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~I'm only happy when it rains~

When I need affirmation on how truly -strange- I can be, I go to Mari's "Thorns" page where she archives silly AIM stuff. I am in there -twice- this month

NIA: KUPO! *bonbon shake and does a little moogle dance*
MARIANNE: Nia? *snuggles* hiya!
NIA: *snickers* Hi! Do I get kinky sex if I say I'm Nia?
MARIANNE: You can get kinky sex either way ^^
NIA: If I choose the right door...I think I'll take what's behind the Rainbow door of love and peace..
MARIANNE: Sounds good! Cause it's KINKY SEX OMG


NIA: Yup new people. I needed some new blood. *hurms*
NIA: *eats the blood of new peoples*
MARIANNE: *lol* *is glad she isn't a new peoples*
NIA: But I bet you have GOOD blood. *drags off and takes one of those tropical swirly straws along with us* *sticks an unbrella in you and then drinks you* Mmmmm exotic
MARIANNE: Meep! @_@
NIA: Mari-colada
MARIANNE: $10 a drink
NIA: So you're like the kind of drinks they sell at overpriced singles bars. *snickers* YAY! *doles out 30 bucks and gets three* I paid 30 bucks for 3 of you, what a bargain!
MARIANNE: Nope...I'm just worth that much...you're actually getting the discount price! AHAH I'm a BARGAIN! :D
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