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~I thought I told you to leave, while I walked down to the beach. Tell me how does it feel.. when

You're ZAZEL!

When people first see you, they're a bit confused.
Why you are the way you are, no one knows.
You've got attitude, but you're damn sexy while
you're at it, and people get used to you
eventually. Music is what you do, but none of
that bubbly cute stuff. Not for you. And did
someone say leather? OH YEAH!

Which Koyasu are you?
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Sirius Black + Remus Lupin

Which Harry Potter Slash Ship Do You Sail On?
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I love the meant to be together stuff.. I think that is my weakness in terms of Yaoi relationships. Sig x Hyu, Kiros x Laguna, Sirius x Lupin, Gremio x Hero. Don't give me any of that twisted used to be enemy stuff. Let me throw in angst on the WAY there. *giggles*

its me
it's not you it's me

what break up line are you
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh yes, I just found out what the term for my Citan is.. he is a Seuke.. meaning that he is acts seme until a bedroom situation occurs and then he is completely the uke. Needless to say he laughs in the face of stereotypes but I laugh in the face of him. *snickers*


That is all there is.

Citan: I hate you

I know... I know..

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