that, taking a deep breath.

Mathias rose up from the bed and slipped the drawer open and his fingers reached in to fumble very briefly.. and then his fingers touched against something that -wasn't- a vial, but rather a photograph of him, how Astaroth got it, he did not know. But it was taken as he was out around the metro doing some errands, probably within the past couple of years. There was a stack of them but he grabbed the vial, pretending to -not- have noticed them and then shut the door quietly

He uncapped the bottle, a sweet jasmine scent wafted into the air to which point he lightly poured some upon his fingers before finally he placed a firm finger down against Astaroth's puckered entrance and then very carefully slipped one in.

If Astaroth had forgotten those pictures were located there or if he wanted Mathias to see them would be left unsaid, though there was a very good chance it was an error on his part...how rare they were. He tried to keep himself relaxed while waiting for the other man to return though there was little preparing that could be done after 15 years without, so his body would tense and tighten around that invading finger as a soft hiss passed his lips

Mathias would not bring those pictures up, he did not even -want- to know.

As it was he started to work his finger in and out gently, feeling Astaroth constrict around his slender digit. Very carefully he seeked out the little nub of pleasure, caressing it with his fingers in an effort to get Astaroth relaxed and ready. When he felt Astaroth arch up against his finger, that was when he took the advantage of slipping another one in.

Had cried out when Mathias' fingers hit that hidden spot of pleasure, the second finger was accepted with less tension as his body eased into the invasion.

Mathais took great care to make sure that his lover was prepared for the invasion, slipping one final finger and stroking deep, making sure that the oil reached far and wide to alleviate the intrusion. Mathias's fingers were achingly gentle as usual. Some things never changed and this was one of them. "Tell me when you're ready to accept me." Mathias had to say as his other hand went over to the vial again and he tilted it so that he could pour it on his own hard length.

Finally working the oil into himself after having set the vial aside, he would not keep Astaroth, or himself waiting when Astaroth gave him the word to move on.

"I'm ready." He said no sooner had Mathias withdrew his fingers, "I want you, Mathias." Astaroth whispered ever so quietly in a breathless voice, there was so much desire and need in his tone.

That undid Mathias, the need in Astaroth's voice and he let out a soft sigh into the room as he lifted up his lover's hips from the bed, parted those cheeks and then set himself at the entrance before methodically slipping himself into Astaroth and hilting himself slowly into that tight sheath.

He was not used to this and he had to grit his teeth to keep off going off prematurely. "So tight.." Mathias murmured reverently and closed his eyes and savoring the feel. His hands still on Astaroth's hips and letting out a ragged sob as he looked down at Astaroth.

It hurt, let there be no doubt of that but he bit back the cry of pain that threatened to come forth in that moment. He knew the pain would melt away and be replaced by the pleasure of being filled by the other man.

Astaroth tensed and when he did, Mathias was sure to reach down between them and start to run his fragrantly oiled fingers wrap around the base of Astaroth's shaft and start to pump him slowly, just as his own hips started to rock back and forth into those velvet depths. Mathias was quiet when in the throes of exctasy but what he didn't voice was discerned on his face, the extreme and overwhelming pleasure. His long locks of raven falling down over his shoulders, down his back and every which way, his lips parted in soft pleasure, and his eyes.. eyes as dark as the night sky, reflecting the sheen of desire that wrapped around both of them.

And then he spoke it, the name that he had not uttered in forever.. it had been a pet name that Mathias had called Astaroth. A man of 17 thinking that Astaroth was too harsh of a name and taken to calling the other man

"Mika.." Mathias whispered.

Astaroth had tilted back his head, lips parted as he gasped in between soft moans. He would whisper the other man's name, like some honey coated matra. It would not be long before he reached climax for a second time that night, his lithe form withering beneath Mathias while he tugged at that handcuffs...moving his fingers, wanting so much to touch the man who lay over him.

He sped the pace up, now pounding furiously into the other man as he heard his name on Astaroth's lips, pounding and striking against that spot as he closed his eyes.. feeling himself close and yet gritting his teeth. He would not come, not until Astaroth did. His breathing was coming quick and fast even as the bed rocked underneath their bodies with the force that Mathias carried with it. He would not undo the handcuffs, he would not let Astaroth touch him even though halfway he -did- want those fingers to trail over his body.

"Mathias..oh gods...Mathias."

He cried out, arching his body as orgasm crashed down upon him even harder then the first time. His body shuddering through the release, tensing around Mathias. Through the soft gasps, there came the most unexpected three words to ever slip from Astaroth's parted lips.

"I love you, Mathias.." There was a pause, "I love you..." So breathless but there was no mistaking what had been uttered in that moment.

Those words, had Mathias not been so close to orgasm himself, he would of paused, he would of looked Astaroth straight in the eye or better yet he would of probably been shocked beyond all repair. As it was though, even though he was not even certain of Astaroth even -meant- it, it sent him over the edge, gave him a rather hefty shove and he came with a vengeance, spilling his need deep into those depths as his own cries filled the entire room and everything exploded into a thousand points of individual light.

His head hung forward, his raven hair falling into his face, obscuring Astaroth's face from view as he started to get his bearings. And then slowly removed himself from atop Astaroth and then rolled over, reaching for his pants where he kept the keys to the handcuffs. With a shaky hand he undid them and then he took both of Astaroth's wrists into his hands and started to massage them gently.

Astaroth did not just -utter- things like that. Never once in the time that they had been lovers did Astaroth even give inclination that he wanted to say it or not. What made him say it -now-. Should Mathias even bother asking for an explanation. No, better not to.. Astaroth rarely felt the need to explain what he did or said to -anyone-.

Yes, it would have been a waste to ask Astaroth to explain himself because at that moment even he didn't understand why he would have done something so -foolish- or at least that it was he thought if his action after it was far too late to take back what he had said.

Perhaps what made it worse because he meant it, he was rarely one to say something unless he truely meant those spoken words and this was no diffirent from any other time.

Astaroth looked up at Mathias, he bit his bottom while as if to stop himself from speaking. He withdrew his wrists from the other man's hold and pulled himself up, wrapping his arms about Mathias' neck as he had wanted before. Stealing a kiss before anything could be said

Most surely did Mathias return those kisses to his lips, wrapping his arms around Astaroth's waist and guilding the other man back onto the bed even as his lips kissed and softly plundered. His hands running along Astaroth's side before finally he pulled his lips.

"First you make it difficult for me to refuse your offer to come to the Tea House for a cup of friendly tea, and then you make it difficult for me to refuse a back rub.. and then it become

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